Part 1

Geet’s P.O.V

Today is the day I longed for. My dream will be fulfilled. In 6 months I will be a student of Cambridge university,Londonfor the three year BA Tripos course in Architecture with scholarship. It was due to Meera’s constant persuasion that I appeared for the scholarship program and got selected, in fact the topper. As I have never asked for anything to my papa, he agreed to this. May be he might have thought I will go far away from them and they may not have to come face to face with me. Arjun bhai and Thayiji were really happy for me. Darji and Brij were not happy with the decision but dint create much fuss. I also got approval to go to Delhi to Pinky’s house for 6 months and do some part time job with any construction company to get an idea of what an architect is supposed to do.

Of course, they will not let me stay in Handa mansion inDelhias nobody in Delhi knows that Mohinder Handa has a daughter named Geet Handa, not even Khuranas. I was kept away from all important rituals in the family including my siblings’ marriage. Arjun bhai was apprehensive about it but couldn’t do much on that but he insisted to tell Annie di about me. Only she knows about me and she is really sweet. Once in a while we get to talk with each other. Arjun bhai is coming today to take me to Delhi. Thank you babaji for fulfilling my dreams. Please be there for me always.

P.O.V ends

Handa Haveli

A man in his early 70’s is sitting in the living room and is having a talk with a few villagers.

Villager One: “He is ready to pay double amount for the land Sukhdevji. We don’t think we will get more money any time in the near future”

Villager two: “He needs the land under Geet beti’s name also. He enquired about the land details.”

Darji: “You can sell your land. Let him come to me. I will talk to him regarding our land. What is his name?”

Villager one: “Some Khurana. He may be your relative”

Village two: “Maan Singh Khurana”

Darji: “Maan!!!” thinks “if he comes to know about this Geet. Oh no. This girl won’t spare us. Always brings trouble.”

Villager one: “Yes Sukhdevji. Do you know him?”

Darji: “Yes. He is our relative. Did you give any details of our land?”

Villager two: “No. We din’t.”

Darji: “Ok. I will sort it out. You people can leave now.”

Villagers: “Ok.”

As the villagers left two men in early 20’s enter the mansion. Darji is in deep thought. One man calls “Darji”. Darji turns “Arjun bete. How are you? How was your journey?” looking towards the other man “Maan bete. You both have come together.” To Arjun “Why you din’t tell that Maan is also coming.”

Arjun: “Oh.. relax Darji. Maan came here for some land for their construction site. I met him on the way. My journey was good. And now relax.”

Darji: “Ok. Ok. Come and take a seat bete.”

Maan: “Thanks Darji. Where is everyone? Nobody is seen.

Darji: “They went to temple. Will be back anytime.” Darji gets tensed thinking about Geet. “Bete why don’t you get fresh and we will have dinner.”

Maan and Arjun: “Ok Darji” and both goes to Arjun’s room. Darji takes a sigh relief.

Darji calls Brij and asks to keep Geet in her friend Meera’s home as Maan is at home. They sent Geet to Meera’s home and returns. Darji informs Balvinder and brij regarding the land issue. They decides to tell Maan that Geet is their distant relative and sell the land to him. Balvinder requests Darji to give the money to Geet so that it will be useful for her studies and can help her in the future. Darji and Brij at first din’t agree but Balvinder convinced them to do so.

After getting fresh Arjun and Maan come down. They had a casual chat with Darji, Brij and Balvinder. Darji decides to put the topic forward.

Darji: “Maan bete, What about the land you came to buy? Is the deal done?”

Maan: “No Darji. I got most of the land except one under a girl Geet Handa. Do you have any idea who she is? She seems to be your relative.

When Arjun was about to tell something, Darji cuts him.

Darji: “She is one of our distant relatives. I will fix the deal for you. She may be in need of money as she is going to pursue her higher studies.”

Arjun was fuming and leaves from there.

Maan: “What happened to Arjun? Anyway Thanks Darji. I have much more things to take care of in Delhi. I want the deal to be over very soon. Can we meet her tomorrow itself.

Darji: “Maan bete. No need to worry. We will arrange her signatures and give you. You don’t need to bother.”

Maan: “But she needs to be there to register the land. For that we need to go to Amritsar.

Darji thinks.”Oh no. Maan has to meet her. But no other option is left.” .”Ok Maan bete. Brij will bring Geet tomorrow with you to Amristar.”

Maan: “Ok. Thanks Darji.

Darji: “My pleasure bete. Let’s have dinner.”

Arjun was already there in the dinner table. He seems disturbed. Thayiji had informed him that they have sent Geet to Meera’s home. It added to his anger. Maan asked him what is wrong. He told just headache. After dinner everyone went to bed.

Two souls slept in peace for different reasons in their respective beds not knowing what was in store for them tomorrow.