Character Sketch

Handas and Khuranas are family friends. More details follow.

Geet Handa: 18 year old cute, bubbly young girl. Even though she faced only cruelties in her life still maintain a calm nature. Keeps smiling inspite of the pain others give her. Takes all the insults but never complains. Lives in Hoshiyarpur.

Maan Singh Khurana: 25 year old handsome arrogant angry young man.. heartthrob of girls.. but never gives a damn to them.. A very successful business man and hence a center of attraction of media.. Runs Khurana group of industries with his father and brothers. MD of Khurana constructions. Lives inDelhi.

Anurag Khurana: Maan’s father. A successful business man. Runs Khurana group of industries with his sons. A very nice person who cares his family a lot.

Simran Khurana: Maan’s mother. A very down to each person who keeps high moral values. Pampers her children a lot especially Maan and Annie.

Savithri Devi Khurana: Maan’s dadi. An elegant lady who have taken care of Khurana group of industries after dadaji’s death at an early age and handed over to her son. A blent of modern and traditional culture. Loves her family. For Maan she is more like a friend.

Dev Khurana: 23 year old handsome young man. Married to Naintara. Helps his dad and bro in business. MD of Khurana Communications. A very nice person.

Vikrant Khurana/Vicky: 21 year old handsome young man doing MBA in Haward. Twin brother of Annie. Elder to Annie by 5 minutes. Good at heart and playful.

Annie/Anwesha Khurana/Handa: 21 year old beautiful young lady. Married to Arjun Handa. Pampered and spoiled by her family being the youngest.

Mohinder Handa: Geet’s father. A very successful business man. Runs a chain of hotels along with his son Arjun Handa. Loves Geet but fears to keep her with him.

Arjun Handa: Geet’s brother. 25 year old handsome young man. Runs his family business. Maan’s friend. Loves Geet and wants to keep her with them but couldn’t do much as the whole family is against her. Married to Annie.

Naintara Handa/Khurana: Geet’s elder sister. 23 year old beautiful young lady. Wife of Dev Khurana. For her Geet doesn’t exist. Always wishes to have an upper hand in her doings.

Sameera Handa: Geet’s younger sister. 21 year old beautiful young lady. A well known model. Highly fashionable. Have a huge crush on Maan and knows he will be eventually married to her as both the families are already bonded. Hates Geet and never leaves a chance to throw tantrums on her.

Sukhdev Handa: Geet’s Darji. Leaves in Hoshiyarpur. Have a high reputation there. Everything goes as per his will in the Handa parivaar. Nobody dares to question him. Hates Geet.

Balvinder Handa: Geet’s Thayaji. Right hand of Darji. Tough exterior. But is a very nice person. Likes Geet but can’t show the affection as he is afraid of Darji.

Pammi Handa: Geet’s Thayiji. Loves and cares Geet. Even though she can’t raise her voice in front of Darji, tries keeping Geet away from troubles. Tries to control her son Brij from hurting Geet but mostly unsuccessful.

Brij Handa: Geet’s cousin brother. Son of Balvinder and Pammi. A real aristocrat like Darji. Hates Geet and tries hurting her both emotionally and physically whenever possible.

Sasha and Tasha


Pinky and Meera: Geet’s best friends from childhood.

Meera Singhania

Pinky Manchanda

Karan Singhania