Saaya – My Companion, my shadow…


She sat there, in the middle of the giggling girls, not registering anything that was going around her. The girls kept on commenting that her hubby will love her so much that the mehendi turned red, minutes after it touched her beautiful palm. She was too lost in her thoughts to notice all these. It was her marriage the very next day with someone whom she never even met once. There was no say for her in the marriage, not just marriage for anything in her life. Her father and brother decide everything and she had to follow. At least she was lucky to get her B-Tech degree in architectural engineering completed with the support of her mom. The marriage was decided soon after she finished her college and she as well as her mom was really helpless. The groom, she doesn’t even know his name, was a business tycoon and her father will never lose a chance to expand his business. He was coming from abroad just for the marriage and will return soon after their marriage. Only once did he call her to inform that he is marrying her only for his family’s sake and not to expect anything from him. She just accepted the fact without any hesitation. The truth was that she was a little relived. She was relived that she doesn’t have to keep the faade of a good wife at least before her hubby. She will never be able to give him anything. She lost everything to the one she loved, still love and will never stop loving. But did he know how much she loves him? Did he even know that she existed? No’ Her thoughts slowly drifted off to her past.