Tere Liye – Part 16


Maan couldn’t sleep the whole night. He thought about everything that happened till now and one fact that he could see was Geet will never be truly happy if she felt that he is doing anything out of guilt or if she comes to know that he knew everything. She will accept that, but he knew that she will never expect anything from him or anyone. She will go deep into hopelessness. Only way to make her happy was by making her realize her worth, by making her realize that he truly loves her and she deserves love and happiness more than anyone else. It is others who don’t deserve her. He looked at her face which had so much restlessness even in deep sleep. He could only curse his fate for making him loose his memory, he was now sure that he might have loved her beyond anything, she was someone who was too good to be true. He got her love which was so much precious, but he couldn’t treasure it, God haven’t given him a chance to preserve it, rather made him unworthy again with his own demeanor. Something strike his mind and he decided.. May be he can try even though he knew that she won’t be ready for it.

Next morning Geet woke up only to find Maan sitting on the chair placed near the bed and sleeping. First thought came to her mind was he may not want to share the bed with her, so he slept there. But before her thoughts could process, Maan opened his eyes. She looked at him and asked, “Aap idhar kyun sogaye? Mujhe uta liya hotha. Mein jakke couch mein sojathi.” He felt a lump in his throat getting the impact of her words. He closed his eyes to compose himself and told, “Geet, mein kuch pad raha tha and I don’t mind sharing my bed with my wife.” She looked at him, this is the first time he addressed her as his wife. He told getting up, “Geet fresh hokke aajao. I need to discuss few things with you, be ready by 9, we both are going out.” Geet asked immediately, “Bakki sab ghar mein.. aur Maanav..” He told, “No need to worry about them. Meera has planned to take them out along with Maanav.” She was quite apprehensive as it was the first time they will go out together without Maanav. Seeing the apprehension in her face Maan came forward and told taking her hand in his, “Geet, don’t you like to come along with me?” Geet immediately shook her head and told, “Aisa kuch nahi Maan. I will be ready.” Maan left her hand and went to sleep next to Maanav until Geet was back.

Geet was confused by the change in Maan’s behavior, not that she disliked it but she was not able to understand what he needed. May be he wanted to give a chance to this marriage, his declaration of her as his wife somewhat confirmed it. Whatever it is, she just has to follow him. She got ready in a white t-shirt and three-fourths. Maan left to freshen up while she got Maanav ready. Maanav was all set to have a day out with Meera aunty. Meera and Aryan seemed happy when Maan told them about their plan to go out. Meera suggested that Maanav should stay with them for one day as it is long since they got a chance. Maanav jumped on her suggestion as he was too happy to be with Yash. Pari was giving Geet all teasing looks while she shook her head seeing her still behaving childish. She thought it to be childish, because she was far away from any kind of emotions. Maan noticed her expressions and knew that he has a really tough path ahead. After breakfast, Maan left with Geet. Geet was unsure of where he wants to take her and kept looking at him once in a while expecting him to tell something. But he was quiet even though glancing at her occasionally.

After almost an hour, they reached there. Geet had dozed off in between and when she opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She never saw such a beautiful place even once during her stay there. It was a beautiful farm house surrounded by lake. There were no houses anywhere nearby and she understood that it belonged to Khurana’s. She looked around absorbing the nature when she felt two hands snaking her waist. Her body jolted at the familiar touch, before her thoughts could process she heard his husky voice, “Geet, kya tumhe acha laga yaha aake?” Getting a grip in her emotions she told, “Bahut khoobsoorat jagah he Maan.” He told, “Par tumse zyaada nahi” and left her not before placing a kiss on her shoulders. Geet stood there for a while not able to comprehend whether it really happened or not, but followed him pushing off all the thoughts. She never expected anything, but him getting close all of a sudden was something new for her and it may take her time to adjust, not that she will deny his rights. His rights; that is what she thought of it, she couldn’t associate any emotions with it.

Maan asked her to freshen up and come for lunch as it was already 12.30. They had their lunch in silence even though Geet had many questions in her mind. Maan also kept quiet because he wanted her to relax for a while. He could see her restlessness throughout the lunch. After lunch, Maan asked her to come to the lake side. There were two chairs placed near the lake and they sat there. Maan told breaking the uncomfortable silence, “Geet, I know that you may be wondering why I changed all of a sudden. But this change was not sudden; my feelings for you had changed ever since we started to live together. My ego never permitted me to accept it. The image I had about you since childhood was not a pleasant one. So when I knew that I had got married to you and we have a child, I couldn’t digest it. Also I don’t remember anything that transpired between us. I couldn’t accept the fact and my first resolution was to ignore you. I could to some extent, but after meeting Maanav I started accepting the fact that you are my wife even though I haven’t made it obvious. When I got to know you better, unknowingly I had started falling for you. But everything around was confusing as we were staying apart from our parents and your parents never visited you. So I decided to hold any feelings I have for you. I was very much used to seeing the cunning women in business, so trusting someone was not so easy for me. The only women whom I trusted, besides my family, was Pari as I grew up with her and knew her better.”

Maan paused for a while and saw that Geet was listening to him silently. He continued looking at her, “But every day I was falling for you more and it was becoming impossible for me to hold back. I never saw you demanding anything, I never saw you smiling whole heartedly. Besides love, guilt also started eating me as I felt that I was the reason for your pain. My decision to visit India was something beyond business. I wanted to know our past and clear everything before I could start afresh in our life. But no one was ready to tell me. That is when Rohit came to visit me. Even though I couldn’t believe him, whatever he said was something new to me. I knew that something was definitely hidden from me. Vishal visit confirmed it and I decided to know everything from you as I felt that you will never lie to me. The trust had already come to my heart which I feared once.” He stood up and knelt near Geet’s chair placing his hands above hers. Geet looked at him without blinking nor could he find any flicker of emotions in her face. He cupped her face and told, “But Geet, you lied to me. Not that you broke my trust, but you could have told me the truth.” First time after he started talking she told, “Maan, I can never lie to you.” He told, “Then why you lied that we got married because of Maanav? Why you lied about our love? You knew it right? Then why you lied?”

Geet held his hand and told, “Maan, mein sach bol rahi thi. Agar Maanav nahi tha tho mein kabhi aapki zindagi mein nahi hothi.” Maan stopped her and told, “Choot Geet. Tumhe patha he Maan Singh Khurana aik galthi ko sudharne keliye kuch bhi kar sakhte hain lekin apni zindagi ke saath nahi khelenge. Agar mein tumse pyaar nahi kartha tho mein kabhi tumse shaadi karne keliye ha nahi kehtha. Mujse kiya hua jo bhi gunah ho uska zimmedari tho zaroor uta liya hotha, par shaadi kabhi nahi. Tho phir tumne aise kaise soch liya?” Geet told slowly getting up, “Maan, jo humare ateet mein hua woh aapko patha nahi he. Please yeh sab chodiye.” Maan pulled her back and she fell on his lap knocking him to the ground. Maan rolled over her not letting her go. He told holding both her hands down, “Geet, mujhe sab patha he. Bro ne mujhe sab kuch bataya.” Geet looked at him shocked. Maan continued, “Don’t worry I am fine. Mein itna kamzor nahi hoon ki apni ateet ke baare mein jaankar paagal ho jaon. Aur humare ateet jaane se mujhe koi farq nahi pada kyunki mujhe un palon ki yaad nahi he. Par mein khush hoon ki mein tumse hi pyaar kiya tha, kyunki agar tumhari jagah koi aur ho tho shayad mein uske saath apne zindagi nibha nahi patha. I can never let you go Geet, I love you.” With that he moved ahead and captured her lips into a passionate kiss.

Geet held him while his lips devoured hers. His words were running in her mind. She couldn’t understand him; he told her that their past didn’t matter. He doesn’t feel sympathy for her like others. He is not guilty for what he did in the past as he doesn’t remember about it, but he loves her and wants her to be his. This was what she wanted always, to have someone love her only her. But why it all feels alien for her. She was missing something, the warmth in his eyes, the naughtiness that was his companion. May be that has got lost along with his memories, but she should be happy that he accepted her. Why was she even expecting something else? She hugged him surrendering to him. She was too tired fighting with emotions that made her weak. Maan stopped after a while and looked at her closed eyes. A tear threatened to fall from his eyes but he blinked and stopped it before she could see. He knew that she just surrendered to him. He told her that their past doesn’t matter, but how can he free himself from the guilt. Both were still in their own world trying to break free, one from her emotions and other from the guilt.


Tere Liye – Part 15


Maan picked her up in bridal style while they entered. Geet blushed and hid her face on the crook of his neck. He grinned seeing the blush that was clearly visible in her face. Pari giggled seeing them and gestured Aryan towards both of them. Dadima and Aryan smiled whole heartedly seeing them like that. Maan started to climb the stairs to move towards their room when dadima stopped him. She told smiling, “Maan bete, Geet ko sirf utakar andar lane ko kaha tha, upar lekar jaane ko nahi. Neeche utaro.” Maan pouted and told, “Dadima, yeh sahi nahi he. Aap tho mujhe har haal mein Geet ke paas rehne nahi de raha he.” Geet smiled at his cute pout and told, “Maan neeche utariyena.” He told, “Dekho Mishti tum bhi dadima ki side lerahi he. Tik nahi he.” Pari and Aryan smiled seeing him like that. Dadima shot a glare at Maan and he reluctantly placed Geet on the couch not before placing a kiss on her right cheek. Dadima told holding his ears, “Maan, aap bahut badmaash ho gaya he.” Geet was embarrassed by his open display of affection. Pari and Aryan grinned seeing both of them; they never left a chance to tease them both.

Geet sat upright in the bed, it was not usual that she gets dreams about their past. It was true that she remembered the moments but dreaming about it never happened before and him calling her Mishty, it brought back all those memories which kept her alive. She missed him so much; a tear fell from her eyes unknowingly. She looked at the time and saw that it is nearly two. She looked for Maan, but he was not in the room. She sighed, maybe he had some work. He has become a workaholic in the past three years, he has changed to a very serious person unlike how he was before. She knew that he won’t like any interference in his work, so decided to sleep even though her heart ached for something unknown. She held Maanav close to her and tried to sleep, but the dream made her think about the wonderful time they had together. The day they got married was one of the most memorable days in her life. Their court marriage and the small ceremony dadima arranged in the temple. The happiness visible in all everyone’s face made her believe that happiness can truly be hers. When they took the seven sacred vows and Maan tied the mangalsutra on her neck, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world. When he put the sindoor on her forehead marking her as his, she felt that she was truly lucky to get him in her life. But she lost everything in a blink of eye, even before she could make herself believe it. She closed her eyes again trying to sleep avoiding the restlessness that she felt.

