Part 13

Geet was really disturbed by the fact that she can’t see him for the next two weeks. It is not that he ever acknowledged her presence unless required but being near him gave her a strange comfort and now she has to bear the loneliness for next two weeks. 

Her heart cried to go and talk to him once before he left, but what will she talk. She knew he won’t listen to anything unless he felt it was important, like the way he walked away on the day before the presentation without even listening to what she has to tell. 

No. She can’t talk to him. Everything is going smooth and she didn’t want it to mess up. She controlled her urge and concentrated on making his lunch.

Maan spend most of the time outside home as he didn’t want to think about her. He was back only at the time of dinner. All were waiting for him to have dinner as he won’t be there for the next few days. 

During dinner, dadima and Dev talked about giving the responsibility of theLondonbranch to Vikrant Khurana, Maan’s cousin. Annie was quiet as usual and Geet looked lost. 

After dinner, he left to their room and went to study. He was tired and needed to take a nap before catching the early morning flight. As soon as he closed his eyes, Geet’s gloomy face flashed before him. 

He thought, “Why she appeared lost? Is it because he is leaving? Why should she be sad? She should be happy as she doesn’t have to pretend before others for the next two weeks. Is she genuinely trying to keep their marriage vows? No. It can’t be. When he is not at all interested in their relation why should she alone try to keep their relation intact? Is she trying to impress him and make her way to his heart and his money?” 

He was getting confused. He decided to keep it aside and went to sleep.

Geet on the other hand was very much disturbed. He didn’t come home for lunch. She had made all his favorites, when Nakul came and told that he won’t come. She was very much disappointed. 

Her day went on waiting for him. She also made dinner for him not sure whether he will have it or not. She was relieved to see him but again the thought of him going away haunted her. 

When she reached the room, she found that the lights of study are already off. She went to bed but couldn’t sleep a bit. She was wide awake when his alarm buzzed in the morning. She freshened up quickly and made her way down to make his black coffee.

Maan woke up hearing the alarm and decided to sleep a little more. He woke up after sometime and went to their room to freshen up. 

When he entered the room, he noticed she was not there and his dress was ready in the bed. He knew she might have done it but then where is she? He had only half an hour time to get ready and he went to take shower. 

He saw Nakul entering the room with his black coffee when he came out. He told that the luggage is placed on the car and driver has already come. 

He thought, “Oh! So she went to make coffee.” He felt good. It was a perfect start for the day. He dressed up and went down. He saw a sleepy Annie and Dev with dadima and Geet waiting down for him. 

He looked at her once. She seemed devoid of sleep. May be she didn’t sleep well. But more than that there was a shadow of sadness all over her face. He hugged dadima, Annie and Dev and bid bye to them. They left to their rooms to give some privacy to the couple. 

Geet looked at him and wished him a nice journey. He nodded and told, “Take care” before turning to leave. Geet was too stunned as the words registered in her head. “Take care?” She never expected that from him. He was never bothered about her since their marriage. Then why? May be just for a formality. She shrugged it off and went to catch some sleep. 

Maan was confused as to why he told take care to her. He rushed to the car without waiting for any response from her. He thought over it and convinced himself that it was just for a formality.

Through out his journey all Maan could think was Geet. He finally got fed up and dozed off in the flight, which was not common for him. Air hostess had to slightly shake him to wake up. He was little embarrassed and was angry at Geet for the change that she brought in him. 

He reached the mansion inLondon. It was his solace, where he made up his mind to never fall for anyone, where this Maan Singh Khurana emerged, the cold, ruthless business man he has become now, where he managed to sooth the heart-break he suffered once. Now he has to decide on his married life, his life partner and most importantly about his feelings for her. He informed dadima that he reached safely and decided to take a nap.

Geet was waiting the whole day for his call. She was sure that he will call dadima once he reaches there. So everytime the phone rings she will anticipate his call. 

Annie noticed her tension but couldn’t understand why she was waiting for the landline to ring while she has her own mobile as she knew Maan will call her once he reached. And after dadima got the call she seemed relieved. Annie could feel something wrong between them. She decided to ask her later.

The next week was too busy for them. Geet was assigned an additional responsibility of Chopra Industries latest venture. The project was almost in the finishing stage and needed some final design changes. As the major architects of KC and Malhotra’s were already loaded up with work, Maan and Ayan had assigned it to Geet. 

The client, Mr.Chopra was really impressed with the feedback he got about Geet’s first project. She had only two days time to finish the design and she worked day and night to finish the design properly. She can never let them down. The launch party was supposed to be held on the Friday after Maan comes back. She got two new projects to work on, both part of the joined venture, all thanks to Ayan who definitely won’t miss the chance to show Sasha her place.

Maan, on the other hand, was busy with assigning the responsibilities to Vikrant and contacting the clients to introduce him to them. So his week went pretty fast and he got absolutely no time to think about her.

It was Saturday morning and he was sitting in the terrace garden sipping his black coffee. Two days he can relax and there are decisions to make.