Saiyyan – The True Soulmate


She sat outside the court, holding their son close to her, waiting to see him once more before they separated their ways. He came and sat next to her. Their son was asleep in her lap, not knowing that he won’t get to see his parents together again. He looked into her eyes. She saw there was pain, guilt and love. Then why he took such a decision? She knew he loved her, no loves her still as much as she loved him. He was the one who used to tell the importance of having both parents with the kid. Then what prompted him to make such a decision? She knew they were exact opposites. Their likes or dislikes never matched, their aspirations and dreams never matched, their lifestyle never matched. Theirs have been an arranged marriage and there was not a single day in the past five years of their marriage that they never argued over something. But beyond all these, there was something that kept their relation intact, their love. She couldn’t come into terms with the fact that they got divorced, the five-year long relation has come to an end. She wanted to scream, to beg him not to leave her, but something prevented her from doing so. If he is not happy with them, she should let him go. When he gave the divorce papers, the only thing she asked was she don’t want their son to live a dual life, she wanted him to be with her always. She knew it will be difficult for him knowing how much he loved him but to her surprise he agreed on a condition of bringing him to meet him once in every two months. The past six months of staying together under a roof knowing about the impeding doom was the most difficult phase in her life. She wanted to ask him the reason. Like knowing her inner turmoil, he spoke breaking her thoughts, “I’m getting married next month.”