In Gym, Maan was venting out the anger for himself by thrashing himself with a chain. His whole body was red by then, but he continued it until he felt his body giving up. He fell on the floor and closed his eyes. Every single moment in their life since she met him flashed in his mind. He met her first when he was taken to London after few days of his accident. Her eyes had stared at him for long for a single recognition, but seeing nothing he could feel her getting dejected. The blankness that covered her face was not unnoticed by him. His reaction about their marriage and Maanav had definitely made her lose all hopes. She never argued when he put all the blame on her initially, but when he met Maanav his apprehensions slowly started to disappear. He knew that Maanav was his son, the connection was instant. He had seen the flash of happiness in her face when he accepted Maanav. He was the reason why he decided to settle in London even though she wanted Geet to move back to India. Everyone seemed to be against her coming back to India. She agreed to all his demands before they got married with all the proper rituals. His doubts about their relation strengthened due to the absence of Mohinder and Rano, but no one including his parents seemed to care about their absence. Arjun was present with Annie and he could see his eyes getting misty when he came to bless them both. After their marriage also Arjun had asked him only one thing like others, to keep Geet happy. He was in a dilemma first but every day spent with her started to attract him unknowingly towards her. The pull was so strong that he took out the frustration also on her, but she never reacted to anything.

He knew he started loving her from the beginning itself, but never admitted it even to himself. She never demanded anything from him, but was beside him as a support without expecting anything. How could someone be so selfless? He had never seen her demanding anything; it was like she doesn’t have any wishes. For Maanav, she knew that he will always give the best only, so she doesn’t have to bother about it. Her blank eyes and emotionless face had always disturbed him, he wanted to keep her always in his embrace but his ego got better. He couldn’t believe that he turned so cold hearted that he destroyed her and blamed her for everything. Neither in the past nor in the present, he did anything right to her. He was the one who destroyed every single bit of happiness in her life. He gave her hope that destroyed her will to live. He promised to be with her, but pushed her away so harshly. Now when he knew how much she suffered since her childhood and he was no better than her parents, he couldn’t help from hating himself. He slowly got up; there was a determination in his face. He knew what Geet needs; it is not sympathy or the confessions of a guilty heart. All she need is love and he will make sure that he will bring her back with his love.

Tere Liye – Part 14


Aryan was sitting quiet while Maan drove him towards the bridge where they used to come at times. Maan was confused seeing him quite, otherwise he always had so many questions about how he behaves with Geet and it was too difficult for him to lie. When they reached Aryan went out and stood near the bridge. Maan came and stood next to him. He asked seeing him so quiet, “Bro, what is the matter? I am noticing you since we started from home.” Aryan turned to him and told, “Maan, you wanted to know about the past right? I am ready to tell you now; I know you won’t move on before you know everything.” Maan told, “But bro..” Aryan interrupted him, “No Maan.. I know how yours and Geet’s relation have been till now. Don’t lie to me further.” Maan sighed and told, “Bro, I know I was wrong in lying to you, but I was not ready to accept a relation which I don’t remember.”
Aryan looked at him for a while and told, “Maan, there is a reason why we never told you anything. Doctor had advised us to avoid telling anything to you owing to your health. But I think it was better if you knew everything since beginning.” Maan could sense his disappointment in his words that made him feel guiltier. He told, “Bro, how can you expect me to believe everything when the impression I had about Geet from Mohinder Uncle, Rano Aunty and even Arjun was not a pleasant one?” Aryan turned to him and told, “Maan, do you really think that we lied to you? You feel dadima and I will intentionally put you in any trouble? I never expected this from you Maan.” Maan immediately told, “Bro, mera matlab woh nahi tha. You always knew that I hated the young women around except Pari. They were either proud or after money. So how could I believe Geet to be different?” Aryan asked, “Maan, in these three years did you even once felt that she is like that? Did she ever interfere in your life? Did she demand anything from you?” Maan was left speechless by his questions.

Aryan continued, “Maan, I know your answer, because I know her very well. It is sad that you never realized. I wanted to tell you everything, but I feel even if I told you everything your attitude towards Geet will remain the same, whatever you may do, will be out of guilt. I don’t want it to happen. But I will tell you one fact; you decided to marry Geet because you loved her. You used to watch her daily in the XXX orphanage and mistook her to be Pari. You got to know that after getting engaged to Pari. You broke the engagement when you came to know that Pari and I loved each other and it was not her whom you loved. Both our marriages were decided, but nothing went as planned as something worse happened.” Maan who was left stunned by his revelations asked, “Bro, please tell me everything. I want to know.” Aryan told, “Maan, I wanted to tell you everything about Geet, everything that happened between you both. Geet was right, Expectation hurts. Usne zindagi bhar sirf intezaar hi ki he.. Par dard ke siwa kuch paya hi nahi. Kya mere batane se Geet ki khushiyan wapas aayegi? Usse kabhi yeh nahi lagega ki tumne apne dil se usse chaha he. Pehle tho woh soch rahi thi Maanav ke wajhe se tumne usse shaadi ki, jab sach mein tum usse pyaar kartha tha. Par ab tho unhe yakeen hogayi hogi ki agar tum kabhi usse pyaar nahi kar saktha. Kyun Maan itna dard kyun diya unhe. Mana ki tumhe kuch yaad nahi tha, phir bhi kya tum uski dard ko kabhi samaj nahi paya, unke aas paas hothe hue bhi? Mujhe tumse yeh umeed nahi tha.”

Maan told, “Bro, it is not like I never felt anything for Geet. Her presence always disturbed me as she managed to gain my attention always despite my efforts to keep her away. I was always in control of my emotions, but she managed to bring this change in me which I never liked. I was not ready to accept the relation due to the prejudice I had about her. It was my ego that prevented from admitting that I had started falling for her unknowingly. It was like a moth getting attracted towards fire. I was keeping myself from being burnt, as I felt any feelings like that will end up making me weak. I loved Geet ever since I moved to London. Now all these explain why I have always felt that pull towards her. But bro, I know there is something more than all these that you all are hiding from me. I want to know. Please bro.” Aryan looked at him and asked, “Kya tumhe sunne ki himmat he Maan? It won’t be something easy for you, but I know you deserve to know.” Maan told, “Bro, sach jitna bhi kadwi ho mein sab sunne ko tayyar hoon.”

Aryan turned to look towards the lights seen from the bridge, not wanting to see the emotions in Maan’s face as it will hurt him and may weaken his resolve to tell everything. He started telling about Geet and her life since she was born. Then about her coming back, the way she was treated by everyone and finally everything that happened between her and Maan. After finishing Aryan turned to look at Maan’s face and he knew from his face that he may never be able to forgive himself after listening to everything. Before he could tell anything Maan told, “Bro, can we go back? And please don’t ask me anything now.” Aryan wanted to tell something but nodded quietly knowing that it is better to give him some time. Aryan told while driving back home, “Maan, Dad asked me to tell about the new client. You need to have a call with him tomorrow morning.” Maan told looking ahead, “I will ask Aadi to handle the meeting bro.” Aryan told, “But Dad wanted you to talk with him.” Maan told, “Aadi will handle it bro, I trust him.” Aryan nodded and kept quiet knowing that Maan had something in mind. After reaching home, Aryan bid Goodnight to him and left for his room. Maan reached their room and noticed that Geet sleeping hugging Maanav. He went and sat in the floor next to Geet. Her face was still except for the slow breathing but he could feel that even in sleep she was not in peace. Tears started flowing from his eyes thinking of what he has done to her. He knew that there is no redemption for the grave mistake he made, but that he promised himself that he will not let any worry touch her from now on, he will ensure that her life is filled only with happiness. Little did he know that she had gone too far from everything, every emotions.. and getting her back is next to impossible.

Tere Liye – Part 13


Geet looked at Maan for a while. She knew that she can’t tell him the truth, it will hurt him and moreover she was not sure how the emotional upheaval will affect him. She can’t lie to him also. So she decided to tell him some facts without getting him know the whole past. She told, “Maan, there are certain things in our past that everyone wants to forget. So it will be better if we won’t discuss about it. But I will tell you very few things. Our marriage was not planned, so was Maanav.” Maan interrupted her in between, “So you mean to say that Maanav was born out of wedlock and he is the reason why we got married?” She sighed; this was the toughest question for her. The few days she spent with Maan after their court marriage had left no doubt that Maan loved her. But after he lost the memory of those days, she could see that he was not ready to accept her. That made her think that she was right. If Maanav was not there, Maan couldn’t have married her. She told, “Yes, Maanav was the reason why we got married.” He asked her, “Is this the reason why you don’t want to be in India? Dadi and Aryan were against me asking you this, but I want to know.” She told holding the pain within, the pain that she suffered, “Maanav is not a reason for me to leave India. I was born and brought up here. So I would have always preferred to be with people who know me well.” Maan looked at her face, it was blank. But he could feel that it was a facade that she put around her.

After his accident and the memory loss, he was not ready to accept a woman who was supposed to be his wife in his life. The picture he had about Geet in his mind since his childhood was not a pleasant one. He had heard Mohinder and Rano complaining about her outgoing nature. Even Arjun often complained that she never listens to others. So it was hard for him to believe that he fathered a child with her or that he married her. He couldn’t understand why dadima, Pari and Aryan were so much font of Geet. He was surprised seeing everyone else keeping quite when there is a talk about her. Also his family never hesitated to visit Geet and never complained about her not being at home. Something he couldn’t understand was why Mohinder and Rano never came to meet Geet. He knew that they wanted to come, but could feel their hesitation always. What amused him more was Geet, she never complained. He could see her smile with others, but that was something she did mechanically. She followed everything he told and never interfered in his life. He asked her not to tell their family about anything and she agreed. She put up with everything that he told without arguing. He couldn’t understand how someone can be so emotionless; it was as if she never felt anything. Even though he couldn’t accept Geet, he could never stop loving Maanav. He was his blood, his child; he accepted it the same day Maanav was placed on his lap. He could never keep himself away from him and that is reason why he decided that he will stay along with Geet in London managing his business from there. He had felt bad for ignoring Geet, but slowly it became habitual as he got more involved in business and then rest of the time was spend with Maanav.

He thought that life was going without hassles, until he met Rohit. He had come to meet him at office. He was glad to meet him after long time but it was short lived as Rohit started telling about Geet. First he couldn’t believe that Maanav was not his kid, but the circumstances and the reasons Rohit gave seemed convincing. But he was not someone who believes something without any solid proof. The whole day he was agitated until Vishal came to meet him. He was closer to Vishal compared to the others in their gang as he was honest and down to earth inspite of the status and wealth he possessed. The first thing Vishal asked was whether he met Rohit. When he told him about what Rohit had told, Vishal told him to stay away from him and never believe anything he told. When Maan asked for the reason, he told not to think about it further and never hurt Geet. But what he told next made him feel guilty, he told, “Her love is precious Maan and she has endured more than what she can in this life, please don’t let any pain touch her.” He had never really cared for her, but no one was ready to tell anything to him, now even Geet is not telling anything. He wanted to give their life a chance, wanted to know her more but she was making it difficult by not telling him anything.

