Part 6

Next morning, Geet slowly opened her eyes. She used to wake up early fearing Brij. Once she got up half an hour late as she was having high fever.  Brij out of anger placed her hand over hot tava and burned her hand. Thayiji shoved him away on right time otherwise she might have got a serious burn. Geet sighed and thought “Now I have freedom to live my life fully. I have Pinky and Uncle who cares a lot, then Annie di, Arjun bhai, Maan.. Oh Babaji. Mein kya soch rahi hoon. Just one day with him and I am a gone case. Chalo chodo. Aaj mera interview he.” and closed her eyes and prayed ,”Babaji please mera saath dena. Mujhe kisi pe bhi depend nahi karna he. Please mujhe yeh job dedo.” When she opened her eyes she saw Maan smiling at her. She blushed and continued staring at him.

After sometime she blinked her eyes only to find Pinky standing with a cup of tea. Geet shook her head and took the tea cup from Pinky smiling. Pinky saw her gestures and asked, “Oye Geet, Tumhe kya hogaya. Mein kabse tumse baat kar rahi hoon. Tum mujhe aise kyon dekh rahi thi? Mein zyaada moti hogayi he kya? Hay rabba. Meera mujhe mar dalegi.” and started checking herself in the mirror. Geet hit her head and went near her. She turned her and told, “Meri pyaari Pinks, tum itna tension mat lo. Meera tumhe kuch nahi bolegi. Bas zyaada mat kha. Chaddo.. Tum itne jaldi kaise utt gayi? Abhi tho sirf saath bajgaya he. Tum jab HP mein tha tab 8 baje bhi nahi udthi thi na?” Pinky checked the watch and told, “Geet tum jaldi se tayyar hoja. Hame 7.30 ko nikalna he. Woh aaj interview hena. If I’m late DD will fire me for sure.” Geet caught her hand and asked, “Pinky par interview tho 9.30 ko he. Itni jaldi kyon jaana he?” Pinky replied, “Are Geet, interview tab he. Par mujhe unse pehle bahut kaam he. Aur tum akele office nahi aa sakthi he na. Tho tum jaldi ready ho jao.” and left. Geet got ready in a green anarkali suit gifted by Arjun on her 18th birthday. She took Manchanda’s blessings and left for KC with Pinky.

In Khurana Mansion, Maan was sleeping sound. He had missed out his workout sessions for the first time. He couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking of Geet. He finally caught some sleep by 5 in the morning. Nakul informed Dadi that Maan haven’t woke up yet. Dadi checked the time and noticed that time is 7.15. She decides to wake him up and went to his room. She saw him sleeping on his stomach. She sat near him and gently brushed his hair. Maan opened his eyes with the gentle touch in his hair. He saw Geet sitting near him and smiling. He took her hand and slept again holding her hand. Dadi was confused with his behavior. She shook him a little and he woke up startled. He saw dadi smiling and asked, “dadima, aap kab aayi? Aap itni subha subha kya kar rahi he?” Dadi smiled and replied, “Lagtha he aap kisiki yaad mein khoye hue the. Isliye hame nahi dekha. I thought of waking you up as it is already 7.30. Aapko aaj office nahi jaana he kya?” Maan checked the time and got tensed, “Oh my God. Mein itni der tak sogaya? Dadi I have to hurry up. See you in the breakfast table.” He gave a peck on dadi’s cheeks and rushed to bathroom. Dadi smiled and thought, “Tho mera pota badal raha he. Geet ka asar horaha he.” She left smiling at success of her plan. Maan thought while taking shower, “Yeh mujhe kya horaha he. Yeh ladki mujhe paagal kar degi. Mujhe unse door hi rehna hoga. Mera routine bhi pehli baar change hua he. Nahi.. Maan Singh Khurana ko koi badal nahi sakta. Geet bhi nahi.” He got ready, had breakfast and left for KC.

