Part 6

After a while Ayan came and they talked for sometime. Annie came and announced that it was time for him to retire to sleep. Annie and Meera got their way to money and finally he got inside his bedroom. He saw unlike typical brides she was there near the window staring at the full moon. 

Her face was contended and there was not even a tinge of sadness. He wondered why? How can someone be so contended when she knew that she can’t expect anything from him. She seemed to be unaware of his presence. He cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned around and saw him. He noticed a gush of emotions in her face which was replaced soon by a small smile. 

Before he could say anything she told, “Ji, mein jaanthi hoon ki aap is shaadi sirf dadima keliye kiya he. Mujhe aapse koyi shikayat nahi he. Aap jaisa chahthe he waisa hi hoga. Hum sirf sabke samne pati patni rahenge. Par hume ek room tho share karna padega. Lekin aapko tension lene ki zaroorat nahi he mein yaha couch pe so jayegi. Mein kabhi aapke life mein interfere nahi karegi.” 

Maan was stunned after listening to her. She understood everything without even telling and she doesn’t have any issues. Why she doesn’t expect anything from him? 

Keeping his thoughts aside he told, “You don’t have to sleep in the couch. I have my study attached to this room. Most days I sleep there only, so you can sleep in the bed and we don’t have to share a room that way. Thanks for understanding and as you said I don’t like anyone invading my personal space.” 

Then only she noticed the door near where she was standing. She smiled and nodded. He asked, “If you don’t mind may I know the reason why you haven’t denied our marriage even after knowing that I’m not interested.”  

She smiled and told, “Sirf itna samjo ki mere liye isse acha kuch bhi nahi he. Mujhe lagtha he mujhe change karna chahiye. Bahut lamba din tha. Aap bhi tired honge.” Saying this she went to get a change of dress from her suitcase kept near the bed. 

When she was about to leave he told, “There is an empty cupboard in the right side. You can use it to keep your dresses.” Saying this he opened the door and left. When he closed it she sighed and left to change.

She stood infront of the mirror in the dressing room. She felt her heart swell with pride when she saw the mangalsutra that adored her neck and the sindoor in her partition, the signs of being only his. 

She slowly removed her ornaments. If her married life was like that of others he would have been removing these instead of her. She sighed, that seemed to be a dream, which can never become reality. But at least she can be with him always. 

She changed her clothes and wore her short kurti and pyjama that she usually wears while sleeping. She went out and noticed that lights were still on in his study. She was too tired after a long day and went to bed. She thanked babaji for making her his and fell into a deep contented sleep after such a long time.

Meanwhile Maan was going through some of the projects that needed his immediate attention as mailed by his chief architect Sasha. He failed to realize the time until he felt his vision getting blurred due to lack of sleep. He closed the laptop and went to the bed. 

His study was more like his master bedroom except that there were bookshelves instead of the cupboard and a study table instead of the dressing table. It was his den and nobody dared to enter his study without his permission. 

He went to bed and his thoughts drifted of to the woman who was his wife. He just couldn’t understand her. What she meant by this is the best she could get? What made her tell that when she could have got married to a nice guy who could have loved and cared for her. It may not be difficult as she was beautiful and innocent. Anyone could have fallen for her. 

Oh wait a minute, am I praising the beauty of a woman. No, I have to keep her out of my thoughts. There is no place for a woman in my heart after what Sameera did. Let her decide what she wants. Why should I worry as long as she is not invading my space? He left his thoughts and went to sleep.

Geet got up early in the morning as it was her habit. She conveyed her prayers to babaji and went to freshen up. She got ready in a simple red saree with just her mangalsutra, a small pair of diamond earrings and her bangles. She filled her maang with sindoor. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She was a married woman now, married to her love. She smiled hitting her head and went down. 

Dadima was instructing Nakul for getting the pooja items ready. Geet went near her. When she was about to touch her feet, dadima stopped and hugged her. Dadi asked, “Beta, how come you woke up so early. Even Maan wakes up only by six for his gym. Meine socha tha tum log late utenge. Tho pooja bhi saath baje ke baad karne ko soch rahi thi.” 

Geet smiled and told, “dadima, mujhe jaldi utne ki aadat he. Ghar mein bhi maa subha pooja rakthi thi aur hum sab unse pehle utthe the.” The thought of her mother brought tears in her eyes. Dadima understood and told, “Beta, hume pata he aap ma ko miss kar rahi he. Lekin hume apni dadima samjo. Kya aap hume woh darja nahi denge?” 

Geet smiled through her tears and told, “zaroor dadima.” Maan who came out of their room for gym witnessed everything and was convinced that his decision to marry her was never wrong. She was perfect for his family, but for him??