Part 12

Once the deal was signed, everyone except Sasha and Maan congratulated Geet and left the conference room. Sasha too left along with them giving an annoying glance at Geet. 

Maan and Geet were left in the room. Geet was collecting the files tensed about what Maan will tell. Maan was noticing her every move and understood she was uncomfortable being alone with him. 

Being little clumsy she dropped some files in the ground. She bent to get the files and collided with Maan who moved simultaneously to help her. They rubbed their foreheads and asked together, “Aap tik tho hena?” “Are you alright?” 

Geet smiled and unknowingly a smile crept Maan’s face, may be after years. But he regained his composure soon with the grim look and stood up. 

He paused and told, “Your presentation was good“, before leaving. Geet was overjoyed. First he smiled, and then he gave her a compliment. It was more than what she could have asked for. She collected the files and joined Ayan and Yash who were waiting for her outside.

Maan was getting confused with his own behavior towards Geet. He definitely needed some time to sort out everything. The design was going to be presented to the client on Friday and he was leaving toLondonafter that. Dadi has given him an ultimatum to return back in two weeks time. He sighed and got back to his work.

Geet was happy and contented with the days’ events. At least he accepted her talent, if not her. Her tensions regarding them working together was far gone. Her happiness reflected in everything she did afterwards. Ayan and Meera noticed her change and were really happy for her. But they never knew it was just a figment of the happiness they thought of.

Days passed by again with absolutely no change in their routine or interactions. The clients were very much impressed by the design and the deal was signed. 

The day before his departure, Maan asked Nakul to pack all his necessary things he listed and warned him not to miss out anything as he has an early morning flight toLondon. 

Nakul wondered why he was asking him. He went to Geet and told about it. She just brushed off his concern telling that he was angry in the morning with her. She promised to take care of everything and not to worry about it. 

Maan was out to complete some pending work and Geet went to their room for packing. She started packing without knowing that Maan was standing near the door watching her.

Maan had come back to take a necessary file and saw her in their room. He noticed that she was packing things. He first thought she is going somewhere but then he realized she is packing for him. 

He was about to go and ask her why she had to do all these when he saw her opening his cupboard. He waited to see how she will do things as he needed. She did everything exactly how he liked it to be. 

He couldn’t understand how she knows his likes and dislikes. He just stood there watching her until he heard someone coming up. He moved towards the curtains so that no one could see him. 

He saw Nakul going inside their room and asking about making his lunch. Why is Nakul asking about his lunch to her? He heard her telling him that packing is done and she is coming down to prepare lunch. 

He couldn’t comprehend what was going on there. She making his lunch, packing his belongings, taking care of every need of his? Why should she do all these when they are not sharing a normal husband-wife relation? Is it for the family’s sake? No. It can’t be. He knew dadima will never allow her to do any household work if possible. Then why? 

She is an enigma for him. The more he knows about her, the more he is getting confused. What is her intension? If it was to get a hold of his heart then she could have done all these directly making her claim. 

But ever since their marriage, she did everything for him without his knowledge. What she gains from all these? What more is waiting for him? The week was a total shocker for him. But out of all the things he never expected her to do something for him. He just couldn’t understand her. He decided to think over it after he reaches London. He saw her leaving with Nakul and went to study to collect the file.