Meanwhile Pinky and Geet reached KC. Pinky took her near the other candidates for interview. She assured her that she will be back after sometime. Geet made herself comfortable and looked around. She was amazed by the decor of KC. She checked the candidates and noticed that all except her were dressed in short skirts and tightly fitted formal shirts. Most of them were staring at her like she is an alien. Geet thought they were hell bend on impressing the MD and smiled inside. A lady in a mini skirt and a sleevless top came along with a man wearing specs dressed in formal attire. She introduced herself as Sasha and him as Adi and told they will be taking the first level of interview. They went inside and the candidates were one by one. Pinky came when Geet was waiting for her turn. She told Adi is a nice person, but Sasha will be a threat. Geet asked, “Why is it so?” Pinky replied, “Sasha maam ko DD pasand he. Lekin DD doesn’t consider her like that. She is the daughter of his Munshiji. Most of DD’s secretaries haven’t lasted for long as either DD will fire them out of anger or they will fall prey on Sasha’s tricks.” Geet replied, “Hmm.. Dekhthe he kya hoga.

Suddenly siren starts buzzing. Pinky hurried up and told, “Geet, tum yaha wait karo. Mein chalthi hoon. DD aa raha he. Isliye siren baj raha he. Mujhe reception mein nahi dekha tho fire kar denge. bye.” Before Geet could ask something she rushed out. She saw the interviewers going out quickly listening to the siren. Geet thought, “Babaji, Yeh MD tho koi terror lag raha he. Please mera interview tik se hone dena.” After sometime they returned and the next was Geet’s turn. Geet entered the conference room and found them seated opposite. She smiled and greeted them. Adi smiled back and greeted her. Sasha just nodded and checked her out from top to bottom. Geet took her seat. Adi asked her about her educational background and was impressed seeing her plan for higher studies that too with scholarship. Sasha too couldn’t hold back the appreciation for her who appeared to be a normal village girl according to her.They asked few more questions and finally Adi told her, “Geet there are no reasons for not qualifying you for the next round. But you need to know that our boss is very strict and professional. He won’t tolerate even a slightest mistake. If something goes wrong you have to face his anger.” Sasha added, “And most of his secretaries were just good for nothing and only used to drool over him all the time. So they haven’t stayed for long. You better keep that in mind.” Geet just smiled and told, “I will be able to handle both the conditions. I will definitely try my best not to make any mistakes and I am not a kind of person who is hell bend on impressing the boss with charms.” She stressed the last sentence looking at Sasha. Sasha was little taken aback by her confidence and Adi was really impressed by her. They asked her to wait outside for the next round. Geet came out and waited outside.

After sometime they came out and informed the selected candidates that MD will arrive shortly and they will have the next round then. Pinky came and took Geet for having coffee. By the time they reached the next round interviews have started. Pinky left and Geet awaited her turn. She saw most of the girls coming out with a pale face and she understood they are rejected. She thought, “Babaji, Yeh khadoos boss sab ko reject kar raha he. Pata nahi kaise aadmi he. Meri raksha karna babaji..” She heard someone calling her name and she moved towards the conference room.

Maan was getting the strange sensations since he stepped into the office. He was getting frustrated at his own thoughts. He was really in a foul mood and all were terrified thinking who will be fired today. And to his further dismay the candidates selected for interview were just staring at him dreamingly for whatever he asked. He shouted at most of them. He thought these girls are good for nothing. How Adi and Sasha selected these girls? He decided not to face them while interviewing. He turned to face the other side and asked to call the next candidate. He just kept her profile aside without glancing. Geet knocked the door and asked, “May I come in sir?” Maan recognized the voice but thought he is again hallucinating as there is no way Geet will be there to attend the interview. He told, “Yes, come in and take your seat” without turning. Geet felt butterflies in her stomach hearing to his voice and thought, “Geet, you have lost it. Sab jaga sirf Maan hi mehsoos ho raha he. Interview par concentrate karo.” Maan asked, “Miss, What is your qualification?” She told, “10+2 sir.” He asked, “Don’t you think you are under qualified for this post? We prefer graduates.” Geet was confused but maintained the sterness in her reply, “Sir, the interviewers haven’t mentioned any criteria like that and they have selected me. I think you must have communicated it with your staff before starting the interview process.

