Part 14

It was Saturday morning and he was sitting in the terrace garden sipping his black coffee. Two days he can relax and there are decisions to make. For that he has to start with the past which he never wanted to remember. But Geet being part of his past, he couldn’t help from reliving the memories.

He remembered the meek, clumsy girl who fell into his arms the very first day of his last year in IIT, even though he never noticed her face. It was easier to guess that she was the same girl when Meera introduced her to Ayan as none except her used to come dressed in those typical salwar suits that too plain ones. 

He had felt someone’s eyes on him every time Meera came to meet them and he was sure that it was hers. As he knew the effect he had on women he just brushed it off thinking her as one of his female admirer. He knew that Ayan was very protective about her as he was for Meera. 

He never believed woman so easily, so he was not ready to digest Ayan being close to some female friend of his sister and had warned him. But Ayan told him clearly that she was not like that.

Now he understood why Ayan and Meera liked her so much. She has something in her that attracted people to her, even him as a matter of fact, that he can admit to himself now. 

He was never attracted towards any girl except Sameera. She was the biggest mistake he committed in his life. He loved her and was fully devoted to her. But till now he didn’t understand what she wanted from him or why she left him. 

If her aim was money then she could have never left him. But then it can be her career, modeling, for which Vivek is definitely the best choice. He knew that her father was against her relation with Vivek and refused to acknowledge their relation till now. The chapter of Sameera was closed then and he doesn’t feel for her anymore except for the immense hatred in his mind.

Geet will definitely be friendly with Sameera. He remembers Sameera mentioning of Meera’s friend as a sweet girl. So there must be at least a friendly relation between them. Then there are very less chances for Geet to have some feelings for him as he knew Sameera never got close to his female admirers.

Then what compelled her to make a decision to marry him? He hoped that she will refuse to get married when he told his concerns. But she accepted it without any reluctance. Why?? Her reply was really confusing, what the hell she meant by telling that it was the best for her, may be she was afraid of his brother, or she had a secret crush on him, or she was behind his money, or what else?? 

First he thought her to be a naive, village girl as he heard the Handa family belonged to Hoshiyarpur and she obviously might have studied there. He never acknowledged their relation even after marriage, he seldom talked to her that too if it was necessary. 

But she never complained, instead he always surprised him. First with her attitude towards him, and his family, especially Annie and dadima, then with her intelligence, the way she handled her very first project, the way she carried herself, simple and gracious. 

She always respected his decision and never tried to intrude his private space, but took care of his needs unknown to him. She is not gaining anything from all these. She seems not interested in his money till now. He had never seen her wearing anything costly, whether it is jewels or clothes. He had seen her wardrobe flooded with expensive dresses from dadima, Annie and Meera. 

But she always kept it simple. She was down to earth and kind towards others. He noticed how she kept a smooth relation with Nakul and Ramukaka. From the looks they gave her, he knew they really adored her.

And then Ayan and Meera, they knew her from so long and Dev also seems to know her well. He knew they definitely have some role in his marriage. Ayan was always against his relation with Sameera and used to tell that he is missing the real gem with his ignorance. Was he hinting about Geet? Is it that she loved him? No it is not possible. If so she would have made some advances towards him. She was always uncomfortable and nervous being alone with him. She may be just fulfilling the duties of a wife being a traditional girl she is. 

She never did anything purposely to attract him towards her, but he was unknowingly getting attracted towards her like a moth is attracted to fire, better he will make sure that he won’t get burned. 

He decided to talk to her once regarding her intentions. As they are going to work together, he will get to know her better. If she is what he expected her to be then she will have to face Maan Singh Khurana at all his glory. Till now he had totally ignored her presence. But now onwards he will watch every movement of hers to know her motive. He can’t easily trust the intentions of Brij Handa’s sister, how ever innocent she appeared to be.

He got back to work with the determination of knowing the person who is his wife. But not even once it crossed his mind to give a chance to their relation. His heart was sealed for any such soft feelings and it was really hard to make him open up. He wanted to clear his doubts regarding her and make sure that she is no threat to his family.

It didn’t occur to him that if she is really innocent, why should she spend the whole life with a man with whom she can’t even expect a little love. For his luck, Geet never had any expectations from him. She was happy to just be his wife, to have a family who loved and respected her, to have a brother who adorned her, to have a friend who never left her side.