Part 2

In the next few days Meera and Geet became close friends and were always together. Ayan also liked Geet and was protective about her like he was to Meera. Seniors dared to rag them as they were under Ayan’s constant watch. It has become a habit that Meera and Ayan will pick Geet from hostel and drop her back. 

But something that bothered her was that whenever Maan was with him he never cared to even look at her, sometimes he excused himself from their talks. To be precise she has slowly started falling for him. Yes she was in love with the arrogant young man.

One fine day when they were coming to college, Geet noticed a girl in western clothes looking not less than a model standing near Maan and they were too engrossed in their talks. Before Geet could ask anything to Meera, she asked Ayan, “Bhai, woh Sameera hena? Maan’s fianc. Woh leave ke baad kab aayi. Mene suna tha ki woh do mahine baad hi aayega.” Ayan laughed and told, “May be she can’t stay away from Maan Singh Khurana. And almost same can be told about Maan.” 

Geet’s heart broke into pieces listening to it. So that’s why he won’t even glance at any girl. He is engaged and that too to a beautiful girl like Sameera. Then why should he look someone else. 

Meera exclaimed, “This Sameera is really something, beauty with brains. May be that’s why Maan fell for her. And Kapoor uncle seemed to be having wings after they got engaged. He was hell bend in making his daughter Khurana’s daughter-in-law. ” 

Ayan told, “I really don’t think that Sameera is as much as in love with Maan as he is. She is little crooked, sometimes unpredictable.” Meera told, “Oh come on bhai, why are we wasting our valuable time over them. Cut it here. Anyways let us go Geet.” And they left for classes. 

Geet’s whole day went thinking about Sameera and Maan. She was feeling heavy at heart. At night, she pondered over her feelings for him. It was really a love at first sight. But it is not necessary that we should get what we wish for, like the only wish her babaji granted her was her education. She decided to keep her mind calm and concentrate on her studies. She closed her eyes thinking she lost her first love even before she realized it. 

The next few days were really unbearable for Geet as she got to see the closeness between Maan and Sameera and how he cared for everything related to her. All the girls in the college envied her. The Maan Singh Khurana who never gives a glance at any girl was giving his full attention to her. 

Geet decided to take him out of her thoughts and concentrate on her curriculum and she succeeded in it. She was the topper in her batch. Her innocence, simplicity and unselfish nature were like an extra topping of a cake. Her batch mates admired her. 

The year went fast and it was time for the final year’s to say “Good Bye” to the college. Even though Geet was really depressed that Maan was leaving she thought it may be for better. At least she can keep herself away from his thoughts if he is not here. She learned from Meera that he is going to do MBA from Haward and join family business and Ayan and Sameera too was planning to join the same. 

She shrugged off her thoughts when Meera came with a twinkling face. She saw a glow in Meera’s face and understood it has something to do with her would-be even though they were not officially engaged. 

She told, “Geet, guess what? Who is coming for the farewell?” Geet smiled and told, “Who else? Of course my jijaji.” Meera blushed and told, “He got permission to come. You haven’t met him yet.” Geet smiled and told, “Oh ho, someone is blushing even when he is not there. What will happen when he is really here.” 

Both of them laughed and headed for home. Meera was going to be the daughter-in-law of Khuranas. She and Dev Khurana were in love for long and they were supposed to get married as soon as she finishes her studies. Geet was really happy that her friend got her love.

And the day came, the farewell party. Geet really didn’t want to go but she can’t say no to Meera also. She wore a plain white salwar suit with minimal embroidery. She wore small diamond earrings and a diamond pendant locked within a thin chain. She was looking like an angel. 

She reached little late as Meera had gone early to meet Dev and none was there to accompany her. When she entered the party hall she found most of the guys seemed to be half drunk and the girls seemed to enjoy dancing. She was not used to all these. 

As she entered the attention of most of the people in the party turned to Geet as she was looking not less than an angel. Geet found it really odd as she was seldom noticed in the college. She was very much conscious of the looks she received and she wanted to be with Meera very soon. 

She saw Meera with a handsome looking guy in the dance floor. She understood him to be Dev Khurana by the way they were dancing. She noticed that Maan who was looking ever so handsome was dancing with Sameera. In between Sameera got a call and excused herself. She saw Maan waking towards the bar. 

She went and seated in a corner of the party hall and noticed Ayan coming that way with Sameera. She greeted both of them. She had talked to Sameera a couple of times before also. 

She heard Sameera telling Ayan, “Ayan, I really need to go. It is really important. I know Maan will be mad hearing this. Please manage. ok?” Ayan assured her, “Ok I will try.” She thanked him and left bidding bye to both. 

Ayan asked Geet, “Choti, tum yaha kya kar rahi he. Come and enjoy the party. Hamesha peeche kyun baitthi ho?” Ayan held her hand and led her towards the dance floor. They danced together for sometime and Meera came and introduced Dev. They got along very quickly and Geet felt at ease with them. 

After sometime Geet announced that she is leaving. Meera wanted to drop her home but Geet told her to enjoy the party and left towards the exit.