Geet Handa

Bubbly, chirpy, gorgeous young girl aged 22. Youngest Handa, apple of eye of the whole family. Belongs to a family of land lords in Hoshiyarpur. Her parents and brothers live in Delhi where they run their export business. Her father and brothers never denies her anything, her wish is their command. The only person whom she had to take scolding is her mother due to her over-protective nature. Very much open-minded and talkative. Nobody refuses to talk to her once they start and will get immediately fond of her. Reflects a positive energy around her and people feels at ease with her. Because of her nature, she had innumerable number of friends. She has a group of besties as she calls them, her friends from her school days, they did schooling and college together, a group of perfect friends as she imply them. Completed her B-Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Likes to be independent and is in search of a job despite her mom’s persuasion to do MBA and join their family business along with her brothers.

Maan Singh Khurana

Arrogant, rude, angry young man aged 29 with features that make girls go gaga over him. Perfect physique and extremely handsome. His words speak power and authority and people automatically follow him once he speaks. Belongs to the Royal family from Jaipur, who are currently settled in Delhi, the Khuranas. Power and money are his inheritance, but he is a man who built his own empire, Khurana Corporation after his graduation in B-Tech, Electronics and Communication from IIT and MBA from Harvard. In a matter of three years after foundation, KC was one of the best companies in India and now among the top-level companies throughout the world with branches all over the world. Extremely rude and arrogant to the world outside, pays no heed to the girls who swoon around him. But has a different attitude all together when it comes to his family. Loves and respects his parents and dadima. Extremely protective about his siblings. Treats everyone else with a considerable distance and never allows anyone else to get closer. Don’t believe in any relationships other than his family.

Geet’s family

Tejinder/Teji Handa

Geet’s elder brother, her Teji veerji aged 28, single, handsome and arrogant to some extent. Handles the export business of Handa’s. Very protective and caring towards Geet.

Luckwinder/Lucky Handa

Geet’s younger brother, her Lucky veerji, aged 25, single, handsome, jovial and full of life. Helps Teji with their family business. Geet’s partner in mischief, always helps her from ma’s scolding but extremely protective and caring towards her just like Teji.

Mohinder and Rano Handa

Geet’s parents. Mohinder is the son of Sukhdev Handa who is the surpanch of Hoshiyarpur. He shifted toDelhiafter starting the export business after marrying Rano. Currently relaxing after handing over the business to his sons. Loves and cares for Geet the most, she is papa’s sweet heart. Her wish is always his command. Never denies her anything and knows how sensible his daughter is. Rano is a doting mother and wife. She gets tensed only when it comes to Geet due to her carefree attitude and bubbly nature in her words. Wants to always keep her within the protection of her brothers but Geet always manages to find her way. Extremely caring and loving towards her children.

Maan’s family

Dev Khurana

Second of Khurana siblings. Charming, handsome, little flirty but good at heart aged 27. Helps Raj Khurana in their family business with Khurana Industries. MD of Khurana Communications. Loves and respects Maan and always looks upon him.

Naintara Khurana

Wife of Dev, belongs to the Royal family of Rathods. Beautiful, little proud and arrogant but good at heart. Vice chairman of Khurana Communications. Holds respect to her in-laws especially Maan. Friendly with Annie and Vicky.

Vikrant/Vicky Khurana

Younger Khurana, handsome, charming, jovial and flirty aged 22. Just completed his B-Tech in Electronics and Communication and planning to join Maan after doing MBA. Good-at-heart and joker as called by Annie. Loves and respects his family and will do anything for the happiness of his siblings.

Anwesha/Annie Khurana

Beautiful, arrogant, rude, youngest and most pampered Khurana aged 20. Baby doll of Maan, he does anything for her, so does others. Doing second year of MBBS, aspires to be a gynecologist. Nobody goes against her wishes even if she gets demanding. Cares very less of what others think about her. Loves her parents, dadima, brothers and sister-in-law very much. Secretly in love with Arjun Rathod, Naintara’s brother.

Raj and Veera Khurana

Maan’s mom and dad, royalty oozes out in every act of them. Always keeps the dignity ahead of anything. Loves and cares for their children, but looks upon Maan always as their pride. Respects dadima and never denies her decisions. Good-at-heart but never compromises their stances.

Savitri Devi Khurana

Maan’s dadima. The matriarch of the Royal bloodline of Khuranas. Gorgeous young lady at her early sixties. Maan is her favorite child out of all her grandchildren and wants to get him married to someone who can change his attitude towards others.

Geet’s Friends

Meera Mehra

Geet’s bestie right from her kinder garden days. Same age as Geet. They both are inseparable. It was a unwritten agreement between them that wherever one goes, the other follows. Related to Geet’s mother and is from Hoshiyarpur. Currently working in Bangalore after completing her graduation. In love with Yash and soon to get engaged.

Yash Agarwal

Geet’s rightful partner in all her mischievous tasks. Been there with them since school days. Hails from family of businessmen and extremely rich. Jovial, charming and handsome. Currently working in Bangalore in the same company as Meera. In love with Meera and to get engaged soon. Always tries to keep Geet, Meera and Pari away from strangers and keeps an eye on them being fiercely protective.

Rehan Malhotra

The silent member of their gang. Studious and very much devoted to his friends. Belongs to a middle class family. Geet is the only person who can bring him to talk and he adores her for her nature. Working in Bangalore.

Rahul Chopra

Bade bhai of their gang. Handsome and little serious in nature. Always keeps a protective stance over others. Senior to others of the gang by two years. Even though he was not there all the time with them, their friendship was intact. His family are family friends of Handas. Currently taking care of his family business from their Bangalore office. Secretly loves Geet, but keeps it aside due to the fear of rejection.

Pari Singhania

The most jovial person of the group. Gorgeous, bubbly, vivacious young girl belongs to the Royal family of Singhanias. Family friends of Khuranas. A die-hard admirer and fan of Maan Singh Khurana, her Mr.Dreamy. She and Geet together often lands on trouble but friends will always be there to protect them. Aspires to join KC and is currently looking for a job along with Geet.

Vivek Wadwa

The flirt of their gang. Handsome, charming, jovial. Belongs to a Royal family of Patiala. Secretly loves Pari but since he knows about her craze for Maan, keeps quiet. Been with them since school days. Always protective when it comes to Geet and loves her like a little sister. Joined their family business after graduation and shifted to Bangalore office as his friends are there.

Maan’s Office Staff

Adithya Malik

Right hand of Maan Singh Khurana aged 28. The CFO of Khurana Corporation. The only man whom MSK trusts beyond his family. Loyal and hard-working.

Sasha Shergil

Regional Manager for all Indian offices of Khurana Corporation. Proud, arrogant lady aged 27. Admires MSK and wants to marry him but Maan pays no heed to her except for work. She has done extremely well in her post and MSK trusts her with her work.

Pinky Manchanda

MSK’s office assistant in theirBangaloreoffice. Old friend and distant relative of Geet. Bubbly, innocent girl who is totally a foodie.

More will be revealed as story progresses.