He told nearing her, “Geet, I know you will have reasons why you don’t want to tell about our past. But I have to know, before I could give a chance to our relationship.” Geet sighed, she knew it was difficult to convince him telling some lies and she can neither lie to him nor tell the facts. She told with finality in her voice, “Maan, I can’t tell you everything and I don’t want to convince you with any lies. I will tell you very few things that you might have understood by now. Our relation was not smooth since the time we met, but an incident that happened in our life had changed everything. And I was not a favorite person for everyone considering how I am. Life gives you unexpected surprises, so was our relation. I can’t tell you anything beyond this. Please don’t ask me further. I am happy that you have accepted Maanav without questioning, it is enough for me. And I will be beside you until you want me to be there.” Maan was looking at her ever since she started talking. She was true to each word she told, he was sure. She could have made up some story like Rohit and convinced him, but no she didn’t even try to justify herself even when he told that he was ready to give a chance to their relationship. Now he could see why everyone liked her and for the first time in the three years he felt so much guilty to have kept her away from him.

Geet was quite apprehensive and the look in Maan’s face didn’t give away any emotions until he told, “Geet, I have never seen you demanding anything, whether it be me or someone else. Why is it like that? Don’t you have any wishes?” Geet smiled sadly and told, “May be I have become habitual to it.” There was so much pain in her voice; all he wanted to do was pull her in his embrace. But before he could tell anything a knock in the door disturbed them. Geet went to open the door and found Aryan. She was surprised as she thought that they were asleep. Maan came behind her and asked seeing Aryan, “Bro, aap is waqt. Kuch kaam tha? Sab kuch tik hena?” Aryan told, “Sab tik he Maan. I remembered something that I wanted to discuss with you. If you are not going to sleep soon, can we talk now?” Maan told, “Why not bro. Lets go to study.” Aryan told, “No Maan, we will go for a short drive. Pari has also slept, Geet you too catch some sleep. We will be late.” Maan smiled knowing that it was Aryan’s habit of going on drive at nights. Geet bid them goodnight and went inside to sleep near Maanav who was in deep sleep.

Aryan had forgotten to tell Maan about some details of a major business deal that Raj had told him. Maan had to contact the client next morning and Aryan knew that he won’t wake up early due to jet lag. So he decided to speak to Maan before sleeping. Also he had a discussion with Maan’s doctor and he told that he is perfectly alright now. It will be good to slowly tell him about the past which he forgot. When he was nearing the room, he heard Maan asking Geet about their past. He was wondering why he was concerned about it so much and was about to leave when he heard Geet. He understood that moment that she was still in the same place where Maan left her once, they haven’t moved on. He had always felt happy that Maan accepted her even after the memory loss, but what he heard confirmed his fears. He remembered her words when Maan had memory loss after the accident, “Expectation hurts. It is good that we never expect anything.” He thought of her words as the result of the trauma but she meant it. She never expected anything from anyone; she had accepted the fact long back that she will never get love. He had tears when she told that she has become habitual to it. He knew that it was time for Maan to know everything, even if it hurts him. Geet had endured much more than anyone could ever go through in their life, not anymore.

Tere Liye – Part 12


Geet looked at her four year old son playing with his new fancy, a remote controlled sports car. He was a carbon copy of his father in every aspect, same arrogance and pride, but soft in heart. A drop of tear fell from her right eye at the thought of his father, her Maan. Her thoughts broke when the chirpy voice of Meera distracted her. She wiped the tears before Meera could notice and smiled. Meera told, “Geet, tum abhi tak ready nahi hui? Hume aaj unko lene jaana he. Yash bhi nahi he yaha. Ha, Pari ne mujhe call kiya tha, tumhara phone nahi lag rahi thi, tum OT mein thi. Pari, Aryan, dadima aur Maan subha ki flight se aa raha he. Uff.. Mein kyun bol rahi hoon. Maan ne tho tumhe pehle hi bola hoga na.” Geet smiled hiding the pain she felt and told, “Ha Meera, mein abhi ready hoke aathi hoon. Tum Maanav ko dekhlena.” She has become an expert by now in hiding pain. No one could trace any pain from her face, when pain becomes an inseparable part of your life, anyone learns it easily.

Three of them left for Airport soon. The flight had just arrived by the time they reached. They waited outside for them to check out. Maanav was so happy to meet his dad after a week. When Maan was there he never even spend a minute with her. She looked ahead and saw Pari waving at her. She went and hugged Pari and dadima putting a happy face. Maanav was in his arms the very moment he saw him. Aryan told, “Maan, thoda attention Geet ko bhi do, woh kabse intezaar kar rahi hoon.” Geet looked away knowing that he won’t like it and heard him telling, “Kya Bro, mein tho sirf ek hafthe keliye gaya tha.” All of them smiled and left towards the limo waiting for them. Maanav kept on telling him about the adventures he had the past one week and he was also relaxed with Maanav’s non-stop chatter. Dadima told, “Pari bete, ab tumhari baari he hume ek grand child dene ka..” Pari blushed while Aryan was embarrassed. Meera started teasing both of them occasionally talking with Maan who was busy with Maanav. Geet smiled seeing so much happiness in her family. She was now trying to find happiness in her dear ones happiness as she always thought happiness was not meant for her.

After reaching their home in London, Geet asked dadima, Pari and Aryan to take rest and went to their room. She stood outside their room watching Maanav and Maan rolling in the bed laughing. It was a usual sight whenever Maan comes back. Maanav is so ticklish and Maan will never leave a chance to make him laugh. She entered the room without making her presence obvious. She got change of dress for Maan and kept in the bedside chair. Maan looked up and pulled Maanav to stand up. He asked him to go and play. Maanav left giving a flying kiss to her. Geet was also about to leave when he called her. She turned surprised as it is very rare that they had a conversation inside their room. Before others obviously they pretended to be so much in love couple. He came near her and told, “Geet, we have to talk. Do you have duty at night?” She told, “No Maan, I am on leave for two days.” He told, “Great. So we will talk tonight.” She nodded and he left to freshen up taking the clothes she placed. She looked at him leaving and sighed. She was not sure of what he wanted to speak. At least, he doesn’t seem irritated like it was earlier. She went down to check the lunch. Meera had left telling that she will come for dinner along with Yash.

Pari and dadima joined her soon. Dadima had to mainly talk about how she gets irritated by Annie’s stubborn nature. Arjun will always be in trouble. Geet still never visited India as she felt that she doesn’t want the sympathy or love of the people who has hurt her the most. Mohinder and Rano tried a lot to talk with her about the past, after coming out of their guilt. But she never let them proceed except telling that she doesn’t have anything against them and she has forgiven them. Raj, Naina and even Annie had apologized to her and she told them that she doesn’t have any hard feelings against them but she doesn’t want to return to India after what happened. Annie has changed a lot, but still her stubborn nature was something that will never change. She smiled remembering her calling to attend her marriage, but she just told them to be happy and her prayers are with them. After their marriage both had come couple of times to London. Raj and Naina also visited her often after Maanav was born. But Mohinder and Rano still could never gather the courage to come and meet her after everything that she went through.

Geet was brought back when she heard a familiar name, a name she loathed. Pari told, “Geet, last week when Maan came there, Rohit had come to meet him once. After meeting him, Maan bhai seemed quite disturbed. I never liked that guy, I wonder for what he came to Maan bhai now. As far as I remember, Maan bhai was not in talking terms with him after you came to London. Vishal told that he was in Canada from past five years. I had informed Vishal about his visit and he seemed quite agitated hearing it.” Geet was standing stunned after listening to Pari, so this will be what Maan wanted to talk about. She asked, “Vishal unse mile the?” Dadima was the one to answer, she told, “Ha Geet bete, yaha aane ke pehle din undono ke mulaqat hogaye the. Tabse Maan mujse bahut kuch pooch rahe the. I somehow made him calm.” Geet told, “Dadima, please unhe kuch bhi patha hone mat dena. Dr. Shashank ne bilkul mana kiya tha unhe kuch bhi yaad dilane se.” Dadima came forward and asked holding her hand, “Geet bete, tum khush hona?” She smiled and told, “Dadima, aap kyun khabra rahi ho? Aap tho dekh rahi hena aapke potha jaise kuch jaane ya bina jaane mujse kitna pyaar kartha he.” Pari told laughing, “Oh ho Geet.. Kya baat he.. Itna tareef.” Dadima also smiled hearing her; she too smiled holding the pain deep inside. They were soon lost in their talks.

Aryan and Maan had come down and joined Maanav before lunch time. They had a pleasant time having lunch. Rest of the day went with everyone lazing around spending their time with Maanav. Yash and Meera joined them for dinner. With the arrival of Meera, Maan was so much at ease. Both kept pulling each other’s leg while Yash shook his head looking at Geet. They both knew how strong their friendship was. Laughter filled the whole house while Geet looked at all these, she couldn’t be part of his happiness, but she will cherish the time they spend together. Those were the best moments in her life. By almost nine, Yash and Meera left. Dadima had gone to sleep earlier itself. Pari and Aryan left for sleep biding them Good Night. Geet carried a sleepy Maanav to their room and Maan followed. She made him sleep in their bed and turned to look at Maan who was coming near her. He told, “Geet, come with me. We need to talk.” She silently followed him to his study. He gestured her to sit in the couch next to him. It was after a long time that they were going to sit together if not before the family. She looked at him to speak after sitting next to him. He told turning to face her, “Geet, I want to know few facts from you. I don’t want any lies.” Geet had expected this, but how can she tell him anything that will prove bad for his health. Like understanding her dilemma he told, “Geet, I know that all of you are not telling me anything as you are worried about my health. But I really need to know few things.. It is three years now since I had partial amnesia. I want to know what happened in those two years. I know you won’t tell me everything. I know Maanav is my son even if you haven’t told me that. I know I had married you during that time even though we remarried after that. Like everyone, I also thought that I will regain my memory. But that seems not happening, so rather than leaving like strangers together, why don’t we start afresh? Before that I need to know about few things that happened in our past.”

