Part 1

The hall was all set to celebrate the new deal Khurana Industries have won. Maan Singh Khurana and his wife Piya Maan Singh Khurana were at the entrance welcoming the guests. Maan and Piya always complimented each other; they were truly made for each other. Maan held Piya in a protective hold placing his hand on her shoulder. It was clear from their gestures as to how much they loved each other. Piya is the daughter of Dhanraj Kapoor, Maan’s father Jai Khurana’s best friend. She is a sweet, innocent and beautiful lady who was down to earth despite the wealth or family status she possessed, in simple words an angel. Maan treasured her like a real gem in his life. They have been married for the past two years and are very much in love.

Piya went to talk to the ladies, the wives of Maan’s business associates. Avni Mehra, wife of Rahul Mehra asked, “Piya, humne suna he ki yeh deal Oberoi’s ke saath ho raha he. Kya tumhe isme koi aitraaz nahi he?” Piya smiled and asked, “Mujhe aitraaz kyun hoga?” Avni told, “Piya, Oberoi’s ke CEO Geet Handa he and you both will have to work with her.” Piya told, “Geet se mujhe kya problem he?” Avni told giving a disappointed look to Piya, “When you knew she was Maan’s girlfriend that too for the longest time, of 3 years, why have you agreed to go forward?” Piya looked at Maan with a smile and told, “When you trust your husband then there is no need to worry about anything. And we should keep business and personal life separately.” Pari Malhotra, who was silent till then, told, “Avni, Piya se milne ke baad mujhe nahi lagtha he ki Maan ne kisi aur ko notice bhi kiya hoga.”

Avni was disappointed as her gossip was not working but continued her taunts towards Geet Handa. She told, “Meine suna he ki yeh Geet college ke baad ab takLondonse wapas aaya hi nahi thi. Tabse woh Neil Oberoi ke saath he. Par mujhe nahi lagtha he ki woh log shaadi karlenge. Neil tho pehle ek ek hafte girlfriends badalthe the par patha nahi iske saath itne der kyun atakgaya. Rahul ne bataya tha ki college mein jo bhi businessmen ke ladke the sab Geet ke boyfriends the. Pari, meine suna he ki Prem bhi uski boyfriend thi.” Pari was getting annoyed with her talks but Piya just smiled. Pari told, “Avni, don’t form an opinion of a person whom you don’t know personally. And as far as I know Rahul was never in her list. Right?” Avni exclaimed, “Yeah, Rahul will never fall for such people.” Piya and Pari exchanged knowing looks as they both knew how Rahul was behind Geet from their husbands and Pari told, “As if Geet paid any heed on him.” There conversation was stopped when they saw Geet entering the party hall wearing a short red dress looking gorgeous with Neil Oberoi.

Piya went near Maan and greeted them. Geet just nodded and gave a small smile to Piya, a smile which comes very rarely to her face. Piya studied her as she went to sit with Neil. She had noticed both since they have come for discussing the deal with Maan. Geet never smiled or talked anything beyond professional to Maan or her. She used very less words and replied only to what she was asked. Piya knew very well that Neil had the reputation of a playboy from college days. But the relation they shared was really strange. One thing she noticed is that Geet was not comfortable with anyone except Neil and he seemed to be with her everywhere. Both were known for changing their partners in record time but she couldn’t understand why they both stick together for long. May be they love each other and as far as she knows Neil is very much protective about her.

She knew that they were living together when they went to Handa’s to ask Geet’s younger sister Nandini’s hand for Dev. Mohinder was hesitant at the beginning when asked about Geet but soon told that she never returned home after her MBA in London. Even after his constant efforts to get her married to Neil, they were not interested and she even threatened to stop calling him if he mentioned about marriage. Piya found it all really strange. She knew her relationship with Maan and as he was not comfortable in discussing that she never asked him too. She knew it is past and it doesn’t matter to them, but she was always curious to know about Geet as she found her really an enigma. Dev and Nandini’s marriage is fixed and she hoped to get to know Geet better by then.

Piya thought about Pari’s comment to Avni and decided to ask her. She went to Pari and asked after having a casual talk regarding that. Pari told, “Piya, as far as Prem and I know her, we could never form a bad opinion about her. But it is true that none of us could get closer with her. She had always set a limit to every relation.” Piya told, “Maan never talked much about Geet except that he never had a good opinion about her personally. Maybe he had known her better in those three years.” She felt like Pari didn’t want to continue the conversation further and soon Geet was forgotten from their talks.

Geet sat there in the corner of the party hall with Neil not bothering to see what is going around. She was just gulping down the hot liquid in the glass. Neil stopped when she reached almost five shots. He knew it is the limit. She looked at him for a while and stopped. He is the only person who can do that, who can set rules to Geet Handa, no one else dared to. She asked, “Can we leave this boring party?” But instead of Neil it was Maan who answered the question, “I think somebody is in a hurry for a long night.” He wanted to intimidate her but couldn’t. Geet retorted, “Mr. Khurana, we don’t need to distinguish day and night, anytime is perfect.” Maan was little annoyed by her bold reply but asked keeping it aside, “But be kind enough to tell why this beautiful party is boring for you?” Geet replied, “It depends on your view about something. It is my wish to decide how I find something to be. No offence. I think we should get going. Neil, I will wait outside. Need some fresh air.” and left without sparing a second glance to Maan.

Maan turned and asked Neil, “Neil, I don’t understand why you both have been sticking together for long. I know she is not your type and still you seem to be quite interested. Or is it that you are really in love with each other? Be careful, she may not be what you expect her to be.” Neil’s shrugged it off telling, “Maan, you are right. Everything is not what it appears to be. Anyway thanks for the wonderful party. I need to leave now. Geet will be waiting for me. Bye.” Neil’s reply had really confused him. Piya who was listening to their talks joined her puzzled husband. She knew he was distracted and needs her near. Soon they were back attending the guests.