Part 9

Geet joined Malhotra Group as Junior Architect. Even though she wanted to join as a trainee, Ayan refused. Geet wanted her identity to be hidden from the staff as very less people knew her as Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. 

Their marriage was a private affair and in most of the pictures media managed to capture her face was covered by the veil. None knew about Geet Maan Singh Khurana, all knew that Maan Singh Khurana got married to a business man’s daughter. 

Ayan knew Geet’s capabilities and he gave her the appropriate post. She was introduced as Ms. Geet Handa as the surname Khurana will give away her identity. With much persuasion from Meera and Annie she agreed not to wear her sindoor and hide mangalsutra from others. 

The design team gave her a warm welcome. The group head was Yash Khanna and the team consisted of Pari Singhania, Rohan Mehra, Raj Kaushal and Meera. 

Geet got acquainted with them very soon and eventually became good friends. She learned from them about the partnership of Khurana Constructions and Malhotra Group in most of the deals.

Knowing the understanding between Ayan and Maan, she knew that they won’t forgo their friendship even for business matters. As both are into construction field they started to work in partnership to avoid clashes.

She also came to know that mostly the presentations will be held in KC and the architect responsible will have to go there. She was concerned hearing that and prayed to have only fewer presentations while Maan is present.

They told her how tough it is to please Maan Singh Khurana. Besides, the designs presented by them are mostly rejected by KC’s head architect, Sasha Jindal.

MSK mostly approves her decisions as she has been a long term employee of KC and she had worked on most of the successful projects of KC. She also learned that Sasha was hell bend on impressing MSK with her antics where as he never paid attention to these.

The first week went fast and Geet being a quick learner got comfortable very soon and Yash assigned her the design for the next joint venture with KC. She was little nervous as they informed she has to present the design next week in KC. She was really uncomfortable to go before him, but can’t help when it comes to work.

She was lost in her thoughts when Pari entered with Raj. Pari asked, “Geet, tum abhi se Mr. Dreamy ke bare mein sochne lagi ho? How cute..”

Raj retorted, “Not everyone will be like you. Sabko in sabke alawa bahut he sochne ko.”

Geet smiled at the two and asked, “Ab koyi mujhe batayega yeh Mr. Dreamy kaun he.

Pari gave a dreamy smile and told, “Au mene tumhe bataya nahi.. Maan Singh Khurana.. My Mr. Dreamy..”

Geet smiled at her antics while Raj rolled his eyes.

Geet told, “Par unki tho shaadi ho chuki hena..

Pari replied, “Oh Geet, tum kitni bholi ho. Yeh sab log sirf dekhne mein aur dream man banne mein acha he. Shaadi aur unse, woh tho kabhi soch bhi nahi sakthe. Tumhe pata he woh kitna gussa kartha he. Pata nahi unki wife usse kaise jhel rahi he. Bechari.”

Geet just smiled and noticed a glow in Raj’s face after listening to Pari’s explanation. She understood that there is something going on between the two even if they always fight over silly things.

Raj told, “Geet, Yash aur Ayan ko tumse bahut expectations he. This time we will not let Sasha reject our presentation as MSK will be there on the presentation. And we are sure your presentation will be the best.”

Pari too supported him and Geet smiled and thanked them for the support. They called her for lunch and went out.

After they left Geet thought about what Pari told, “Gussa.. Woh tho mujhe pata nahi par humesha serious hi rehtha he. Na koi hassi, na baatein.. Kaise insaan he.. Pehle bhi tho aisa hi tha kabhi hasthe nahi the sivaye Sameera ke saath.

The thought brought an unknown pain in her heart and it brought back the memories of the farewell night. She knew whatever he did was just thinking her as Sameera.

Earlier it was a nightmare for her but now the only sweet memory linked with her husband, may be forever. She sighed and decided to join them for lunch. She found the atmosphere in Malhotra’s very much friendly and being with Meera and Ayan let her work in ease.