The Rain


She was considered as bad omen by her family. She was deserted by her own father and was left with her relatives tosuffer. She was the youngest of her family. Her mother died when she was born, her father suffered a huge loss inbusiness, her brother had met with an accident and the incidents went on. Nobody except her thayiji treated herwell. Of course her father loved her. But he was compelled to leave her as the incidents made him also believe thatshe brings bad luck to the family and he left toDelhiwith her siblings. Her siblings hadeverything they wished for and she had nothing. She never complained to anyone. She found happiness in small smallthings and smiled. She loved rain. None other than her family knew the troubles she have been facing through outher life. For her friends and all others she was a bubbly girl who was full of life. She believed when time isfavorable she will get the happiness she deserves. But one rainy day changed her life.. One man changed her lifeand she forgot to smile.. Will she ever get the most deserved happiness??

He was the good luck charm for his family. With his birth their business was flourished and now as he took thecontrol of the business they are running one of the most successful business empire in the world. He had everythinghe wished for. He always got what he wanted. Nobody went against his words. He was powerful. His life was perfect.He hated rain. But one rainy day.. one mistake, one big mistake he made.. He ruined the life of an innocent..Will he ever realize his mistake?? And will he be forgiven??

Rain… something that soothes the soul, something that freshens up the mind, something that warms the heart. That was rain for her. But for him??? Just another distraction, until she came to his life. Then he started loving rain, he started to feel her whenever it rains. But will destiny allow it to remain the same? Will it turn out to be a disaster for them?