Tere Liye – Part 11


Mohinder, Rano and Arjun had left hearing her decision from outside, they knew nothing can revert back what they did to her and they deserved it. Now they could at least do is to give her some peace that may go off if she sees them. Redemption is not anywhere possible for what they did and their punishment only they have to decide as they knew Geet doesn’t even want them anywhere near. Maan came back after composing himself. He knew that he can’t show his pain to anyone, may be that is his punishment. He also knew that the pain he was going through is not even a small part of what Geet went through her whole life. He knew that she loved him and will give a chance to their love once. He was ready to wait even if it is going to take forever. Now this change will be good for her rather than living in the midst of the people who gave her only pain. When he was back, everyone else was waiting for him. He could see the concern in all the three faces for him, but he just asked, “Dadima, can we move to farmhouse? Where is Meera?” She told still trying to read him, “Meera is with Geet. Tum tik ho Maan?” He ignored her question and told, “Dadima, meine Nakul ko waha bulaya. Aryan, tum Pari ko leke ghar wapas jao. Mein aur dadima Geet ko farmhouse leke jayenge. Tum dono shyam ko aa jaana.” Pari wanted to argue but decided that she needs to go as there are things to settle at home also. Aryan and Pari left after meeting Geet. Dadima went out with Meera. Again Geet and Maan were left alone in the room.

Geet had made her decision after thinking a lot. She knew that she has a life to care for and she wanted to avoid all kind of emotional stress. She was not ready to meet her parents again after all that has happened and she knew she will have to if she gets married to Maan. Not that she stopped loving Maan; that was something she can never do even if she wanted to. She knew the only place she could be happy will be London, as there she had friends who always stood by her. If Maan didn’t know the truth, she could have definitely been there by now. Now that she doesn’t have any expectations out of her life, she was sure that she will find peace at her home in London. Above all she was not sure if Maan was doing all these out of guilt or not. If it is out of guilt, she doesn’t want him to do so. When she told the decision she could feel the shock in the faces except for dadima’s. When she supported her, she somehow knew that her decision was right. She knew that Pari was not happy with her decision, but she also supported her after throwing certain demands as usual. But she couldn’t understand Maan, his face was calm and composed. She kept on looking at him as he told her that he will support her decision. But she didn’t fail to notice the relief in his face when Meera told that she will be in London soon. She felt heavy at her heart even though she felt that her decision was right. She was continuously looking outside for him when Meera told that he went out. She felt something is wrong as she could see the tension in everyone’s faces. Meera soon distracted her with her talks until Pari and Aryan came to bid bye. Maan followed them along with dadima. She wanted to talk to Maan alone. And as if hearing her inner request, dadima too went out with Meera.

She looked at his eyes and from the redness there, she knew he had cried. She never wanted it; she loved him and never wanted to punish him. She called, “Maan..” Maan looked at her and came near. He sat next to her and held her hand. He asked, “Kuch chahiye Geet?” She looked into his eyes and slowly raised her hand to touch his cheeks. He was startled by her touch and saw her looking straight into his eyes trying to read them. She told, “Aap tik hona Maan? I am sorry, mein aapka dil nahi dukhana chahthi thi. Mein bas..” Before she could continue Maan placed his hand on her mouth and told, “Geet, tumhe kuch bhi kehne ki zaroorat nahi. Mujhe sirf tumhari khushi chahiye. Aur kabhi bhi meri zaroorat mehsoos hui tho please mujhe batha dena. I love you.” He moved forward and kissed her forehead. She held his shirt in her fist not allowing him to move away. He looked at her hand and back to her. She moved closer to her and placed her head on his chest hugging him. She told, “Maan, mein bhi sirf aapse hi pyaar karthi hoon. Par mujhe thoda waqt chahiye. Mein nahi chahthi ki in sab ka asar humare bache par ho. Please mujhe jaane do..” Maan slowly separated her from himself and told looking into her eyes, “Geet, jaisa tum chahthi ho bilkul waisa hi hoga. Tumhe mujse kuch request karne ki zaroorat nahi he.” Geet looked into his eyes, she knew that he was hiding his pain just to let her be happy. She knew how it is to hide the pain and smile. She doesn’t want anyone to go through it. She told, “Maan..” Before she could continue Maan moved forward and took her lips in his, kissing her passionately. She held him tight feeling him close and she knew he loved her just the way she loved him. But… she needed sometime alone, to sort out everything and after that she will definitely come back to him. She knew that he will never stop loving her and will wait for her. Maan pulled out of the kiss after a while and held her tight in his embrace knowing that she will be back to him and this separation will only strengthen their bond. He doesn’t want her to justify anything more and he will make sure that she will never suffer again in her life.

Savitri Devi had come back after talking to Meera and then calling Nakul to ensure that everything is fine. She was really concerned for Maan, but the scene awaited her left her embarrassed. She closed the door behind her and came outside. She knew that they both loved each other and this will be the right decision for both to sort out everything. She slowly knocked the door and entered after a while. Maan was sitting in the chair and Geet was again back in bed. The slight red hue in Geet’s face and the swollen lips made her to chuckle but she covered it up soon. She asked Maan, “Maan bete, hum abhi chalthe hain. Mein attender ko bulatha hoon. Wheel chair lane ko.” Maan told, “Uski koi zaroorat nahi dadi. Ek minute…” He went near and took Geet in his arms. Savitri Devi smiled seeing it and quietly followed him to the car. Geet was really embarrassed and hid her face in the crook of his neck. Maan smiled and carried her to the car obvious to the looks that they received from everyone.

When they reached the farmhouse, Maan carried her outside the same way as in hospital. Nakul and dadima smiled seeing them. Maan carried her to his room while dadima went to arrange everything as Geet will be staying there for few more days. Maan placed her in his bed and sat next to her. Geet was all the while thinking of what to ask so that Maan will tell her what he needed. She held his hand and told, “Maan, I know you are not happy with my decision to go. Sirf mere liye aap ha keh raha he.” Before Geet could continue he told, “Geet, Jo bhi tumhe khushi dega woh karne keliye mujhe koi aitraaz nahi he. Tumhare door jaane se dukh tho zaroor hoga lekin mein bhi nahi chahtha he ki tum iss waqt wahi pe raho jaha tumhe koi dard na ho, un logon ke saath raho jo tumhe humesha dil se apnaya he. Yaha pe dadima, Aryan aur Pari ke alawa sab tumhare gunegar he, mein bhi nahi chahtha hoon ki tum yaha rehke woh sari baatein phir se yaad karo.” She knew that he was holding the guilt inside for doing it to her and his words confirmed it. She moved forward and hugged him. He took her into his embrace and continued, “Geet, jaane se pehle kya mein tumse kuch mangu?” She looked at him moving out of his embrace and asked, “Kya baat he Maan?” He asked still not convinced about whether to ask her or not, “Can we get married in court before you leave for London?”

Geet was surprised at his request and asked, “Kyun Maan, aapko yakin nahi he ki mein aapke paas wapas aavungi? Kya aapko lagtha he mein akeli bache ki khayal nahi rakh pavoongi.” Maan immediately told, “Woh baat nahi he Geet. I know you are a strong and independent girl. You can take care of yourself and our kid without any help. You have every right to deny me. But it is a request; I want our child to be born as the kid of Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Maan Singh Khurana. I don’t want anyone to ever point a finger at him because of his father’s deed.” She understood every implication in his words; between everything she forgot the fact which may affect their child’s future. How can she do something that will cause pain for her child? She told after a while, “I am ready to get married in court. But no one except Dadima, Aryan and Pari should know about it. And you won’t stop me from going.” Maan hugged her tight and told, “Thank you Geet, Ab mein tumse kuch nahi mangega. Jo tum chahthi he sirf wahi hoga.” Geet hugged him back feeling strength of his hold; and she knew that now he would never allow her to suffer.
They pulled away from the hug when they heard dadima. She smiled and then told keeping a serious face, “Maan, tumne Geet ko apne kamre mein kyun laya? Tum kaha soyenge?” Maan told bewildered, “Yeh tho mera kamra haina, mein aur Geet yaha soyenge.” Geet was embarrassed by his answer. Savitri Devi came forward and held his ear, “Maan tum bahut besharam hogaya he. Geet tumhare bache ki maa banne wali he iska matlab yeh nahi ki ab mein tumhe uske saath rehne dega. Pehle hi humare peet peeche itna sab kuch hogaya. Ab tho tum bilkul waise karenge jaise hum chahthe hain. Chalo guest room main jao. Nakul se bolke mein tumhare wardrobe waha shift karungi.” Geet smiled seeing the pout in Maan’s face and told turning to her, “Dadima, hum aapse kuch kehna chahthe the.” Savitri Devi asked, “Kya baat he Geet bete?” Geet told fumbling, “Woh dadima hum..” Maan completed her words seeing her fumbling, “Dadima, we will get married in court before Geet leaves for London. And she wants only five of us to know about it.” Savitri Devi was relived will be a small word, ever since Geet told her decision she was concerned about Geet being a single mother and taking care of the kid. She knew the repercussions that can come when the society knows about it. But she didn’t want to force Geet for anything. She hugged Geet and told, “Geet bete, mein bahut khush hoon tumhare liye.” Geet smiled and hugged her back. After taking for a while regarding the proceedings she went to inform Aryan and Pari not before warning Maan to go to guest room.

Geet looked at Maan who looked annoyed to stay away. She smiled seeing him. Maan turned to her and saw her smiling at him. He told pulling her closer, “Bahut hassi aa rahi hena. Jab tumhare saath kuch waqt bitane ko mil raha he tabhi dadima ko devil banna tha. Kuch hi din mein tum chahi jayegi, phir..” Maan stopped immediately chiding himself thinking what he was about to tell. Geet held him before he moved away. She told, “Maan, mujhe patha he ki aap mera dur jaane se khush nahi he and you will keep your promise of giving me time. I know you want to be with me during my pregnancy. But please give me some time to digest everything. I want some time away from everything. Nothing will change love if it is strong. So please have faith.” He stopped her and told, “Geet, I have full faith on you and our love. I respect your decision. I know you will always be mine. But please promise me that whenever you feel my need, you will definitely tell me. I will be there with you. And I have one more request to you.” She looked at him and he continued, “I know you are independent. But please let Meera stay with you there, she is your doctor and if she is near you it will be a great relief for us. Please don’t deny.” Geet knew it coming, and also knew very well that Maan will be always concerned if she is there alone. She told, “Tik he Maan. I will ask Meera to stay with me. But her parents are also there right? She will want to stay with them.” Maan told, “No Geet, they are settled there, but most of the time they will be travelling for business matters. So she will be more than happy to stay with you and yes, she will go when they are there at home.” Geet smiled and hugged him.

They were again disturbed by the knock in the door. Maan opened it annoyed only to find Nakul who came to shift his wardrobe as per dadima’s order. He was irritated and Geet felt like pulling his cheeks seeing his annoyed face. Nakul told cautiously seeing his face, “Ma’am ne kaha saab ka saman guest room mein shift karne ko.” Maan told, “Ha karo.. Ab mujhe kya dekh raha he?” Geet laughed hearing him and told, “Kyun Nakul kaka pe gussa ho raha he? Usko kaam karne do.” Maan turned to her seeing her laugh. He felt happy to see her like that, something that was always missing in her life. Geet stopped seeing him and gestured towards Nakul who was looking scared at him. Maan shook his head and went out asking her to take rest for a while.

