Part 16

The next few days passed slowly for both Maan and Geet. Maan wanted to wind up the things soon and go back as he was really anxious to talk to her, where as each passing day brought a new fear and pain in Geet’s heart, the pain of going away from him. 

Maan winded up his meeting early and so he pre-poned his tickets back toIndia. He decided to give a surprise visit to dadima, but it had an utter motive of knowing her without pretense. He reached early morning by 4.30 and Nakul was surprised to see him. He told him to not inform anyone and he will meet all in the breakfast table. 

He went to their room and noticed that it was closed from inside. He always carried a spare key of his room but was not sure whether she has locked it from inside. After some thought, he decided to open the door and entered the room. 

He noticed that the bedside lights were on and heard the sound of shower from bathroom and concluded that she was there. He was about to leave to study when something in their bed caught his attention. It was his light blue shirt which he seldom used to wear. It was wrinkled. He went and picked it up thinking what it was doing in the bed when the bathroom door opened. 

He raised his head and stood there dumbfounded. She came out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel with the long wet hair spread over her body. He just couldn’t take his eyes from her. She was a sight to behold in memory. Her curvaceous body was prompting him to do things that he could have otherwise not imagined. 

Geet had a sleepless night and decided to take a shower early morning. She forgot to take her change of clothes in her state of mind and wrapped a towel around and came out after having shower. As the door was locked and Maan was supposed to come the next day she hasn’t expected anyone in the room. 

She went towards her closet and took her clothes not noticing Maan. She turned back to change when she saw Maan looking her intently. She was shocked to see him. She clenched her clothes to her chest and rushed to the bathroom mumbling a sorry to him. 

She closed the door and inhaled sharply. His intense burning gaze filled with passion and desire reminded her of the fateful day. Those eyes held the same passion as that day. She was embarrassed to the core. 

She thought, “What he might have thought of me? But how come he is here today? He was supposed to come on Friday. And how did he come inside? As far as I remember I locked the door. Oh no. If the door was not locked then he might have definitely thought of me as a shameless girl. Oh babaji, yeh kya hogaya.” 

She dressed up and came out after what seemed like an hour. She noticed lights in the study and was relieved that he has locked the door. She rushed downstairs to avoid any confrontation with him.

The moment Geet rushed inside the bathroom, Maan was brought back from the reverie. He was angry at himself for having lost at her like that. He repented of having come inside without knocking even though his heart could only think of the very sight of her. He immediately left to study closing the door behind him. He threw his jacket away in frustration. 

He thought, “How could she come out of the bathroom like that when both of them were sharing the same room? Is she insane? But she can’t be blamed. The door was locked and I was supposed to be here tomorrow. So how will she expect anyone there. And what she might have thought after noticing my shameless gawking. This is not going to work. I can’t get carried away by her beauty. I have to avoid the confrontation for few more days.” 

He sat there pondering over his thoughts and noticed that it was 6. He changed to his tracks and went to Gym. He noticed that she had already left the room. The day is going to be difficult, he thought.

Dadima and Annie were surprised to see him back. Dev was informed by Vikrant in the morning regarding his arrival back in the morning. They had breakfast together and dadima discussed about the details of Dev-Meera’s engagement with Maan. Geet made one or other excuse to not come to the breakfast table till Maan left.

Maan noticed Geet’s absence but never minded it as that is what he wanted. The whole day, flashes of her kept coming on his mind. And to add to his misery, Mr. Chopra requested to bring his wife along for the party on Friday. Now who is going to tell that the person whom he has been praising throughout was his wife?

Dadima left after Maan for organizing some charity event. When Geet came Annie asked, “Bhabhi kya hua? Aap kitchen main kya kar rahi thi? Bhai tho chalagaya.” 

Dev told, “Annie, bhabhi ko bhai se table par milne ki zaroorat nahi. Bhai 4.30 ko ghar lauta tha. Tho ab tak past weeks ka tension bhi khatam hogaya hoga. Kyun bhabhi?” Geet blushed hard remembering their encounter and fumbled with her words, “woh.. woh.. aisa kuch nahi..” 

Annie and Dev had their mouths wide open as it was the first time they have seen her blushing like this. Annie exclaimed, “Oh bhabhi, aap aise blush karogi tho sabko pata chal jayega ki kuch hua he.” Not able to bear their teasing she ran to her room embarrassed. Annie and Dev concluded that everything was fine between them and was really glad.

Geet spend the day overworking to avoid any thoughts of him and dreaded to go home. She was embarrassed to face anyone after the breakfast table incident. She was never a person who gave away her feelings so easily. May be because of his intense passionate eyes that were haunting her thoughts, she blushed so much. 

When she reached Annie was out with her friends and was not returning for the day as she had a girl’s night out and Dev was out for his nth date with Meera. Dadima was exhausted after the event and retired to take rest soon. So she was left to serve dinner to Maan when Nakul informed that he will be late and will have dinner from outside. She was relieved and had dinner. She decided to sleep before he reaches home and left to their room.

Maan entered the mansion at the same time. He was supposed to talk with her regarding the party. He hoped she hasn’t slept yet. When he entered the room she was folding his shirt may be after sending to laundry and keeping it in his cupboard. 

She was startled by his sudden entry and looked down immediately. Maan went near her and told, “Geet, We need to talk. I will be back after getting fresh. Don’t sleep soon.” She nodded in agreement and he left to study. Geet was tensed. 

She thought, “Oh babaji, mein inhe tabse avoid kar rahi thi. Ab unhe kya kehna he. Kahi subha waki baat ke baare mein tho nahi. Jo bhi he aap mere jaan lekar he rahega.” She sighed and went down to avoid further confrontations till they talk.