Part 8

Days passed by with very less interaction between Maan and Geet. Even though they had to use the same room, Geet was always cautious not to make her presence while he comes to dress up or bath. She will wake up early, get his things ready and leave the room before he wakes up for Gym. 

She will go to kitchen in the pretense of helping Nakul but eventually end up in cooking breakfast despite Nakul’s protests. She learned preparing Italian dishes from Nakul as Maan was not fond of Indian dishes. 

She became acquainted with his likes and dislikes very soon. Maan could feel the difference in the dishes but haven’t paid much attention on who made it. The food was indeed delicious as her Kheer was. 

The whole family got accustomed to Geet’s cooking. She took care of his needs without his knowledge. He felt a difference in everything but thought Nakul has got accustomed with his needs.

Maan tried no to pay much heed to anything related to Geet but he was getting affected by her unknowingly. His eyes will search for a glimpse from her everyday. He knew she avoided coming near him if not before others. They daily got to see each other while having breakfast or dinner. She would wait if he comes late and sleep only after making sure that he had his dinner. 

Never even once after their marriage, he got to see her in their room. He even thought she has shifted to some other room but he knew his dadima will definitely question him if anything like that happened. But she seemed perfectly happy. 

He noticed how comfortable she is with Annie and Dev. They behaved like they have known each other for years. He knew Annie was not a person who gets close to someone so easy. He remembered how she hated Sameera even after her constant efforts to please her. She was right in hating her. 

She was usually quiet at home as mostly dadi, Dev and he will be busy with work and she had very less friends. But with Geet she was an entirely different person. Geet really brought back her bubbly nature which she had lost long back after their parents’ death. 

He felt dadima was right in selecting Geet as the daughter-in-law of Khuranas.KhuranaMansionseemed so alive after she came. Ayan and Meera would visit often and it didn’t escape from him that Ayan was at complete ease with her. Maan indulged in very less talks while they were together.

One day while he returned from office, all were present in the living room including Ayan and Meera. He thought he will freshen up and join them for dinner. He wished them and left. When he came all were waiting for him for dinner and he joined them. 

Dadima told, “Maan bte, hum aapse kuch zaroori baat karna chahthe hain.” Maan replied, “Ha dadima, kahiye.” She told, “Maan, Hum soch rahe the ki Geet KC join karde.” 

His reply was really quick, “Dadima, aapko pata hena KC mein sirf experienced logon ko entry miltha he. Let us drop this subject here.” Annie told, ” Bhai, that was rude..” Dev too agreed with her. Ayan and Meera too were taken aback by his sudden no. 

Geet expected this response but she somewhere felt bad with his outright no. Dadima was disappointed but knew Maan won’t mix up personal and professional lives and when he denied something no one can persuade him back. 

She gestured Annie to keep quiet and told, “Tik he bte. Jaise aapki marzi.” Ayan thought for a while and asked, “Geet, why don’t you join us? You will have Meera also there. And we don’t have any specific rules like KC” and winked at Dev. 

Geet looked at Dadima and Maan for approval. Dadima thought it will be better after hearing Maan’s outright no. She told, “Why not beta, I know Geet will be comfortable too.” Geet was really delighted to work with Ayan and Meera. 

She smiled and Ayan told, “So it is decided. You will join us from next week. Maan, Are you fine with it?” Maan just nodded and quietly finished the dinner. Geet was concerned with his silence and decided to talk to him. 

Ayan and Maan chatted for a while and then left with Meera. Maan then sat discussing with Dev about some business affairs. Annie and dadi retired for sleep.

Geet went to their room and waited for him to come. Maan stayed a little longer in the living room thinking about the happenings after Dev left. He couldn’t stay calm after his outright rejection. He knew everyone felt bad about his decision. The only reason they haven’t told anything was that they never interfered in anything related to business. 

But when he heard dadima asking Geet to join KC, the only thing that came to Maan’s mind was Brij. Being his sister, he always doubted her intentions. So letting her to work in KC never comes to picture. 

Not wanting to mention about her education, he came up with the most relevant excuse he could make, experience. He knew dadima won’t force him after that. When he thought Geet will be the one who is upset, he was surprised to find her cool and not bothered like she knew he will refuse. 

All others seemed upset with his decision and Annie, she was mad at him for sure. She refused to talk to him after that. Something that surprised him the most was that Ayan offered her to work with him. He knew Ayan never made any decisions on impulse. He wanted to ask but thought it won’t look good if he questioned why he employed his wife. So he decided to leave it for now. He decided to go to sleep after a while.

When he entered he saw her sitting in the bed for the first time after their marriage. She stood up and came near him as he entered. He thought she wanted to ask why he refused to employ her.

But as always she surprised him. She told, “Woh actually dadima asked me to join KC when I told her that I wanted to work. I never wanted to bother you. I could have find a job on my own but dadima didn’t allow me as she couldn’t accept the badi bahu of Khurana’s working in some other firm. I know KC’s standards and never intended to try my luck there. I hope you don’t mind me joining Malhotra’s. I thought it will be good as dadima won’t bring the matter of my job again. Sorry for the trouble. I will make sure no one bothers you with my concerns again.” 

Maan stared at her without blinking while she was talking. How she manages to surprise him everytime? He expects something and she never fails to prove him wrong everytime. He somewhere felt bad that she never expected to work with KC. But now that his concerns where addressed he has to keep himself away from all these. 

He just replied, “It is alright.” and went to his room. After reaching his room only he realized he was rude again. But his ego didn’t permit to go back and talk to her. Geet knew he won’t bother to talk to her but somewhere she wanted him to talk to her. Again she knew it is just impossible. She sighed and returned to bed after he left.