Part 4

She never met Maan after that incident as their classes had finished and he was busy preparing for finals and his higher studies abroad. She came to know from Meera that Sam broke up with him as she was already in love with some movie actor. Also she won’t be going with him for higher studies as she already started her career in modeling. 

Somewhere she felt contended but still it doesn’t guarantee any chance for her. She mocked her thoughts, a chance with Maan Singh Khurana. To keep herself away from his thoughts she concentrated more on her studies and she was successful to a great extend. She finally topped the whole batch with the highest GPA after Maan. 

Her happiness knew no bounds. There was another reason for her happiness, Maan was returning home. As Ayan and Maan were together she got to know everything about Maan. After the break-up with Sameera, he had developed a strong hatred for all women. 

And he had taken over Khurana Constructions, London Branch, together with his studies and  reached such heights a businessman could ever dream off in a very short period. She wanted to have a single glance of him. 

She was eagerly waiting for his arrival. But alas it was short lived when her mom informed that she has to return home and her marriage has been fixed. She had no option than to leave as she knew if not her brother won’t spare her. 


Handa Haveli 

And here she is sitting in the middle of the ladies waiting for her to-be in-laws. She heard someone telling that they have come and she looked up and noticed that a beautiful young girl along with an elegant old lady coming near her with a smile. She smiled back on a reflex. 

She could relate the old lady somewhere with Maan. She shrugged off and thought, ” Geet, you have gone insane that everything you are seeing relates to him.” The lady came and sat beside her. The girl, Annie was his sister and the lady, Savitri Devi his dadi. 

She mocked herself, he, who she hasn’t seen yet. They got along very well and she could feel the warmth in their gestures. Annie told, “Geet, tumne bro se nahi mila hena. I will call him.” Geet thought, ” He is here? But we were not supposed to meet before marriage.” 

Like reading her thoughts dadi told, “Geet bte, Annie uski younger bro ke bare mein baath kar rahi thi.” Geet was embarrassed for being caught and gave a nervous smile to dadi. She soon heard Annie and looked the direction to get the greatest shock in her life. 

Dev came and told, “Hi Geet bhabhi.” Geet looked at him with her jaw open. Dev studied her for sometime and told, “Don’t tell me that you don’t know that you are going to get married to Maan Singh Khurana.” Geet was too shocked to react. 

Dev waved his hands near her eyes and brought her back from reverie. She heard someone giggling behind and saw Meera and Ayan standing behind Dev. Meera came and hugged her tight and told, “Oh Geet, I don’t know how happy I’m. We are going to be together forever.” Annie told, “Kyun Meera bhabhi, dono shaadi ek saath ho jaye?” Meera blushed and looked down. All these were too much for Geet to sink in. 

After sometime she got Meera alone and asked, ” Meera, tell me what is all these? You know me and Maan, we never even talked to each other. Whose idea was all these?” Meera told, “Relax my dear. First of all I didn’t have any idea until Dev told me regarding this after the day you left. Or else do you think I can hide anything from you? And that is the reason why Ayan bhai and Dev haven’t told me anything.” 

Geet cut in between, ” You mean, Ayan bhai was also part of this.” Meera smiled and told, “Let me finish dear. Dadi had seen you many times with me while we went for dinner with Dev. She had talked to Dev about you and he too had the same thought in mind. They talked with Ayan bhai and he was more than happy as he always felt Maan and Sameera were fully out of place and she proved it right. 

Dadi talked with your parents and they were more than willing for an alliance with Maan Singh Khurana. The last but crucial part was Maan’s consent. Dadi talked to him and even if he was reluctant at first, he finally agreed after asking a day’s time. So now you are going to be Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana and my jetani. I am so happy dear. You both will make a perfect couple.” 

Geet sighed sadly. Only she knows the real reason why he agreed for the marriage. The one day was for calling her and striking a deal with her, a marriage deal. Not to expect anything from him as a husband and be a good daughter-in-law. But she was happy that she was going to be the wife of the man she loves. She won’t expect him to love her back but she can be with him for a lifetime as his wife, as his shadow even though he won’t acknowledge it.