Pari and Aryan had reached HM after leaving from hospital. Mohinder, Rano and Arjun were waiting for them. Raj and Naina also arrived seeing them back. Pari looked at their faces that had remorse, but she knew nothing can undo what they have done. Before they could ask anything Pari told, “Mujhe aap sabse ek request he. Aage se please Geet ki zindagi mein dakhal andazi mat karna. Usse apni zindagi apne hissab se jeene do.” She turned to Raj and Naina and told, “Uncle, Aunty, mujse aapse bhi ek request he, ab Geet ki zindagi Maan se judi he aur agar uska koi bhi decision aapko acha nahi laga tho bhi please aap please uske khilaf kuch mat kehna kyunki ab mujhe nahi lagtha he ki woh zyaada kuch seh payengi.” Raj told, “Pari beta, Mujhe patha he ki hum sab unko galat samjha. Par mein unse ek baar milna chahtha hoon. Aur mein aisa kuch bhi nahi hone doonga jisse usko aur dukh ho.” Aryan was the one to answer now, he told, “Dad, Geet is going back to London. Please give her some time. What she went through is not something bearable. And dadima is with her, so don’t worry. Also she doesn’t hold anything against you. It will be better if we keep her away from everything for now.” Raj agreed with him and he left to KM with Arjun followed by Naina. Pari didn’t want to face her family after seeing what Geet went through. So she left to her room without conversing further with them, leaving them in remorse. Mohinder and Rano couldn’t even look into anyone’s face as they knew everything that Geet went through was only their fault and they don’t even deserve to ask her forgiveness for what they did. Arjun was also in the same condition, he was so proud of himself that he can understand people better and he always made right decisions. But now he couldn’t lift his face out of shame and guilt for what Geet went through because of them.

By evening, Pari and Arjun reached farmhouse, they were so much delighted after knowing from dadi about Geet’s decision to get married. Pari hugged Geet as soon as she saw her. Aryan told to lighten the mood, “Pari, tum bhool rahi ho ki Geet pregnant ho. Aisa zoor se pakadna mat.” Pari pulled away from the hug and pouted. Geet smiled whole heartedly feeling happy between the people who really cared for her. Maan looked at her smile; he could do anything to see that smile in her face. Soon Pari and dadima got immersed in planning for their marriage even though it was to be conducted in court. Meanwhile Aryan talked with Geet regarding her shifting to London. Maan just watched everything contented just to be near Geet. After few days, he was not sure when he will be able to see her and he knew he can’t go to her without her permission. He knew he has to do it, even though it will take his life away from him.

Tere Liye – Part 10


Before Maan could tell anything to her, Geet asked for Pari. He knew they were also waiting to meet her, so left placing a kiss on her forehead. He came out and informed Pari. Pari went inside accompanied by dadima and Aryan. Pari hugged Geet as soon as she entered, feeling scared and emotional at the same time, even though she told everything in a haste, each incident she mentioned left the impact inside, impact of the pain what Geet went through. She knew she could never be able to withstand such pain. Geet hugged her back knowing that she was the only person who understood her throughout her life, even though they were far. Pari was crying while Geet didn’t have any more tears. Dadima and Aryan noticed her lifeless eyes and they knew the incident had pushed her away from feeling any emotions, she was a broken doll. Pari pulled back from the hug feeling the coldness in her. She cupped her face and told, “Geet, please let out everything. At least cry once.” Geet just smiled lifelessly and told, “Pari, I am fine. Tum meri chintha mat karo. I will be fine. Baby is also alright.” Pari looked at her immediately hearing her, there was nothing but coldness in her face. She was there, but still not there. Pari couldn’t bear to see her like that, she rushed outside wanting to cry her heart out. Aryan followed her knowing that dadima will be able to support her now more than anyone else.

Savitri Devi came and sat near Geet. Geet looked at her and gave her a small smile. She held so much love and respect for her as she was the only person besides Pari who judged her properly, who could understand her. She somehow felt relieved when she was near. Something had always connected them since they met, but she didn’t knew what. Savitri Devi knew the pain she was going through and also knew that she will never open up. She understood that she was scared to become vulnerable to any emotions, so has locked herself in a shell. She told, “Geet bete, ek baat batau? Patha he hum sab insaan dil se kamzor hothe hain. Koi bhi emotions se door nahi bhag sakthe. Shayad woh sabke samne apna emotions nahi dikha raha hoga, par andar jo bhi feelings he woh tho hoga hi. Aur jab dard hotha he tho, zyaada log tut jaatha he aur jo bakki log he woh sab kuch chup chap sehtha rehtha he. Logon ko lagtha he ki woh log bahut strong hothe hain, par waisa nahi he. Jitna dard wo andar hi andar chupatha he, utna hi woh tutne lagtha he. Par unlike others it will be a slow poisoning.. a self destruction. Tumhe patha he kyun mein tumse yeh sab bata rahi ho? Kyunki meri zindagi mein bhi aise ek mod tha, par ek insaan tha jo mujhe tootne se bachaya, mujhe hausla diya.. Patha he kaun? Tumhari dadi, meri saheli.. Parminder. She never told me that everything will be alright. She told only one thing, think for once, leaving all the pain and hurt and decide what you need? Think what you want to do, that will give you happiness. If you have an answer just go for it. And I did, I wanted to keep KC on top where Maan’s dadaji left it as it was his dream and live for my kids. I did it and see now I am happy with my life. It is not that I won’t remember Maan’s dadaji or the painful life I had, but I found my happiness in my kids and grand kids. Beta, mujhe tumse bhi wahi kehna he, ek baar sab kuch bhoolke sirf itna socho ki tum kya chahthi he, tumhe kaha khushi milegi. Sirf wahi karo, koi tumhe nahi rokegi. Mein humesha tumhare saath hoon.” She placed a kiss on her forehead and left.

The impact that her words made in Geet’s heart was so deep. For the first time in her life, she felt that someone really cared for her happiness. She felt alive. She closed her eyes lying down on the bed. It was time to make some decisions. Savitri Devi came outside and noticed Maan waiting to go inside and Pari standing with Aryan with teary eyes. Before Maan could go inside she told, “Maan, usse thodi der akela chod do. Aur ek baat, agar tumne jo kiya uskeliye tum dilse sazza chahtha he tho, Geet jo bhi decision legi uske khilaf kuch mat bolna, usse jo chahiye woh karne dena, chahe usse tumhe kitna bhi dard kyun na ho.” Maan nodded seeing the determination in his dadima’s eyes, he knew he can’t go against her, but he definitely didn’t know what was in store for him next. She then turned to Pari and told, “Pari bete, mein tumse bhi keh rahi hoon, agar unhe lagega ki jo wo karne ja rahi hoon tum unke khilaf he tho woh shayad peeche hategi. Tho jo bhi ho unka saath dena.” Pari nodded and Aryan told, “Dadima, hume patha he aap jo bhi unse kaha hoga unki bhalai keliye kaha hoga, tho hum bhi yahi chahthe ho ki iss baar woh apneliye soch samaj ke kuch decision lele.” Savitri Devi smiled hearing Aryan. She knew he was matured enough to handle any situations and he will stand for the right, inspite of whatever may happen. She told, “Bakki log kuch bhi soche ya na soche unse mujhe koi farq nahi padthi.” Mohinder, Rano and Arjun were standing behind the corridor listening to everything. They couldn’t even move a bit forward from there knowing they have lost their right to even go before her.

The nurse who was inside called Maan and told that Geet wanted to talk to all of them. They four went inside knowing it was time for a decision, a decision that can change their lives. When they went inside they could notice the change in Geet’s face. It was like the dark clouds that were hovering over her have gone far. There was a certain glow in her face. Maan promised himself that whatever is the decision that made her happy, he won’t go against it, even if it kills him within. Geet told seeing the expectation in the faces, “Dadima, mujhe London wapas jaana he. My friends are there and they will help me to get job there. I don’t want to be here anymore. I and baby will be fine together.” She looked at Maan and told, “Maan, I am sorry. I don’t want to get married. I know it is our baby. Whenever you want to meet the baby you can come and meet.” She turned to Pari who was stunned by her decision and told, “Pari, I wanted to be with you for some more time. But I don’t want to be here. Aryan will take you and dadima to me when you both wish to meet me, right Aryan?” Aryan smiled and told, “Yes Geet, I will definitely take her to you.” Dadima came forward and told, “Geet bete, mein tumhare liye bahut khush hoon, mujhe khushi he ki tumne meri baat manli. Aur ha, mein tho tumhe milne zaroor aavongi. Mein itne buddi nahi hoon ki mujhe kisi ki madat chahiye uskeliye.” Aryan told, “Kya dadima, aap bhi na.” Pari also smiled seeing the smile in Geet’s face. She came forward and hugged her tight. She told, “Geetu, yeh sach he ki mein tumhe bahut miss karoongi. Par mujhe sirf tumhari khushi chahiye. Aur ha, mujhe yeh mat kehna ki tum kyun itni baar mujhe milne aa rahi ho. Tik he.” Aryan, dadima and Geet smiled hearing her. Even though they smiled, they knew how Maan would be feeling after all this. Savitri Devi told, “Tik he Geet bete, hum Meera se milke aathe hain.” They left the room leaving Maan and Geet alone.
Maan had expected everything, but when she told that she doesn’t want to get married to him, he felt like his life was slipping away from him. But he stood there keeping a calm face as he had promised dadima. He knew he can’t change his word and he won’t force Geet. If it was her decision then he will definitely support her, even if the thought of not being with her killed him. He slowly went near her when others left and told keeping a calm face, “Geet, tum jaisa chahthi ho waisa hi hoga. Koi tumhe nahi rokega.” Geet was looking at him trying to read his eyes, but he had learnt it from his dadima to hide every emotions. He slowly moved forward and hugged her feeling her close to him. He separated her from him after a while and told, “Geet, agar tumhe koi bhi madat chahiye tho please mujhe bata dena.” She nodded still looking at him. He continued, “Meera told that you can get discharged today itself.” Geet immediately told, “Maan, can I stay in your farmhouse until I leave to London?” Maan looked at her and told, “Zaroor Geet, I will send Nakul kaka there and arrange everything for you.” Before Geet could deny, he told, “Please don’t deny, at least till you leave, we can take care of you.” Geet nodded. Dadima was back with Meera by then. Meera knew everything from dadima. Even though she couldn’t tell anything against Geet’s decision, she knew what her friend will be going through. When she entered she looked at his face, it was so calm and composed. But she knew that behind it there is a storm going on. She smiled looking back at Geet and told, “Geet, I am going to miss you. But no worries, my parents want me to shift back to London as both of them are there. So we are definitely going to meet soon.” Maan looked up hearing her and he knew he definitely will have his bestie near her, even if he will be far away. Geet too smiled hearing her. When Maan told about her moving to farmhouse everyone was fine with it. They also didn’t want her to face any stress after this. Pari and Aryan also joined them soon and Maan slipped out in between their talks.

