Part 11

Next day, she reached office earlier and gave a mock presentation to the group. Yash was highly impressed and the group congratulated her. They were sure that this time Maan Singh Khurana is going to be impressed. 

Ayan came and she left to KC with Ayan and Yash. When she entered KC premises her heart gave a sommersault. She knew he was there. The receptionist Pinky welcomed them and called MSK’s secretary Preeti who escorted them to the conference room. 

She gave Geet a genuine smile and Geet got fond of her very soon. She mentioned MSK is having a discussion with Sasha regarding a new project and will join them in few minutes. Ayan thanked her and they continued to discuss about the designs till they heard footsteps outside.

Maan was feeling light hearted since morning. He seemed to be a good mood from morning and the staff was really surprised as it is very rare that his mood was good. 

Sasha took this opportunity to get close to him in pretense of discussing a new project and he obvious to her ministrations was fully concentrated on the project. Sasha cursed having the presentation today as she couldn’t spend much time with MSK when Preeti informed them about their arrival. 

Maan entered first, Sasha and Adithya followed him. Maan was quite surprised to see Geet sitting between Yash and Ayan. He thought, “What is she doing here? And she seems different. May be she wanted to discuss this yesterday.” He brushed off his thoughts and greeted them. 

Sasha was not happy to see a female who seemed pretty even in the simple salwar suit she wore and what made her mad was that MSK noticed her which was uncommon. 

After all were seated Yash went near the projector and started with the presentation essentials and told that the design will be presented by our new Junior Architect, Ms. Geet Handa. 

Maan got two shocks together. “Junior Architect?? How come she is an architect? And Ms. Geet Handa?? She wanted to hide her identity? Why she would?” 

He noticed that she is not wearing sindoor or mangalsutra. It hurt him but then he never treated her as his wife and none knew who is Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. He felt bad that he knew nothing about her. 

He concentrated in the presentation once she started. To say it was good will be a under statement, it was brilliant. None of his best architects could present a design like what she did.

He noticed Ayan and Yash. He could see how proud they were for her. She finished the presentation and got ready for questions. 

Sasha was fuming seeing the appreciation in MSKs eyes. How could a junior architect give such a presentation? She knew it was perfect but she didn’t want to admit. She started many questions even though many were irrelevant. But Geet answered all calmly. 

Adithya aka Adi also was very much impressed by Geet. Now it was Maan’s turn to ask questions.

Geet even though nervous, gave the presentation at her best. She knew from Maan’s looks that he was impressed and her nervousness went away with that. She answered Sasha’s intimidating questions confidently which she knew was out of jealousy. 

But when it was Maan’s turn to ask questions the nervousness was once again back. He asked few questions and she replied confidently even though his queries were quite pointed and difficult. Now she understood why it is difficult to please him. 

Finally he nodded in agreement and voiced his approval for the design. Ayan and Maan discussed about the further proceedings for the project. 

Meanwhile Sasha asked out of jealousy, “Yash, you know how important the project is. Then why you took the risk of giving the project to a new junior architect who may not even have experience dealing with these projects?” 

Even though Maan didn’t like the way Sasha spoke, he wanted to know what compelled Ayan to give her the project. 

Ayan replied, “Sasha, sometimes experience won’t bring the confidence we have for a person. And I don’t think I could have trusted someone more than the topper of IIT Delhi with highest GPA after Maan Singh Khurana.”

Shocked wouldn’t be the right word to describe about how Sasha felt was. It took quite sometime for her to regain her composure. Adi was surprised and his respect for Geet increased with that. 

Even though Maan’s face didn’t show any emotion but he was actually more than shocked. Maan thought, how could he underestimate her? He has always thought her to be someone who never was any way a match to him. But she was everything that he never thought her to be. 

Putting the puzzles together he understood she is the same friend of Meera who used to be with her always, whom he never gave a glance. How he regretted it.. Now he understood why they were so friendly to her. 

But why he was feeling so elated, so contented and proud for her. Their relation was just a deal, a mutual agreement. He was now sure that she knew Sameera and she used to talk to her. Then why she agreed for this marriage? 

He was puzzled again. He decided not to talk to her now. He was leaving the coming Sunday to London and it will give him enough time to think and sort out the mess in his life.