Part 15

The next one week went good for Maan as he could settle things inLondonand hand over the responsibility to Vikrant. Besides his mind was in peace after the decision he made. He had to extend the stay to few more days for dealing with some important matters. 

He knew he will have a busy schedule once he got back. His flight was scheduled on Thursday night fromLondonand he had to attend the party held by Mr.Chopra on Friday. Preeti had scheduled some of his meetings in the weekend also. So he is going to have a hectic schedule for atleast two-three weeks.

Meanwhile Geet was having a hard time away from him. She never desired anything from him. But being near him was a relief for her. She was missing his presence in the dinner table, their room, his scent while getting his clothes ready, missing him very badly. She took one shirt which he rarely used and kept it with her to feel him around.

She never thought of how their life would be until she happened to be in a conversation with Annie and Meera. The date for Dev-Meera’s wedding was decided by the family and was in three months time. They both were to get engaged officially the Sunday after Maan’s arrival. 

Annie was teasing Meera while Geet went to see them. 

Annie told, “Geet bhabhi, dekho na yeh kitna sharma rahi he. Kab se Dev bhai ke saath waqt bita rahi he aur jab bhi mein in dono ko milake kuch kehthi ho tho aisi sharmati he jaise Dev bhai ko yeh kal pehli baar mila he aur dekhte dekhte pyaar hogaya.” 

Geet smiled while Meera retorted, “Tum abhi nahi samjhegi. Jab tumhe pyaar ho jayega tab hum bhi dekhte he tum kitna sharmati he.” 

Annie laughed and told, “Mein aur sharmana.. Kabhi nahi. Shayad woh sharmate honge mujhe dekhkar.” And all the three burst into laughter. 

They had a talk regarding the engagement arrangements after that. Annie noticed that Geet was little gloomy after Maan left. Even though she shrugged it off as something normal, she had noticed how anxious Geet was daily by night when Maan calls dadima. 

She will wait for dadima to tell about his whereabouts to Annie and smile when dadima asks her about it as if she knows everything. Annie had started doubting whether Maan is calling her and if everything is alright between them since then.

She knew Geet won’t give away much if she asked her. So she decided to try another way. She asked, “Waise Meera to-be-bhabhi,” Meera hit her arm and Annie continued with a smile, “Tum aur dev bhai humesha openly romance karte rehte ho. Lekin meine kabhi Maan bhai aur bhabhi ko romance tho kya subke saamne baat karthe hue bhi nahi dekha he. Dono humesha kaam ke baare mein hi baat karthe ho. Mujhe lagtha he bhai ke saath milke bhabhi bhi unke jaise hi bangayi he. Kyun bhabhi?” 

Geet smiled but Annie noticed the hidden pain in her smile. It was not bright as it used to be. Annie continued, “Waise bhabhi, mujhe aaj bhi yekin nahi horaha he ki Maan bhai ne finally shaadi karli. Woh tho itna stubborn tha ki shaadi ke naam sunte hi gussa ho jathe the. Aapne kya jaadu karliya usme?” 

Meera supported her, “Ha, bolona Geet.” Geet was feeling bad for lying to them and told, “Aisa kuch nahi he. Agar meri jagah koi aur hota tho bhi woh shaadi kar letha. Shayad Sameera ke baad usse thoda waqt chahiye hoga. Isliye shaadi karne se mana kiya hoga.” Meera and Annie’s face fell at the mention of Sameera. 

They quickly diverted the topic as none wanted to talk regarding Sameera. Annie decided not to push her further and thought it may have something to do with Sameera. She hated her from the very beginning and now loathed her for still being the reason of the unhappiness prevailed between her bhai and bhabhi.

Geet excused herself and went to their room. She closed the door and went to sit in the bed. She thought about their life. Where it is going? She has no idea. 

Her life revolves around him. She never thought anything beyond him. Her job and studies were ways to keep herself busy. If it had been the same Geet who she was before meeting him, then she would be at the happiest person in the world. She never had any high expectations regarding her married life. After falling in love with him, she even lost her will to get married. 

After that fateful day she really wished if she could leave alone for the rest of her life. She dreaded getting pregnant after that, but by God’s grace that didn’t happen. If something like that happened, she can’t think what his brother and father would have done. After that she never kept hopes on anything. She was happy with whatever she got. 

When her marriage was fixed, she was devastated. How can she betray someone who had high hopes of his wife? But his call relieved her from that burden. And when she came to know that it is him, her happiness knew no bounds. She was happy and contented with her life. 

She thought, “Was my decision right? Why haven’t I thought that his family wants him to be happy? But with me, will he be happy ever? He never noticed me in the college. He may not even know that I am the same friend of Meera. If someone else was there in my place, he could have thought of forgetting Sameera and starting a new life. 

I am happy and contended with my life doesn’t mean that he too will be so. I have to talk to him. If he is willing to move forward in his life forgetting Sameera then I should move from his way. My parents won’t force me into a marriage if something like that happens. And Brij Veerji may never accept me back to the family. 

I can find some job and live on my own. I can’t betray the family who gave me so much respect and love. If his attitude towards marriage has changed then there would be someone who is a perfect match for him. For that I can convince others too. I have to do it before it is too late.” 

Even though the thought of being away from him was dreadful for her, she could only think of his happiness. She decided to talk to him once he was back from London.