Part 2

Oberoi Farmhouse

Geet and Neil entered the farmhouse to find Neil’s mother, Simran Oberoi waiting for them. She came near them looking in concern at Geet. Geet blinked her eyes indicating she is fine and asked, “Ma, Rehan..” Simran told, “Jaldi sogaya. Tum dono dinner karlo. Mujhe pata he kuch khaya nahi hoga.” Neil smiled and told to lighten the mood, “Mom, aapko pata he tho deri kis baat ki? Mujhe tho bahut zor se bhook lag raha he.” Geet was about to tell something when Neil cut her, “Geet, go freshen up and come back for dinner. Your excuses will not be taken.” 

Geet shot an annoyed glance at Neil and left. Once she left Simran turned to Neil and asked, “Woh tik hena?” Neil shook his head, “I don’t know how she does it. If not for her promise, I could have killed him with my bare hands today.” Simran’s eyes were teary. She told, “Mujhe sirf yahi prarthana he ki yeh sab sehne ko usse sakthi mile.” Neil left to freshen up. Geet came after changing to her cute night dress. 

She looked cute and innocent, a side of her that only they got to see since the past few years. For the whole world, she was the feisty, arrogant Geet Handa, but the reality was something different. She was a broken doll who was deprived of every happiness in her life. The faade she kept was only outside the four walls of her home, not before the two people who showered her with only love and warmth. They had dinner while Simran kept on telling about Rehan’s cute antics that reduced the tensions for a while. They left to sleep after a while.

Geet entered her room and went to sit near Rehan, sleeping in the bed holding his teddy. She sat near him and tears that she has been holding back for long started falling. She was no longer that strong Geet who used to bear all the pain others inflicted in her and still smile. She can no longer smile after what her life has become. She was strong, ready to face anything that comes her way until three months back. But she is not capable of taking this pain, the pain of losing the reason she breathe. 

She kissed Rehan’s forehead. He smiled even in sleep feeling his mother’s touch. She doesn’t even remember when was the last time she was genuinely happy, may be the time with her mother. She had always taught her to be brave and face every harsh situation in her life with a smile. She really wished to have her mother beside her, but she knew if she was there then she could have never gone through any of the harsh realities of her life. Her thoughts fled back to those bitter memories of the past.

When her mother left her at an early age of 8 years, no one was there to console her. Her father was too much lost in his pain that he failed to care about her. He remarried when everyone told she needed the care of a mother, but alas that was something she never got. Pammi never treated her as a daughter. She loathed her and always found faults in everything she did. She faced everything silently. Then Nandini and Lucky were born. Unlike Mohinder, who always believed that Pammi was right, Nandini and Lucky treated her as their own sister. But Pammi was against that too. She scolded and mistreated her every time she tried to get close to them. 

And finally she gave up and confined everything to herself. She built a strong wall around her heart that none could ever break it. She became an extrovert who never cared for anyone or kept a faade to never care. So she never got along with people. In school and college, she never had any good friends; all were mere acquaintances for her. When she was in college, she changed her boyfriends as pleased. But the fact was that she was never in a serious relationship with anyone that crossed the boundaries set by her and she was very choosy. She could interpret from their approach what they intended and she never entertained anyone who lusted her. And all of them respected her for what she was, even though they didn’t know much about her. But she made a fault once in recognizing someone and she was left to gather the shattered pieces of her heart which were broken beyond repair.

Her thought process was halted when she heard the knock at the door. She wiped her tears and opened the door. She found Neil there with concern written all over his face. She smiled and told, “Neil, mein tik hoon.” Neil came inside and looked at the sleeping Rehan. He looked at Geet and noticed the dried tears in her face. He told holding her hand, “Don’t lie to me Geet. Tumhe pata he ki you can’t hide anything from me.” Geet knew there is no use arguing with him. She told, “Neil, if you are worried about today’s party then I really don’t care about it.” He told, “No Geet, I know that the party shouldn’t matter to you.” 

She bit her lips to control the sobs and moved forward to hug him. He held her tight in his embrace while she told, “I will be ok. I know everything will be alright.” Neil pulled back when he felt her calming down and told, “Geet, so jao. Tomorrow we have an early morning appointment in Sanjeevani.” She smiled and told, “Goodnight Neil.” He kissed her forehead and told, “Goodnight Geet.” Before leaving he told, “Geet, please don’t spare your thoughts for people who are not worth it.” Geet just smiled before closing the door. She sighed and thought ruefully, “It is easier told than done.” She and went to bed and tried to sleep hugging Rehan. But sleep was far away from her eyes. Unknown to her there was someone who was sleep deprived somewhere in the same city.