He slowly moved towards the parking lot and got inside his car. He drove for few minutes and reached the place where he used to visit when he was disturbed about anything. But today, he knew this place can’t give him any peace. He slowly went outside. Every single moment with Geet started flashing before his eyes. The pain was so much exhilarating, he fell on his knees and cried out loud, “Geet…”

Tere Liye – Part 9


After Maan left for business tour, Geet’s had a feeling like something worse is going to happen. She looked at Maan’s picture that Pari gave her. She had got it from Aryan as she knew that Geet has a habit of keeping pictures along with her. Also she felt she can talk to his picture at least when he is away. Geet was thinking about how drastically their relation changed from enemies to lovers. She remembered his dislike towards her during the time when she was back from London. He disliked her way of dressing, talking, just everything. Then how could he fall in love with her? She remembered when he confessed that he was in love with the girl whom he used to see in XXX orphanage. She knew that he might have only thought it as Pari as she was always the one who was innocent and playful at the same time. Her nature was so bubbly and chirpy; anyone could have loved her for what she is. Something hit her hard, if he never knew it was her then he couldn’t have even thought her like that. He might have hated her the same way he was before. Now after that incident he might be feeling extremely guilty, but once the guilt went away will he be able to accept her as how she is. Tears started flowing down her eyes at the thought. She was not sure of anything and she never believed that happiness can knock her door. She was destined to live in hurt and pain, how can happiness enter her cursed life? She hugged the pillow closer and her hand went to her stomach, their baby. She knew that Maan will love his child to no ends, but she was not sure whether she will be part of the happiness. Her life was always the same, uncertain, filled with only hurt and pain. She wiped her tears and came out when Pari told that she was going out with Aryan and dadima. She went out to see her off. Everyone else was present in HM.

Meanwhile, Annie was just trying to find a reason to defame Geet. She sneaked inside Geet’s room when she saw Geet going out. She looked at the room which appeared less girly and more dull. She shrugged off her thoughts and started searching for something that she can have to defame her. She was about to give up after searching for a while when her eyes fell on a report placed on the bedside table. Initially she thought it to be some patients report but when she saw the name “Geet Handa” in it, her curiosity increased and she opened it immediately. What she saw inside made her smile brightly; she got her key, key for Geet’s destruction. She hid it inside her jeans and went out without anyone noticing and went near Rano. She saw that Arjun, Raj and Mohinder were discussing something and Naina and Rano busy with their chit-chats. She noticed Geet who was about to go upstairs, she smirked, “You are finished Geet Handa. Meri khushi pe nazaar dali tho aisa hi hogi. I just can’t wait to see how everyone reacts. Aaj tumhare well wishers bhi ghar pe nahi he. Let’s see how the game progress.” She told Rano softly giving the file to her, “Aunty, I got this file near the stairs. I think it fell down accidentally.” Rano took it from her smiling but her smile turned to a frown when she saw Geet Handa in Patient’s name. She opened it immediately and what she saw washed away earth from her feet. “Geet is 3 months pregnant?” Naina took the file seeing her shocked expression and was more shocked seeing it. Annie who pretended to not understand anything, took the file from her hand. She looked inside the file and shouted pretending to be shocked, “Geet is pregnant?” Her shout gained the attention of others and they were immediately near them. Mohinder took the file from her and after reading the contents his eyes got red in anger and he shouted in top of his voice, “Geet..” Geet came down listening to the angry voice of her father. The file in his hand confirmed her fears, they knew everything. She saw the smirk in Annie’s face and knew that she took it from her room. Before she could answer his father’s hand fell hard on her cheek. He was shaking in anger and Raj pulled him away before he could do anything more. He shouted, “Iska matlab kya he Geet? What you have to tell? Aaj tak hum tumhari sab manmani bina kuch kahe sehtha raha. Par ab nahi. You have brought shame to our family. How could you stoop so low? And what did you tell to Maan beta that he agreed to marry you?” She looked at her father’s eyes, more than the slap, his words pained her. She knew it will happen, but the intensity with which it happened she couldn’t bear it. But it was not enough, Rano came forward shaking her by her shoulder, “Patha nahi pichle janam me meine kaunsa paap ki he ki mujhe tum jaise beti mili. Aur kya dekhna baaki he ab. Bol Geet, chup kyun he?” Geet felt her heart breaking into millions of pieces, she felt the very moment that it was better if she was never born.

She looked at the accusing eyes of her parents, Arjun and Khuranas. She for once wished, Maan was there with her to support her, she felt that she couldn’t take it anymore. Annie told, “Dad-mom, mein pehle hi aapko batayi thi na, yeh ladki ne kuch kiya hoga jisse majboor hoke bhai ko yeh kadam utana pada. Yeh kisi bhi had tak jaa sakthi he. Characterless girl.. Kisi aur ka paap mere bhai ke upar dal rahi he. yeh tho kuch bhi kar sakthi he, yeh kya jaane humare culture aur tradition ke baare mein. Apne manmani hi karthi rehthi he humesha.” Savitri Devi, Aryan and Pari had just entered the mansion listening to Annie. Pari had forgotten her mobile, so they had returned. Before Savitri Devi could speak a word, the whole house heard a voice that was always meek and soft, “Bas.. Annie.. meri behan ke baare mein agar ek aur shabd boli tho mein bhool javoongi ki tum meri hone wali nanad ho ya humare beech mein aaj tak koi rishta tha.” Mohinder interrupted, “Pari, tum Annie bete ke upar kyun chilla rahi ho? Isse poocho isne kya kiya?” Pari turned to her father and told, “Mujhe usse poochne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he dad.” Annie who was shocked at Pari’s outburst immediately told, “Dekha uncle, isne Pari ko bhi humare khilaf khada kar diya.” Pari turned to Annie and told, “Annie, sab log tumhare jaise nahi hothi he. Geet ko kisi ke bhi samne uska image banane ki zaroorat nahi he, jaise tum humesha Arjun bhai ke samne karthi ho.” Annie was offended by such a statement from Pari but before she could tell anything Pari turned to her parents and told, “Papa, mein humesha sab kuch sunke chup rahi kyunki mujhe laga aap dono kabhi samaj jayenge. Mein yeh sab ke samne kehna nahi chahthi thi. Lekin har ek cheez ki ek had hothi he, aur aap dono ne woh had par kiya he. Aap tho humesha kehtha tha na mujse hum kisi ko jaanke koi dukh nahi pahunchana chahiye. Tho aap dono Geet ke saath aise kaise kar sakthe he, jabse unko janam diya he?” Rano asked, “Pari beta, tum kya bol rahi he? Iske saath milke tum hume dosh kyun de rahi hoon?”

Pari turned to her and asked, “Really mama, mein aapko dosh de rahi hoon? Mein humesha yeh sochthi thi ki jab ek ma apne ek beti ki saare dil ki baat bina kuch bataye samaj jathi hoon, tho woh doosre beti ki dard ko kyun samaj nahi pathi he jo unke aankhon mein saaf dikhayi detha he. Kya aap uski dil ki woh dard kabhi samaj payi he ma?” She turned to Arjun and asked, “Bhai, kya aapko yaad he jab hum chotte the kaise aap humesha school jaane ke pehle maa ke haath se khane ki zid kartha tha?” Arjun nodded while she continued, “Par, ek baat tho aapko nahi patha he, aapko nahi patha ki har din Geet phone pe maa se baat karne keliye intezaar karthi thi lekin mama humesha hum dono ke saath busy rehthi thi ki kabhi bhi usse baat karne ka time hi nahi thi unko. Aur aapko yaad hena, kaise yaha humara birthday manaya jaatha tha aaj tak. Aur Geet, humesha ek call keliye wait karthi thi, aap dono ke. Aur jab aapko sab kaam se fursat miltha tha woh intezaar karthe so gayi hothi. Waise kitne saare din aur raat, Geet bitayi he mama-papa ke bina akeli. Kya aapko kabhi woh akelapan kabhi dikhayi nahi diya? Kya aapko kabhi yeh nahi laga ki woh bhi aapke pyaar keliye taras rahi hogi? Jab woh wapas aayi tabse kabhi aapne unme koyi dosh doondne ke alawa kabhi unse pyaar kiya he? Unhe woh khushi diya jo aap kabhi unhe nahi diya tha? Nahi na. Phir aap kis haq se unke upar inzaam laga rahe ho?” Rano and Mohinder were shocked at her outburst and the realization of what they have done slowly started seeping in. Rano looked up to find Geet looking at them, her face showed nothing, her eyes were blank as if there was no life in it. How could she never understand her own daughter? Her longing, the pain and hurt in her eyes? How could she ignore her like that? She was never there with her whenever she needed, but she blamed it all on circumstances and never thought how it could have affected a little girl who craved for their love and care. Pari was right, when she came back also they were more worried about her lifestyle and their traditions rather than welcoming her. Geet looked away feeling numb. She didn’t expect anything; she knew this was the ultimate truth of her life. But now she was broken beyond imagination to feel anything.
Naina told breaking the dead silence, “Pari beta, jo bhi ho Geet is pregnant. None of this justifies her actions when she is going to get married to Maan.” Pari turned to her and told, “Kya aap sabne Geet ko baat karne ka mauka diya? Nahi na. Mein hi poochongi unse.” She turned and went near Geet. She held her hand and told, “Geet, batha do sabko kya hua he? Jo bhi ho hum aapke saath he.” Geet looked at her sister who spoke first time in her life against their parents just for her. Her eyes held so much trust and love for her. But she couldn’t defame Maan before anyone. She has nothing to lose, she doesn’t want a finger to point on him.” She told, “Pari, sab meri galthi he. Jo bhi hua sirf meri wajhe se hua. Mujhe yeh jaanke iss shaadi keliye ha nahi kehna chahiye thi. I am sorry.” Pari looked at Geet without moving away. She knew that Geet was hiding something. Before Annie could start anything she told, “Geet, please for once think for you, your child. Tell us the truth.” Annie told, “Jab sach kadvi hotha he tab bol nahi payegi. She told that she is at fault. Good that we got to know now otherwise my bro’s life could have spoiled.” This time instead of Pari it was Savitri Devi who replied, “Bas Annie, tumhe kisi aur ke baare mein galat kehne ka koi haq nahi he. Aur yaha mein, Naina aur Raj hoon baat karne ko, tumhe yeh batane ki koi zaroorat nahi ki hume kya karna chahiye.” Her one look was enough for Annie to shut her mouth, she knew how dadima was. Savitri Devi moved near to Geet and told, “Geet bete, hume patha he aap kabhi galat ho nahi sakthi. Hume batao kya hua he. Yaha tho sirf humare ghar wale he. Tum hume bata sakthe haina.”

