Part 7

Geet helped Nakul for arranging the pooja. She learned from him the routine and interests of each family member. She came to know how peculiar Maan was about his routine and even Nakul was afraid of his anger if something goes wrong. 

After sometime Annie, Dev and Maan came down for Pooja. Maan and Geet did the aarti together. Dadima blessed both of them. Maan went upstairs after that and Annie and Dev started their teasing session with Geet. 

Soon dadima announced that Geet will make her first sweet dish. Geet made Kheer for everyone and kept one bowl with less sugar for Maan as he don’t use much sweet and normally very less Indian dishes. 

Everyone was ready for breakfast soon. The kheer was indeed delicious and Maan too liked it. Geet was glowing with happiness but it didn’t last for long. 

Maan told, “Dadima, mein next month London wapas ja raha hoon. Ab tho aapki kwaish bhi poori hogayi he tho mujhe thoda kaam mein concentrate karne do. There are lots of things that require my attention there.” 

All of them except Geet looked at him wondering whether he will talk of anything other than work. They thought at least marriage will make a difference but alas he is back to his ways. 

Geet’s happiness vanished the very moment. The thought of being away from him again was really painful for her. 

Dadi sighed and told, “Maan, kabhi kabhi kaam ke alawa kisi aur baat pe bhi dyaan do. Agar aap jaana chahte hain tho aap Geet ko bhi saat leke chalo.” Dev and Annie agreed to it. 

Maan didn’t want to make it obvious to them that they were not in a proper husband-wife relationship. So he somehow managed to tell, “Dadima, it will take time for Geet to get her visa. So I can’t take her now. We can think of it later.

Geet, who was listening to the conversation silently, understood his dilemma and told, “Dadima, mein aage padna chahthi hoon aur yaha tho mujhe help karne keliye Meera he. Agar mein chali gayi tho yeh sab aasaan nahi hoga.” 

Dadima really wanted Geet to accompany Maan but couldn’t deny her wish to continue her studies. She knew from Geet’s mom about the circumstances in which she studied. So she decided to persuade Maan to return soon. 

Dadima told, “Tik he beta. Agar tum yahi chahthi ho tho mein kuch nahi bolegi. Par Maan you have to promise me that you will return back soon after settling everything here. You have to take care of Khurana Constructions here. I am too old to take all these stress now. Dev is also overloaded with the tensions in Khurana Industries. So we need you here.” 

Maan agreed not wanting to argue and went to living room after finishing breakfast. As dadima had asked to take off from all the work he had to be at home. 

His thoughts went to her. How she supported his each decision without any concerns. But he noticed her gloomy face after announcing his travel. He knew she was sad but still she supported him in the pretense of her studies. Studies, may be she want to do her graduation. 

He looked up and saw her conversing with Nakul while helping him to clean the table. That is when he noticed how gorgeous she looked in the saree which made her more curvaceous. She was beautiful and innocent. He never thought someone who is beautiful can be innocent too. He wanted to believe she was. But his instincts never allowed him to trust a woman. 

He thought about her, he didn’t know much about her. Just that she was the sister of Brij Handa, who was famous for his cunning ways in business. Will she be the same? Innocent from outside and cunning from inside, otherwise why should she agree to marry a person who may never love her or accept her as his wife. Whatever it is he is not going to fall for her. But some part of his heart wanted to believe her and accept her in his life. 

Dadima who left to get a gift for Geet came down then and noticed Maan staring at Geet. She was happy as it is the first time after Sameera, he was noticing a girl. She was sure Geet will bring back the happiness in his life.

Meanwhile Geet was really disturbed by the thought of him going away from her, not that she expected something from him but just being near him was her only happiness. She kept herself occupied in either conversing with others or helping Nakul in cooking. 

She failed to notice that Maan was staring at her. Dadima came and gifted her with a diamond necklace. She was hesitant but she knew dadima will be sad if she refused. She took it and kept it safe within the drawer. 

Her hesitation was not noticed by anyone except Maan. His urge to believe her was more now. His thoughts were interrupted by his finance manager, Adithya’s call. He left for office as he had to initiate some important work.