Part 3

After sometime Geet announced that she is leaving. Meera wanted to drop her home but Geet told her to enjoy the party and left towards the exit. 

When she was about to go out a strong hand pulled her and she was pushed inside a room that seemed like a private room. She gasped in horror and turned around to find her love in a fully drunken state. 

He was staring at her like she was some fairy. He started moving towards her and she stumbled back in fear. She stopped when she felt her back hit the wall. She was glued between Maan and the wall. Maan raised his hands and she closed her eyes fearing a slap. 

But he slowly traced the features of her face with his index finger. Geet opened her eyes suddenly when she felt his touch. She couldn’t decipher what was happening until he whispered something in her ears. 

He moved forward and nuzzled her ears and whispered, “Sam, do you know how much I love you? Why is it always you run away from me whenever we get close? Are you afraid of me? Can’t you see my love for you?” 

Geet froze hearing those words. He misunderstood her to be Sam. Before he goes further she should stop him. She opened her mouth to speak but he captured her lips into a tight kiss. She struggled against his arms to break free. But his tongue forcefully entered her mouth before she could deny. Her struggles were provoking him more. 

Maan lifted her, threw her to the bed and pounced on her. She knew she had to stop him. He was not in senses and will repent once he is conscious. She struggled hard to get him off her. 

But he was too strong for her. He pinned both her hands above her head and wrapped his one leg around hers to stop her fighting. He captured her lips and started to devour her in a passion he never knew existed in him. 

She had to stop fighting eventually as he kissed her passionately. He was intense but didn’t hurt her even after being in a drunken state. When he felt her stop struggling, he released her hands and his one hand made its way towards her dori and tugged it open. 

Then his hands trailed down and opened the zipper. He pulled her up all the while not taking his lips off hers. He pushed her kurti down to her belly. He unhooked her inner and threw it aside. Geet whole body jolted when his hands started devouring her curves. He slowly left her lips and started placing kisses down to her neck, collarbone, shoulders and her bare upper body. 

Geet was loosing herself to the sheer ecstasy Maan’s hands and lips were evoking in her body. He opened the thread of her salwar and pushed it down along with her inners and kurti. His shirt and trousers along with boxers joined her clothes soon as he lay over her as bare as she was.

He started pleasuring her from head to toe with his hands and lips. He bit her gently on the sensitive areas of her body but not leaving any marks. And when he couldn’t hold himself back he parted her legs and entered her in a powerful thrust. 

The moan escaped from her was suppressed by his lips with a searing and passionate kiss. His thrusts became demanding and hard. After few vigorous thrusts he flooded into her. He lay back on the bed pulling her along with him. 

All the while Geet couldn’t think straight due to the pleasure he was evoking in her and she was too tired to think straight when both hit the climax and slept in his arms.

When she woke up after the short slumber, she had lost her most precious possession to the one she loved, the one who never loved her back. She woke up in his arms. 

She took in the sight as much as she could in her memory. She knew this might be the first and last time she could get him so close. Strangely she didn’t feel the pain of losing herself but felt contended. 

When she remembered his words, she was hit back by the reality. He is not hers and will never be. For now she doesn’t want him to go through the guilt that might be inflicted in him if he comes to know about it. 

She slowly freed herself from his embrace and got up. Her dress laid there abandoned in the floor. Fortunately he didn’t tear it. She cleaned herself and got dressed. She saw blood stains over him and on the sheet. 

She took the sheet slowly moving him sideways and cleaned up the stains on him reluctantly. She dressed him up fully and left the bed sheet in the laundry bin. She gave him a final glance and left the place. All the while she was holding the tears that were waiting to be spilled out from her eyes.

Maan was in a fit after Ayan told Sameera has left. She always used to find her ways out whenever they come close. At first he thought it was out of shyness and later he found that she was more than free with her other guy friends. Sometimes he even felt that she doesn’t love him but thought of giving her some time. 

In his anger he didn’t notice how much drinks he had taken in. He almost tripped while getting up. He knew that he can’t go home like that. So he asked the manager for a private room. The manager handed over him the key and left. 

He opened the door and was about to get in when a gush of wind passed by him. He turned and saw Geet. He was out of his conscious mind and felt it to be Sameera and pulled her in. Then nothing registered in his mind. 

Morning when Maan woke up he felt light at head even though most of the times he got drank he will be suffering from a strong headache. He looked around and found himself on the bed in the same party attire. He remembered last night and vowed he should show Sameera her place. 

No memory related to Geet was anywhere in his mind and the place was clean and tidy all thanks to Geet. He left for home after making payment for the room. As no one saw Geet they haven’t suspected anything.

Meanwhile Geet locked up herself in the bathroom and was crying her heart out. Her roommate had thankfully left for her hometown. She had called Meera and informed that she reached safely and slept due to fatigue. 

Geet couldn’t think straight. What has she done? He could have stopped if she resisted strongly but she gave herself to the man who doesn’t even know that she existed, who never gave her even a glance. Geet felt hatred for her own self. 

She sat below the shower for hours and got out finally when she felt her whole body shivering. She changed into dry clothes and went to bed. She hugged the comfy and closed her eyes. 

Meera came for picking her up and was continuously knocking the door. But hearing no response, she went to the warden and opened the door with the spare key. Once the door was opened she saw Geet snuggled inside her comfy. 

She went near her and touched her palm to call her but instantly withdraw her hand feeling the heat radiated from her skin. She panicked and called Geet but she was not responding. She immediately called Ayan and both of them took her to hospital. She was given drips and injection for reducing the fever and Meera took care of her the whole day. 

Geet regained consciousness by the end of the day. Meera was damn angry and it took a lot of time to pacify her. She denied her staying in hostel and told she will stay with her. 

Meera had even called her papa and informed her regarding her condition. He didn’t have any objections in her staying with them as Meera’s dad was one of his business acquaintances and thought that this will give him a chance to get more close to him than a mere acquaintance.