Part 10

After Geet joined Malhotra Group, something was constantly disturbing Maan. Eventhough he tried hard not to accept, it was the fact that Geet started working somewhere else was bothering him.

He decided to keep hold of his mind and it increased the time he spent in Gym, furiously working out. Geet had noticed this but she could only figure out that he was angry. But angry at what? She couldn’t understand.

She was not bothering him with her presence and business also seemed to go smooth. Then why was he so furious? She remembered Pari’s words. May be he is angry about something. She contemplated whether to ask him or not and decided it will be better not to ask. 

Maan still was not fully convinced about Geet’s intentions. He couldn’t understand why Geet was close to Ayan and Meera and why is Ayan favoring Geet. He didn’t like it and convinced himself that he was worried for his friend and couldn’t admit the slight pang of jealousy. 

But as always he was proved wrong once again. One day while returning from office he saw everyone chatting away in the living room with Ayan and Meera. They used to pay visits often to KM after Geet came. He joined them after getting fresh. He preferred to be away from the discussions and concentrated on reading some business news. 

After some casual talks dadima asked Geet, “Geet beta, aap college kab join kar rahi he. Aap ne aapka post-graduation kisme karne ko socha he?” Maan thought, “Oh so she is a graduate.” 

His thoughts were interrupted by Geet’s reply, “Meine abhi tak decide nahi kiya dadima. Meera, tumne kya socha he?” Meera seemed less interested. 

She told, “Geet, mein aage padna nahi chahthi ho.. Ab tho kaam bhi kar rahi hona? Aur..” Annie finished the rest for Meera, “Aur ab tho mujhe shaadi karni he aur Dev ke saath settle hona he.” Meera blushed to a deep shade of red and all others broke into laughter. 

Ayan told, “What more can I expect from my lazy sister. When she joined the same stream as mine, I thought at least she can help me in business. But yeh tho sab se zyaada lazy bum nikli.” Meera pouted and he continued, “Dev, tum bhi yeh mat sochna ki yeh tumhe business mein help karega. Lazy bum..”

Meera lost her cool and took the pillow and chased Ayan who started running by then. All laughed at the cute fight between the bro-sis duo. 

Geet thought about her relation with her own brother. She was never even allowed to tell a word before him. Everytime it was like he will command she will obey. 

Ayan sat near Geet after their cat fight. Ayan told, “Geetu, tum apna plans mat badalna. Do your masters in business administration, then you can help me in business too.. Waise Maan don’t need anyone help. Right?” and winked at dadi. 

Dadi understood his gesture and added fuel to it. “Kyun nahi, waise hamari Geet beti ka talents waste karne ko nahi he.” 

Maan was fuming inside even though it was not visible in his face. He looked at Geet who smiled and told, “Tik he. Jaise aap sab tik samjhe.” Ayan side hugged her and told, “That is like my little sister. Dekha Lazy bum.” 

Meera retorted, “Han mujhe pata he. Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagtha he ki yeh Geet ke bhai zyaada he aur mera kam” and giggled. Everyone smiled. 

It took sometime for Maan to register the words Ayan and Meera told. “Bhai?? Sister?? Oh she again proved me wrong.. How can I even think of my friend and her like that?” He was agitated at Geet for confusing him like hell. He silently left from there. 

They continued their talks. Ayan suggested Geet to take up evening classes as it won’t affect work also. So it was decided that Geet will join the next batch for MBA and it won’t be difficult to get admission as she was topper in IIT. 

The week went fast for both as Maan was very busy with his meetings and new ventures and Geet with her designs for the new project. There was no interaction between them and both kept themselves busy to avoid any thoughts of the other. 

As the day of presentation was nearing Geet was getting nervous but kept her cool. The day before the presentation she wanted to get a glimpse of him before she could face him as Geet Handa. 

He was surprised to see her in the bedroom and understood she wanted to tell something. He asked her, “Geet, do you want to tell something?” She was not expecting this and stammered, “Umm.. No.. not actually..” He thought may be it was not important and told “Goodnight” and left to study. 

Geet murmered, “Hey babaji, yeh kya hogaya. Mein usse batana chahthi thi ki kal mere unke office mein presentation he aur kuch bhi keh nahi paya. Uff Geet.. tum tho bikul jhalli ho” After her self-talk she went to sleep hoping she won’t disappoint him.