“She won’t tell anything dadima.” Everyone looked at the door hearing the voice, there stood Maan. He was supposed to return next day from his business tour, but when he received Aryan’s message to be back soon, he feared something. He didn’t wait further, got the next flight convincing the client to have their meeting after a week and fled back to Delhi. When he reached Handa Mansion, the voices inside confirmed his fear. He was about to barge inside when Annie was blaiming Geet but Pari’s voice stopped him. He could only see Geet’s lifeless eyes through out. When she took the blame on herself he knew that she was trying to save him. He felt the pain she suffered and was feeling extremely guilty for even having put her in such a situation. Dadima and Pari’s support without even knowing anything was something that he never expected. When she was again being questioned, he knew it is time for him to interrupt. Annie was about to tell something when he raised his hand indicating to stop. He went near dadima and told, “She won’t tell anything dadima. She won’t be able to tell anything wrong about that person. The person who raped her in his unconscious state, and blamed her for having slept with someone else when he was the one who did it. The person who hurt her so much but still she love him more than you could ever expect and was ready to live her whole life for his child without even letting him know that she was carrying his child. She suffered it all alone without letting anyone know. And you know one more thing dadima; she gave away every single hope for happiness in her life, for him to be happy. Happy with her own sister.” A sound of a slap echoed the whole mansion. Savitri Devi knew by the time Maan started that it was his child that Geet was carrying, but as he started to tell his doings, she felt ashamed that her grandson whom she admires a lot has done something like that. She couldn’t help herself from raising her hand on him. Before anyone could speak or tell anything further, Geet fell unconscious. Maan immediately held her from falling and rushed her to hospital along with Aryan, Pari and dadima.

Inside the mansion there was dead silence. Annie’s head hung low, listening to everything. Mohinder and Rano were unable to tell anything. They were the root cause for everything, every single pain she suffered all alone. They don’t deserve to be called as her parents, even Pari and dadima could understand her better than them. Raj and Naina were ashamed to have even questioned her when it was their son who was responsible for her condition and she took the whole blame on herself. Arjun who always felt that he could understand people better, couldn’t imagine how he failed to understand his own sister’s pain. Raj and Naina left to KM followed by Annie. No one was in any position to tell anything. In hospital, Maan rushed Geet to Meera. She calmed him down and asked to wait outside. When he turned to face others after rushing her inside, he could see the dislike in all the three tensed faces. He knew he did wrong and he never expected everyone to forgive him like Geet did. They waited outside for almost 20 minutes when Meera came out little tensed. She told, “Maan, meine tumhe unke pehle check up ke waqt hi boli thi ki unhe tensions se door rakho. Her Blood Pressure was so high, thank God that both of them are safe, otherwise it could have proven bad for the baby or Geet.” She went near Savitri Devi and told, “Aunty, ab khabrane ki koi baat nahi he. Par inhe kabhi stress mat dena. She will be alright.” Savitri Devi asked, “Kya hum unse mil sakthi hoon Meera?” Meera smiled and told, “Ji Aunty, par pehle woh Maan se milna chahthi he.” She turned to Maan and told him to go inside. After Maan went inside Meera went near Aryan and told, “Aryan, you told me that you will be careful, then how she is so much stressed.” Pari and Savitri Devi turned to Aryan hearing it. Savitri Devi asked him, “Aryan Bete tumhe bhi patha tha.” Aryan sighed and told, “Geet had fell giddy once in hospital. We both were near us, so Meera had to tell me the reason. Maan and Geet were consulting Meera and she told me that Geet was pregnant with Maan’s child. I wanted to talk to him knowing from Meera that Geet is so weak, so I had asked him to return soon from the trip. But I never expected that she went through this much pain. Meera, I know Maan never hides anything from you. You could have at least given me a hint of what she went through.” Meera sighed and told, “Aryan, I am sorry, but I was bound by a promise that I made to Geet, not to tell anything about it to anyone.” Savitri Devi and Pari had tears in their eyes when they thought about what she might have gone through all alone.

Maan went inside and saw Geet waiting for him. Before he could tell anything, Geet told, “Maan, I am sorry. Mein sabke samne sab kuch aisa hona nahi chahthi thi. Aur phir aapne woh sab kyun bata diya. Uski kya zaroorat thi?” Maan sat next to her and took her hands in his. He told, “Geet, kab tak tum sare inzaam apne upar lethe rahenge? Jinhone gunah kiya he unhe sazaa tho bhukhathna hi padega, aaj nahi tho kal. Geet, koi bhi tumhare jaisa apne gunegaar ko bina kuch soche maaf nahi kar sakthe hain. I did a crime and I deserve the punishment. But I promise you, I will always be on your side. Mein tumse kabhi door nahi javoonga..” Geet looked at him, but their was a certain coldness in her eyes that frightened him. She told, “Maan, please aap aisa mat kahiye. Both of us know that you were drugged by Rohit, otherwise you could have never done that to me. Our relation since we met was not that good enough for you to trust me, so only you believed Rohit. But you corrected it when you knew the truth, then why you blame yourself Maan?” Maan looked into her eyes, more than those words he could read something else too. Did she believe that he wanted to be with her because he held himself responsible for the sin what he did, not because he loved her? He knew it then.. that she will never believe that any happiness can be hers, in the true sense, she was broken beyond limits..

Tere Liye – Part 8


After Geet left with dadima, even though Maan wanted to accompany them, he had many other things to be finished. He called up Vishal and asked him to meet in their common meeting place along with Rohit and others. Vishal understood by his tone on what he wanted to do. He was more than willing to offer any help to Maan. All of them reached there and Maan was the last to come. As the discussions about marriage and everything else were within their families nobody else knew about it. Rohit wanted to ask about Geet, he still wanted to bed her once. He knew that Maan hated her and will be ready for any of his crooked plans. He came with a smirk near Maan when he came out. He asked, “MK, acha hua tum aagaye.. Hume treat kab de rahe ho? Shaadi ke baad yaa pehle.” Maan just smiled hiding his need to strangle him. He wanted him to spill everything on his own. Rohit continued, “MK, aur woh ladki ab tho uski bolthi band hogayi hogi. Right? Tab kya attitude dikha rahi thi aur baad mein kya nikli.” Maan fisted his hand to avoid hitting him. He told, “Rohit, mein ussi bare mein tumse kuch poochna chahtha tha. Uss din patha nahi mein kab behosh ho gaya? Are you sure ki meine Geet ko kuch nahi kiya?” Rohit was taken aback first but he covered up soon, “MK, we all know you, you won’t even look at a girl whom you hate. Then how will you do something to her. You know, maybe she tried to seduce you, par tum tho behosh hogaya tha. Isliye came to me. Right guys?”

Before anyone could tell anything a sharp hit on his nose made him bleed and fall on the ground. He was startled and looked up to see the red eyes of Maan and he knew something is definitely wrong. One look at Vishal’s face was enough to know that he knew everything. He told trying to defend himself, “Ok yaar MK relax. I admit we did wrong by not telling you. I know you won’t bear to hear that you have done something like that. So we did it. Ab tum mujpe haat kyun uta rahe ho? Woh bhi uss ladki keliye jisse tum nafrat karthe ho?” Another kick on his stomach made him bleed more. Now Rohit was equally angry. He stood up and charged towards Maan. Before he reached him, others held him back knowing how Maan Singh Khurana was. It was not good to be against him, he will finish the person. Vishal too came and held Maan. Maan told pointing his finger at him, “One more word about Geet and you will be finished. I am leaving you because I considered you once as a friend. But don’t dare to do any foul play. And one more thing, I am going to get married to Geet not Pari. Soon she will be Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana.” He turned away telling that and left. Rohit and everyone else were stunned by the revealation. They knew if he said something then there was no going back. Vishal too gave them a look of disgust and left.

Maan reached office, but he was not in peace. He left Rohit because he knew that somewhere it is his fault that he believed them and blamed Geet. He knew he had done a sin for which no punishment is enough. He knew even if Geet forgave him, his dadima and parents will never forgive him for what he did. That will be his punishment. He knew the truth has to come out and he was just waiting for them to settle everything before he confesses his deeds. He wanted to give all happiness to Geet before that. First he needed to make sure that both her and baby is fine. He had made an appointment with Meera his childhood friend who is a Gynacologist. His thoughts were disturbed by a phone call and soon he got busy with his work. He had a business trip coming up after two days, now it has become difficult for him to stay away from Geet. He knew she also needed him now, but he was at least relieved after dadima was back. He could trust her fully with Geet. By the time Geet and Savitri Devi reached, Maan was back from office. He knew from dadima that they went to the orphanage and Geet is a regular visitor there. His parents looked surprised and they were more sure that Maan was true about his love for Geet. Their opinion about Geet had started to change. Aryan too was happy about everything. But one person did not like all the praises Geet was getting, Annie. She was fuming within even though kept a plastered smile in her face throughout. After dinner, everyone left for bed. Maan was just waiting for everyone to sleep. He sneaked out to HM to Geet’s room. She was sleeping with a calm face in her bed. He knew that she will be happy after meeting dadima. He slowly went near her and lied down next to her. She snuggled closer to him in sleep and hugged him by waist. He pulled her in his arms and slowly removed the tresses falling on her face blocking his view to her beautiful face.

Geet woke up feeling the warmth around her and found herself looking into the brown orbs of her love. She thought that she was dreaming and blinked a couple of times to confirm. Maan smiled seeing her and told placing a peck on her lips, “Geet, you are not dreaming. Otherwise let me demonstrate.” He moved down to take her lips into a passionate kiss. He left her when he felt her out of breath. The red hue on her cheeks and her closed eyes gave away her feelings. He smiled and kissed her closed eyes one by one and told, “Geet, ankhen kholo.” She looked at him and asked even though turning crimson by his gaze, “Maan, aap yaha iss waqt kya kar raha he? Koi dekh liya tho.” Maan told, “Dekh liya tho sochega ki mein apni honewali biwi se milne aaya hoon. Aur kya mein tumse milne nahi aa saktha? Kaun rokhega mujhe? Tum??” She looked away feeling even more shy and told, “Mein aapko kaise rokungi? Mein.. mein tho.. bas keh rahi thi.” Maan was seeing this side of Geet now. She was always feisty and never hesitated to answer anyone. Seeing her shyness and innocence he couldn’t stop cursing himself to have behaved like that to her. He knew that he can’t disturb her happiness with his guilt. He moved over her caring not to put pressure on her stomach and told, “Geet, hume kal kahi jaana he. Subha ready rehna. I will pick you; I have already informed uncle and aunty.” She didn’t question him and just nodded. He was awestuck by the trust she showed on him, but all he did was to mistrust her. He kissed her forehead and went down to place a kiss on her stomach. He told, “Goodnight baby.. Love you.” Geet thought he was going to leave when he came up and pulled her to another passionate kiss. He left her after a while and told looking into her eyes, “Goodnight Geet.. So jao. Kal mereliye wait karna. I love you..” She smiled and moved up placing a small peck on his cheeks and told, “Goodnight Maan..” He smiled at her gesture and sneaked out of her room back to KM.

