Part 1

IIT, Delhi

Being a brilliant student it was a cake walk for Geet to get admission in IIT, Delhi that too to her dream course. It was a relief to her being away from her commanding father and brother. She could enjoy the freedom for four years and she can pursue her dreams.

She stepped into the campus and watched people around her. She did find it odd to find her alone in traditional wear, rest of the girls seemed quite modern. But the fact was that nobody paid any sort of attention to her. Either they were engrossed in their talks or books.

She went to the administrative office and got the details of her class and was coming out when she bumped into someone. She thought she will hit the floor any minute but found herself in someone’s strong hold. Two strong hands held her waist. She slowly opened her eyes only to find the most handsome face she had ever seen.

Everything about him was perfect. But he seemed to be checking something else. He straightened her and took his books that had fallen down and left without giving her a chance to thank him or sparing a glance at her.

She thought it weird, she was expecting at least a comment on being so clumsy. She sighed and thought of her brother telling her a chalthi-firthi disaster. She sighed and left for her class collecting her things. But his face was still embedded in her thoughts.

She reached her class and found most of them had already become friends and were sitting with their respective partners. She searched through out and found a girl wearing spectacles sitting alone. She went near her and cleared her throat.

The girl was too engrossed in the book she was reading that she didn’t notice Geet. She slowly asked, “Ehm.. Excuse me’ Can I take the seat beside you?” The girl looked up hearing her. She smiled and told, “Of course you can.” Geet smiled and sat beside her.

She introduced first, “Hi, My name is Meera. Meera Malhotra and you are?” Geet reciprocated the sweetness in her voice and told, “I am Geet Handa.” Meera continued talking to her until the professor came for their very first lecture.

By that time both of them had become far more than just acquaintance and developed and instant liking to each other. Geet came to know that Meera is the daughter of one of the business tycoons in Delhi and her brother Ayan Malhotra is in his final semester in the same college. Geet also shared details about her family.

By lunch time, they both went together to college pantry. She saw the same guy sitting in a table along with another smart-looking guy and she pondered over whether to thank him or not. Meanwhile Meera dragged her to that table and Geet followed silently in a daze.

Meera went and hugged the other guy while he looked up and gave a small smile to her and got back to what he was doing. Geet was watching them silently when Meera called her.

She introduced the guy she hugged as her brother and introduced Geet as her new friend. They exchanged pleasantries and not even once did he look up or greeted her. She thought how rude.

After talking a little Meera and Geet went to another table and Geet noticed them leaving. That is when she noticed that every girl in the cafeteria was eying only him and he gave a damn about anyone. Why not, he was extremely handsome and his well-built features were adding to his looks.

She was brought back from her thoughts when Meera started talking. She too joined her soon. After sometime Meera told, “Geet don’t feel bad that Maan didn’t pay attention. He is like that.” Geet thought in mind, “Oh so he is Maan” and said, “Maan??

Meera told, “Oh I didn’t tell you. Bhai’s friend. He is Maan Singh Khurana. Khurana empire ke soon-to-be malik. He talks very less. As they are our family friends he talks to me. Otherwise not even care to give a single glance back to a girl. He is the topper and has an attitude to kill.”

Geet had heard the name Khurana in her father and brother’s talks and so she could imagine how big their business empire may be. But maintained a calm face as if she is unaffected and told, “No worries Meera. I really don’t care.” But she really felt that at least a “hi” could have been fine.