Part 20

The very thought of her being their reason of his sorrow, his anguish killed her from within. If she is the reason then Maan will never forgive her for taking away his love from him. What if he was drunk and not in sense, she could have never allowed him to touch her like that. He did everything calling her as Sam. She felt herself shaking. She wanted to get out of the place soon. Before someone could notice her she left in pretense of going to restroom. 

Once she reached a secluded corner, the tears she held till now burst out. She felt disgust on her own self, like what she felt three years back after the fateful day. All the memories came rushing down to her. She didn’t know how long she cried. Her eyes were red and puffy due to the constant crying. She was brought back from her thoughts when her phone rang. 

She noticed Meera calling her. She took the phone trying to keep calm. Meera asked, “Geet, thu kaha he? Itni der se restroom mein kya kar rahi he? Maan kabse tumhe doond raha he. Jaldi se aa jao.” Geet had to lie, she told, “Meera, mere stomach upset he. Jaise bhi karke sabko manage karlo. Mein paanch minute mein wapas aayegi.” Meera assured her and cut the call. She went to restroom and washed her face to appear normal.

Maan was tensed when he noticed that Geet was missing from a long time. The first thought came into his mind was Sameera. What if she? He didn’t wait to finish his thought and turned to check her. He noticed her talking to someone. He was more tensed now and went to Meera and asked about Geet. 

Meera also seemed tense and quickly called her. A relief came over her face once she talked and told him that she got something spilled on her saree and is waiting for it to get dry. Maan got convinced by that and left to meet someone. After sometime Geet came and stood beside him. He noticed that she was not meeting his eyes. He thought may be there is something to do with Sameera but he never saw them talking. He was confused and decided to ask later.

While food was served, Meera took her along. He was busy among his clients and failed to notice Sameera coming to Geet and both leaving towards the stairs. When Sameera approached Geet, Meera was not willing to send her along. But Geet assured her that everything is fine and asked her to keep Maan busy with something. 

Meera agreed half-heartedly but went to Ayan and told him. Ayan comforted her, “Tu chinta mat kar. Geet is very sensible. She knows to handle anything that comes her way. Don’t get tensed about her. Maan ko main manage karloonga.” Meera went back even though she was not fully convinced.

Sameera and Geet went out near the stairs out of others’ sight. Once they were near the stairs, Geet asked, “Aap mujhe kya batana chahthi he?” Sameera told calm and composed, “Mein Maan ke baare mein baat karna chahthi hoon. Aur mein tumhare alawa kisi aur ko yeh baat kehna nahi chahthi hoon.”

Geet was not sure about what she wanted to tell but she nodded her to continue as her heart was anxious to know her side of the story. Sameera sighed and continued, “Geet, mujhe pata he sub mere bare mein kya soch raha hoga. It’s not their fault. After what I did it is expected. But I want at least you to know my side of the story. I hope you will understand me.”

Geet was confused but decided to listen to her. She gave a small smile and nodded in approval. Sameera stood up and asked her to follow her to the terrace garden. They reached there and Sameera went near the swing and continued, “Mene Maan ko pehli baar dad ki ek business party mein mila tha. I was waiting for the start date of my graduation in IIT then. He talked very nicely with me and we got clicked very fast. After the party only I came to know that he seldom speaks to ladies. I found it weird but hardly felt anything for him.” 

She turned to Geet and told, “You will wonder why I was not affected by him. How can we love or think of someone else when we are already in love with someone? I loved Vivek since then.” Geet was shocked hearing to her revelation. She asked, “Then why, I mean how you got engaged to Maan?” Guilt was clearly visible in Sameera’s face. She told, “If I had the courage to do what I did after four years back then all these might have never happened.” 

She sighed and continued, “Dad was really glad after the party and I heard him telling mom that this is the first time he had seen Maan talking with a girl. They were talking about getting us into engaged. I was really tensed and called Vivek. He had his own tensions then and asked me to be calm. I thought once I get to talk with Maan everything will be fine. But that was the greatest challenge I faced.”

Sameera looked at Geet and told, “Maan was already in love with me. I came to know it from one of our common friends. I wanted to get myself out of all these and so I went to dad and told about my relation with Vivek. Dad slapped me and told that my wish won’t ever come true and I will marry only Maan. Then Vivek was only starting his career in bollywood and was not much famous. So he pointed out all faults in him. But I was adamant in my stance. Then my dad finally told that if I wanted to do that then he won’t tell anything but I have to see his business empire crumbling down in minutes. When I asked the reason he told that Maan is the elder Khurana clan and he never took a no for wishes. So if I am denying him then he won’t think before destroying us.”

Geet was shocked hearing all these. She was eager to know her more. Sam continued, “That did the job. I can never be selfish to destroy my dad’s hard work, his dream. So I half-heartedly agreed when Maan proposed me. Vivek was really hurt and stopped talking to me. We joined in IIT together. I noticed that no one in his family or his friends were comfortable with me. I felt totally out of place. I could neither forget Vivek nor love Maan. That is when I decided to make Maan hate me and break the relation himself.”

Sam looked at Geet who was listening to her patiently and told, “Geet, you might know well as to how much adamant he is in his decisions. He was very possessive and never liked me talking to any guys except Ayan. So I started getting close to other guys and pretended to be more free with them before him. But instead of showing his anger to me, he warned them from getting close to me.”

“Most of the guys were afraid and staid away after that. I even started showing dislike to his family members but then he seldom took me to his house. For everything I did he had a solution. Whenever he tried to get close to me, I restrained him. He was angry but never showed it. Meanwhile I got in touch with Vivek and told him everything. He promised to take me away as he was expecting his next movie to be a hit in bollywood. I was fed up with my constant trial to convince him for a break-up and took two months leave.

I left to meet Vivek who was inMalaysiafor his shooting. He had arranged for my tickets. But we couldn’t stay there long as his shoot wrapped up in one month and we returned soon. Vivek asked me to talk to him directly about our relationship. But I never got the courage to confront. The last year in IIT, I planned every single day but failed. Besides he had already planned for our MBA in Haward. I had to do something before things fell out of my control. Vivek came up with an idea to join modeling. So I started my career in modeling. When we finished graduation I finally got the courage to tell him that I am seeing my future in modeling and that I’m in love with Vivek.”

Sameera finished with a sigh. Geet was stunned after listening to that. She couldn’t utter a word, all she could do was to stare blankly at Sameera. She continued, “I can never forget that day. He was angry and hurt beyond words. He never spoke a word on that and asked me to leave. But the expression in his face told it all. That moment I regretted for not letting him know earlier. He did nothing, he just left. I was really afraid whether he will do something to my dad. But I understood only later that it was a false story cooked up by my dad to get us married so that he can expand his business. I left my house and went to Vivek. Even though Vivek’s family didn’t approve our relation later on they accepted us and we got married.”