Part 2

A beautiful young girl dressed in white salwar is putting her jhumkas while talking to herself “Does he have to come now itself? My bhai is there and I couldn’t meet him just coz of this sadu. Why Annie di’s brother has to be such an idiot? But why I am blaiming him when my own family don’t want me to be there…” a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She left those thoughts and got back to her bubbly self. “chaddo.. My dream is going to get fulfilled and I will have enough money for completing the studies after selling the land. Thanks babaji.. You are great.

A girl called out. “Geet tumhara bhai aagaya.”

Geet jumped out of joy: “Kya Arjun bhai aagaya, Meera??

Meera: “Haan Geet. Your dearest bhai has come.”

Geet rushed downstairs. Arjun came and hugged her. Both had tears in their eyes. They get to see each other only once in a while as Mohinder won’t allow Arjun to come to HP unless there is something urgent.

Arjun: “sweet heart. rona band karo.. ab mein aagayahoon tho tumhe khush rehana hi padega.”

Geet wiping her tears “bhai. I missed you a lot. mein bohut khush hoon. Yeh khushi ki aasoo he.

Arjun cupping her face “missed you too sweetie.”

Meera watched both of them with tears. She loves Geet like her own sister. She knows the cruelties Geet had to face in her life and will not lose any chance to make her happy.

Meera: “Ahem ahem. Here is someone who is waiting for your attention dears.”

Arjun and Geet turned to her. Arjun: “sorry dear. come and join.” and the three had a group hug. 

Geet broke the hug “Annie di kaisi he? Papa, naintara di aur sameera di kaise ho?

Arjun:  “Annie is longing to meet you. And you don’t need to bother about others who don’t care for you.” His expressions changed suddenly.

Geet:  “Chodo bhai. Aap itni subha subha kyun aaye ho?”

Arjun:  “I am here to take you to Amritsar. Brij has got some work. So darji asked me to take you.”

Meera: “What?? Geet pinch me..”

Geet pinched her hard. Meera jumped. “Oye Geet.. tum mere dost ho ya dushman? Arjun bhai.. darji agreed?? Oh my God.. Aaj pakka barish hoga. “

Arjun and Geet laughed at her comment.

Later Arjun left with Geet bidding bye to Meera. He took her to Handa Haveli. Arjun asked Geet to wait and went inside to call Maan as they have to leave sooner. He got a call and went ahead to talk. 

It started drizzling slightly. Geet who was waiting outside began to jump and twirl in the rain. She swayed and suddenly lost her balance. She closed her eyes fearing to hit the ground but was engulfed in a strong pair of arms. Maan, who came looking for Arjun, was mesmerized by the sight before him. An angelic beauty in white dancing in the rain. He walked towards her in awe and failed to notice that he is getting wet in the rain which he never approved. 

When she lost her balance he engulfed her in his arms. One look on her face took his breath away. She was not less than an angel. She slowly opened her eyes. Her beautiful hazel eyes. Her pink luscious lips. He has seen many beautiful women. But something about her attracted him. Geet slowly opened her eyes and found herself staring in a pair of chocolate brown eyes. She continued staring at him. Those eyes, the M shaped lips, the well built body. She has never seen someone so handsome.

Both came into senses when they heard someone calling. There was an awkward silence between them. Maan thinks” How can I lose my senses like this? What is it about this girl? No Maan, she is not going to affect you. All females are good for nothing. But Maan, she is so beautiful, so divine. Maan.. you got wet in rain. That too because of a lady. What rubbish? ” He kept aside the thoughts and was back to his sadu self. “Are you insane?” he shouted.

Geet was so lost in her thoughts. “Am I dreaming? How can someone have the most perfect features? Geet.. You are drooling over a stranger whom you met minutes before. Chaddo” She was brought back to senses by his shouting. Geet to herself: “Oye Geet. He also seems to be a dusht dhanav like Brij veerji. Better keep quiet and go.. Else Brij veerji will eat you alive.” and quickly went to get Arjun.

Maan was taken aback. She din’t give him a chance to speak and left all on a sudden muttering something under breath. No sorry, no thanks. “These women are impossible. How could I lose myself in her eyes? Wait Maan. You got lost in her eyes. Oh no. I have gone insane.

He went inside and saw her coming with Arjun. “Oh so she is Geet Handa. Good that Arjun is there. Or else I had to bear her alone.” But somewhere in his heart he knew he was happy that she is accompanying him. Arjun came and introduced him. “Geet, this is my friend as well as my brother-in-law, Maan Singh Khurana. and Maan, She is Geet.” and both exchanged a simple hello.

Geet was shocked by the fact that he is Annie di’s bro and she is going to accompany him. “I have resisted looking him till now. But how will I when we have to spend the whole day together. Anyway Arjun bhai is there. So all is well.

Arjun: “I am really sorry guys. I have to leave to Delhi as something urgent has come. Geet sweetie, I am really very sorry. Maan, if you don’t mind can you please take Geet to Delhi after registration?”

Maan couldn’t say no to his best friend. He nodded. He was planning to leave to Delhi after registration and he can’t miss a chance to be with her that too just two of them even though he will not accept that he longed for it.

Arjun: “I actually came here to take her to Delhi. Please drop her to her friends’ place. She has the address. Geet, go and pack your things. We will leave together as I don’t want to tell Darji that you both are going alone. He will definitely won’t approve that. We will take leave in one hour. Geet, do you need more time to pack? We have to leave early.”

Geet: “Packing is almost over. It will take max half an hour.

Arjun: “Ok great. So we can leave in an hour.”

And all three returned to their respective rooms. But two of them couldn’t help thinking about the other and their fore coming trip to Amritsar.