Next day morning Maan reached on time and Mohinder asked Geet to be ready by the time Maan reached. They just wanted her to be good before Khuranas. They knew that Savitri Devi liked Geet and Rano thanked all the stars because she always thought it was very difficult to please Savitri Devi and she had no hope on Geet. It was a surprise for all seeing the rapport that they built in just a day. Geet looked at her mom and dad. They were so busy in dictating her, what to do and not to do. They haven’t even asked her what she wants. Pari was about to leave for office and she was in a hurry as she was running late. Before she could rush outside, Rano was before her with her favorite Aloo Paratha dipped in butter. Rano fed her while Pari complained about getting late. She didn’t know when her eyes got moist looking at them. She understood only when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Maan looking at her with her pain reflecting in his eyes. She blinked her eyes and wiped her eyes before anyone else could notice. Mohinder and Rano noticed Maan and went near him. He talked with them for a while and left with Geet. He looked at Geet who was sitting beside him in the car looking outside. Today he could experience the pain that she went through; he couldn’t understand how a mother can be so much ignorant towards the feelings of her own daughter. He held her hand and she turned to him giving him a small smile. He just held her hand until they reached the destination. He knew she doesn’t want to talk about it and just want him near.

Geet was surprised seeing the name board. “Dr.Meera Singhania.” She knew Meera as she worked in Sanjeevani. She was very nice lady who was down to earth and was well known for her excellence in gynecology and her patience which was her virtue. She looked at Maan questioningly. He told, “Meera is my friend.” She nodded and followed him again without any further questions. Meera opened the door for them and was surprised seeing Geet. She knew that Maan was engaged to Pari and he had called telling her that he want to do a check-up for his fiance, so the thought was obviously Pari. She called both of them inside. Before Pari could ask anything Maan told, “Meera, this is Geet my fiance and my love of life.” Meera was surprised and asked, “Par Maan tumhari shaaadi Pari ke saath..” Maan sighed and told everything to Meera, everything including what he did to Geet. Geet tried to interrupt him from telling but he silenced her with his one look. Meera was quite upset after listening to Maan. She never thought that her childhood friend can do something like that ever and being a girl she could understand what Geet might have gone through. She told after a few minutes of silence, “Maan, I never expected this from you. Meine tumhe kitni baar kaha tha ki wo Rohit se door raho. Par tum tho samaj nahi rahe the. Ab dekho uska anjaam.” She turned to Geet and held her hand, “Geet, I am sorry about what you have gone through.” Geet told, “Nahi Meera, everything might have happened for good. Sabki zindagi mein aise kuch pal aahi jathi he. Hum usse rok nahi saktha.” Meera smiled listening to her and took her inside for check up. Once they were inside Maan was thinking of what Geet told. “Kuch pal aahi jathi he..” But in Geet’s life happiness was like that, the shortest moments.. while pain was prominent..

Tere Liye – Part 7


Raj and Mohinder decided to have the engagement of Maan-Geet and Pari-Aryan after Maan’s dadima comes back from Mumbai. They decided to have their marriages before Arjun and Annie’s marriage as Maan wanted the marriage to happen soon. Annie’s exams were to finish after eight more months and everyone wanted to wait some more time for her marriage till then so that she can be free of tensions during that time. But Annie was more annoyed at Geet as the marriages were to be held together and because Maan was adamant it didn’t happen. But couldn’t do anything before others, she was just waiting for a chance to defame Geet. Maan’s dadima, Savitri Devi arrived next day from Mumbai. Everyone was eager to meet her especially Maan. After Geet opened up with him, he wanted someone besides him to support her emotionally and he knew his dadi will be the right person.

When Savitri Devi was told about the happenings, she was happy as she always thought Pari to be a match for Aryan. She knew Maan needed someone who can give him back for his temper, rather than someone meek like Pari. She knew about Geet from her dadima, they knew each other before Geet’s dadaji left for London and had kept contact with her until she passed away. She couldn’t come when Geet was back as she was with her daughter Vaibhavi, Raj’s only sister in Mumbai who was undergoing a surgery for Cancer in Uterus. She wanted to meet Geet and decided to go to Handa Mansion. Naina and Maan accompanied her. When they reached everyone was having breakfast as they haven’t informed about the visit and it was a surprise to them. Pari and Arjun went and took her blessings along with Rano and Mohinder but Geet stood there watching everything. Savitri Devi noticed her only then, she was in a pink t-shirt and three forth’s. Her face was without any emotions but her eyes looked contrary to everything. There was a lot of pain hidden in those brown orbs. She could identify it as she had experienced it in her life. She slowly went near her and held her hand. “Geet, humne bilkul sahi socha aapke baare mein. Aap bilkul waise hi he.”

Geet smiled feeling the warmth in her touch and words and bent down to take her blessings. Savitri Devi moved forward and hugged her before she could do so and told, “Hume Maan ki pasand bahut achi lagi.” Geet felt that she would cry hearing those genuine words as it was the first time after her dadima passed away that someone talked to her like that. Rano, Arjun and Mohinder were happy and surprised. Naina too was surprised as she was not sure about her acceptance. Maan and Pari felt elated with dadima’s acceptance as they genuinely cared for Geet’s happiness. Savitri Devi told that she wants to spend the rest of her day with Geet and she was taking her out with her. No one had any objection and Geet smiled seeing the authority with which she held her hand. She looked at Maan who was smiling at her. He came near her and asked, “Dadima, kya mein bhi aapke saath chal saktha hoon?” She raised her eyebrows and smirked, “Kyun Maan Khurana, sabke peeche romance karne ka irada he kya?” Geet looked at her shocked while others laughed as it was not new to them. She was traditional but quiet forward in her thoughts. Maan made a baby face and told, “Kya dadima, ab Geet mili tho mein aapke saath nahi chal saktha?” She shook her head and told, “Safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he Maan and for your kind information only we both are going. Aapko apne fianc sirf shyam ko hi milega.” She asked Geet to change and come ignoring Maan’s pleading eyes. After sometime Maan left for office, Naina too went back to KM.

Geet couldn’t decide what to wear, it is not that she wanted to impress dadima, but as she liked her so much she never wanted her to feel bad about her. Finally she decided to wear a pink kurti and jeans. She dressed up and went down. Mohinder, Pari and Arjun had left for office and Savitri Devi was taking to Rano. Geet had taken a day off from hospital after dadima came. Pari had come up before she goes to wish her luck as she always felt dadima was difficult to please. Savitri Devi looked happy seeing Geet and went out bidding bye to Rano along with Geet. Driver was waiting outside with Savitri Devi’s car. Once inside the car, she held Geet’s hand and told, “Geet beta, mujhe Parminder ke baare mein Mumbai mein patha chala, par aa nahi payi. Vaibhavi ke baare mein tumhe tho patha hoga.” Geet told, “Koi baat nahi dadima, aapke baare mein dadi bahut bathathi thi. Kehthi thi ki jab India wapas aayegi tab aapse zaroor milenge.” Both their eyes got wet and after a while Savitri Devi told, “Geet beta, mein tumse ek baat kehna chahthi thi. Jab bhi tumhe unki sahare ki zaroorat mehsoos ho tab mere paas zaroor aana, dubara sochna mat.” Geet looked at her understanding the depth of her words and her eyes got moist.

Savitri Devi was a person who single handedly managed the whole empire of Khuranas after the early death of her husband. She had to do it for her kids, Raj and Vaibhavi who were less than ten years old. She had learned to hide the pain from them, the pain of loneliness that she suffered. So she could identify the pain in Geet’s eyes and she knew that Maan took the right decision to have her as his wife. But she had questions in her mind regarding how the animosity that they shared, according to Naina and Raj, turned to love in just few days. She knew she will find it out, but before that she wanted Geet to open up with her. She wanted to give that support that Parminder had given her always, she knew Geet needed it. When she saw Geet’s eyes getting moist, she knew that she will be able to do it. Geet was surprised when the car stopped near the orphanage where she daily visits. Like reading the surprise in her face, Savitri Devi told, “Geet, I am one among the trustees of this orphanage, so I thought we would spend some time here. Are you ok with it?” Geet couldn’t have been happier, she told, “ha dadima, jaise aap tik samjhe.”

As soon as they were out the kids rushed near Geet and hugged her asking for why she hasn’t come in the morning. Now it was the turn of Savitri Devi to get surprised. Before she could ask anything to Geet, the in-charge for the orphanage came near her and invited her inside. She turned and looked at Geet who was surrounded by the kids. She seemed so happy, the happiness that was never visible at her face while at home. The in-charge told seeing her looking at Geet, “Geet betiya ko un sab se ab fursat nahi milega. Aaj subha nahi aayi thi na, isliye..” Savitri Devi asked surprised again, “Aaj subha matlab?” She smiled and told, “Geet betiya tho har subha yaha aathi hain. Aur ek khanta in sab ke saath hi rehthi he. Har mahine, sab bachon ko kuch na kuch zaroor kharid ke laathi he. Aur do bachon ko bhi sponser ki he. Unhi ki wajhe se hume bahut saari sponsers mile hain, pichle che mahino mein. Bahut achi ladki he.” Savitri Devi looked at her feeling elated by her words, but one look at Geet made her realize something. She was trying to find herself in them. She was always alone if not for her grandparents. She was trying to give them the happiness that she couldn’t get. She felt her eyes getting moist before looking away from Geet. She told Geet that she will be back after a while and went inside with the in-charge. Geet’s day couldn’t have been happier. First she got someone who genuinely cares for her like dadima. Then she could come and spend time with the kids which she was missing since morning.

After a while Savitri Devi returned and they spend some time with the kids. Once the kids started playing on their own, she asked Geet, “Geet beta, you miss them a lot right?” Geet was surprised and thought that she was asking about her grandparents. She told, “Yes dadima, mein dada-dadi ko bahut miss karthi hoon.” She smiled and told, “No Geet, I was asking about your parents. You miss them, their love and affection.” Geet was shocked, she was about to deny when she continued, “Nahi beta, don’t lie. I know the extent to which you miss them. But some people are too ignorant to understand certain things, don’t bother about them. God might have definitely sent someone who can give you relief.” Geet looked at her surprised by her perspective towards things. That was enough for her to open up to her slowly. By the time Savitri Devi left her in HM, they had built such rapport that no one could make with her until then.