Part 17

When she reached their room he was back to study after shower. She sat in the bed waiting for him. After few minutes, he came out dressed in his white shirt and track pants with a few shirt buttons open. His muscular chest was visible through the open transparent shirt. Her heart missed a beat seeing him. 

She muttered under breath, “Babaji, aap yeh kya kar rahe ho. Aaj subha se aap mujhe tang karne keliye kuch na kuch tho kar raha he. Mein inke saamne aise chen se kaise bait sakthi ho. Aapko pata hena mein inse kuch expect nahi karthi ho. Tho phir aap baar baar meri pareeksha kyun le rahe ho?” 

Maan noticed her waiting for him in the bed in a white kurti pyjama. She was looking like a kid and he saw her murmering something looking upwards. He thought, “Yeh ladki tho sach mein pagal he. Aisa koi akele mein baat kartha he kya?” 

He studied her making cute faces while cribbing. He wanted to pull her cheeks and kiss her.. “oh wait.. I just thought of kissing her. I have definitely lost it. Ab mein isse kaise sab poocho?

He went near and sit on the chair next to the bed and asked her to sit near. She shifted in the bed near to the chair. He asked bringing the usual coldness in his voice, “Tum kal ke party mein jaa rahi he kya?” 

Geet replied, “Ha, Mr.Chopra ne hume invite kiya he, mera matlab he hamare poore team ko invite kiya he.” Maan looked straight into her eyes and told, “Mr. Chopra asked to bring my wife along. So I want you to come with me.” 

Geet was surprised but she can never deny him anything. She told, “Tik he, kitne baje jaana he?” Maan told, “6.30 ko ready rehna. I will come and pick you up.” Geet nodded. She looked at him.

He seemed to have something more to ask. Geet asked, “Ji, aapko kuch poochna tha?” Maan looked at her. He thought, “Can she read my mind?” and told, “Ha, mujhe tumse baat karna tha. If you tired then we can talk later.” Geet immediately replied, “I’m not tired. Hum abhi baat kar sakthe hain.” 

He sighed and told, “Geet, I don’t know what are your intentions. Whatever it is, make it clear. I don’t like to play any hide and seek game with my life. I know there is definitely a reason behind your approval to this marriage. I wanted to know that and now you will not give me excuses like before.” 

Geet was little taken aback but she knew someday she has to face his questions. She took a deep breath and told, “Ji, mujhe pata tha ki aap yeh sawal zaroor karenge. Aapse shaadi karne ka faisla mene soch samajkar hi li he. Mere Shaadi ka faisla mere papa aur veerji ka tha aur mein humesha se unka kehna mana he. Mein aage padna chahthi thi aur shaadi kabhi mere sapnom mein nahi thi. 

Par jab shaadi ka faisla unhone liya tho mujhe laga bade jo bhi karthe he humesha ache keliye karthe he. Aur jab aapke call aaya tho mujhe laga yehi mereliye sahi he kyunki mujhe shaadi se zyaada umeed nahi thi. Aur jab mujhe pata chala ki meri shaadi aapse horahi he tho mujhe aur kuch nehi sochna pada kyunki jabse meine pyaar ko jaana he tabse mein aapse hi pyaar kiya he. Tho mein aapke saath rishtha jodne ko tayyar kyun nahi hogi?” 

Maan was stunned by her open confession. She never failed to surprise him. Geet continued, “Par iska matlab yeh nahi he ki mein aapse koyi bhi umeed rakthi ho. I seriously don’t expect anything from our relation. I know I’m not a match for you. And if you want to change your decision anytime then I am ready to move out of you life, as I know, for a person like you the partner has to be someone perfect who will match your standards.” 

Maan felt bad hearing that she didn’t expect anything from him and is willing to leave him for his better future, but asked out of interest, “What you think are my standards? And why you won’t meet my standards?” 

Geet smiled to hide her nervousness and told, “Mein aapko college se jaanti ho. Aur Ayan aur Meera se aapke baare mein bahut kuch suna he. Aapki choice kaisa he woh bhi mujhe pata he.” Maan knew she is mentioning about Sameera while Geet continued, “Aur pure ek saal mein thoda bahut samay mein aapke aas-paas guzara he. Lekin mujhe yakin he ki aapne mujhe kabhi notice nahi kiya hoga aur kisike batane se pehle zaroor mujhe nahi pehchana hoga.” 

Maan’s lips curved into a small smirk acknowledging her thoughts. Maan thought for sometime. He knew he can never acknowledge anyone until he is sure about their intentions. So he told, “Geet, I don’t know what you know about me and I don’t want to know either. As you told your confession doesn’t make any difference in our relation. And I want to make something clear. I am not interested in a relationship neither with you nor with anyone else. So if you are comfortable then we can continue like this” 

He stood up finishing the talk and told before leaving, “So I expect you to be ready by 6.30 tomorrow for the party. Good night.” Geet replied, “Yes, I will be ready. Goodnight.

Both went to their respective beds to think over their little conversation. Maan couldn’t believe that she loves him and doesn’t expect anything from him. Every girl will have some expectations from the man she loves. Then how she is an exception? 

But then everything she did make sense, her always happy and contented nature, taking care of every need of his unknown to him, getting along well with his family. He was sure that she is well aware of his relation with Sameera then what she meant when she told that she loved him since she knew what love is? Is it that she loved him all the time he was in a relation with Sameera? 

But how it matters to him anyway and why did it hurt him when she told she doesn’t expect anything from him? He has an idea about her now. So he just needs to keep a watch on her. But instead of feeling relieved he is feeling bad. He was not at all happy at the thought of her leaving him. His final verdict to her was more out of the fear of her getting away from him. 

But why or how she became so important to him suddenly. Why it mattered for him if she left or not? It mattered to him but he just couldn’t admit that. There were a lot of questions unanswered but after the morning incident and her confession something seemed to have changed, like he doesn’t care anymore about those. He slept after a long time fighting with his feelings. 

Meanwhile Geet didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, happy that she doesn’t have to leave him, sad that he never considered giving a chance to happiness in his life. It was really difficult for her to be near him and feel nothing. She couldn’t even think of what she was telling him. 

Only after her confession did she realize that she professed her feelings to him. But she can’t always keep him in dark about her reason on why she married him. She felt relieved after her confession and his strong verdict. Now she can live in peace. Not even once did it hurt her that he rejected her feelings outright. She was happy the way it was, no expectations, no complaints. She had a peaceful sleep that day.