Part 18

The next day went as usual for both of them. Geet left from office by 5pm and came home to get ready for the party. This is the first time they both are making a public appearance as husband and wife. She heard that media also will be there, so she has to present herself better than her usual self. 

She had told Ayan and Meera that she will be coming with Maan. Meera was excited and Ayan was happy that today everyone will know her as Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Geet wanted to tell her team but Ayan told to keep it as a surprise. 

She selected a white saree with simple but elegant work with a diamond neckpiece, studs and bangles. She got ready and was looking like an angel. She was glad that from today she doesn’t have to hide her mangalsutra and can wear sindoor. 

Maan reached KM by 6 and went to their room to get ready. When he opened the door the sight greeted him took his breath away. There she was, fixing her hair after getting ready near the mirror. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

When she turned to face him, he quickly kept his composure and told her to wait downstairs. She nodded and went down. Once she left Maan rushed to study and closed the door. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He couldn’t forget the heavenly sight before him a few minutes back. 

How could she think she is not perfect? She was more than perfect in addition her innocence gave her an angelic look. At least now he could admit himself that he was attracted to her. She was definitely a heavenly beauty. He decided to put more control on his feelings as tonight they are going to be together in the party. 

He got ready with a black Armani suit looking ever so handsome. When he came down, it was Geet’s turn to get stunned. She managed to gain the composure but it didn’t go unnoticed by Maan who smiled inwardly at the effect he had on his wife.

They reached the party venue by 7. Once Maan got out from his Mercedes, cameras began flashing, after all it is the great Maan Singh Khurana. Geet was totally nervous as she was not used to any kind of attention. Maan somehow understood it and held out his hand for her. 

She looked up and saw him, she smiled and placed her hand in his while getting out from the car. Media people stood still for a while, may be seeing the angelic beauty and then cameras started flashing capturing Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana for the first time. 

Mr.Chopra was awaiting him and was surprised to see Geet with him. Maan understood that and he told, “Mr. Chopra, meet Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana“, holding her by her shoulder. 

Mr. Chopra exclaimed, “Wow, it is great to know you are Mrs. MSK. Now I have no doubts that MSK always aims in perfection whether it is work or family, a perfect match. Congrats Geet, oh sorry, Mrs. Khurana.” 

Both of them smiled at his compliment and Geet told, “Thanks Mr. Chopra and you can call me Geet.” Maan liked her gesture and Chopra ushered them inside. 

When they entered spotlight fell on them both and Mr. Chopra announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Mrs and Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.” All heads turned to them and all of them who knew Geet were shocked seeing her except Meera and Ayan. 

The hardest blow was for Sasha. The color drained out of her face and she almost dropped the glass she was holding. Geet is Mrs. MSK. Her team was shocked and turned their questioning eyes to Meera and Ayan who were smiling. Meera explained them that she never wanted any kind of attention as MSK’s wife and they knew well that she was simple and down to earth. So it was obvious that she may hate any kind of attention. But Geet definitely owes them and explanation.

Mr.Chopra introduced them to some of his business partners and most of them knew MSK well and was very pleased to meet Mrs. MSK. Mr. Chopra told, “Mr. Khurana, I wanted to introduce you my son, he just started handling my business.” He turned and called out someone. 

Geet saw through the dim lights that a couple is making their way towards them. When they came and stood near Mr. Chopra both Maan and Geet were shocked. Mr. Chopra introduced them, “Meet my son Vivek Chopra and my daughter-in-law Sameera Chopra.”