Maan definitely didn’t approve it. The girl has the courage to question him, the Maan Singh Khurana. Let me see how she will make through the interview. He asked questions that were really intimidating but Geet replied with confidence. He was getting impressed. Geet was really getting angry. She thought, “What type of person he is? Naam tak nahi poocha. Profile bhi nahi dekha. Aur sawal tho aise kar raha he jaise civil service ka interview le raha he. Khadoos. Dusht danav. Sadoo. Iske saath me kaise kaam karega?” Maan thought, “This girl is really intelligent. Why should she opt for the post of secretary?” he voiced his thoughts, “What made you try for the job of a secretary, I mean you should have done your graduation instead of looking for a job.” Geet replied, “I opted for this job as it is a temporary post for 6 months and I have to join college only by then. I don’t believe in sitting idle and wasting time. As I am planning to do my graduation in architecture I thought I will get an exposure if I work in a construction company.” He was now fully impressed by her and now last but not the least, he need to see whether she will stare at him like other candidates which he won’t approve.

He turned and was stunned to see Geet. He blinked couple of times to make sure she is there. Geet too was in a shocked state. She thought, “Oh babaji, kya Maan sach mein yaha he?” She pinched herself and winced with pain. “Babaji, yeh nahi ho sakta. uff. KC matlab Khurana Constructions, MK ‘ Maan Khurana. Jhalli tumne yeh socha kyu nahi.” She was brought back from her thoughts by Maan, “Geet, Tum yaha?” She replied, “Maan, mera matlab sir, mujhe pata nahi tha ki KC aapki company he. Nahi tho mein.. ” Maan interrupted, “Nahi tho tum yaha job keliye nahi aata. Right Geet? Meine tab bhi kaha tha ki tum mujse darthi ho. Isliye mere samne na aane ka reasons doondte rahthe ho.” Geet replied, “Nahi Maan, aisa nahi he. Mein kisi ka madat nahi lena chahthi thi. Meine Arjun bhai ko bhi job ke bare mein kuch bataya nahi. I want to be independent.” Maan was staring intently at her. He was seeing another side of Geet. He told her, “Geet what made you think that I am going to help you? You came here for interview and only if you are good for the post you will be selected. And not based on any personal acquaintance. I think I have told you I never mix personal and professional fronts.” Geet smiled and replied, “Ok sir, so do you have any further questions?” Maan smiled as she got back to the interview mode, “I think I am done. You can collect the offer letter from the receptionist. And you got the job because you deserved it.” Geet thanked him and thought, “Babaji, yeh mujhe kaha phasa diya. Mein unse door jana chahtha tha aur aapne mujhe pura din unke saath hi rehne diya. Ab mein apni feelings ko kaise control mein rakhenge?” Maan noticed her lost in thoughts and asked, “Geet, tumhe kaise pata chala ki yaha interviews ho raha he? Tum sirf do din pehle aayi thi.” Geet told, “Woh sir, Pinky, yaha ki receptionist, meri dosth he jiske saath mein reh rehi hoon. Usne mujhe bataya.” Maan smiled, “Tik he. Tho tumhe kal se join karna padega. Bakki formalities tum Pinky se pooch ke kar sakthi hoon. Kal milthe hain. Aur ha time par pahunchna.” and smiled. He was really delighted by the thought of having her near him the whole day. He thought, “How much ever I try to go away from her, she will come close to me. I have to admit it that I like her presence. Now at least she will be there with me physically and not in my thoughts.

Geet bid bye to him and came out lost in thoughts. Pinky was waiting for her; she asked seeing her face, “Geet, DD ne tumhe danta? Yeh nahi mili tho koi problem nahi. Koi aur job dekhenge.” Adi joined them. Geet was still lost in her thoughts. Pinky shook her and asked, “Geet kya hua?” Adi told, “Zaroor Maan sir ne kuch kaha hoga.” Geet told, “Nahi unhone mujhe kuch nahi kaha. Kal join karne ko bola.” Pinky and Adi exclaimed, “Kya!!” Pinky asked, “Tumhe dekhkar tho lag raha tha ki kisine tumhe mara.” Geet smiled setting her thoughts ahead and told, “Oye Pinky, Pehla job milne ka shock lag gaya tha.” Adi and Pinky smiled at this. Pinky told, “Oye Geet. Tum Adi sir se mil chuki honge na. Hum dosth he. Aur kuch bhi help chahiye tho inse poochlena.” Adi smiled and shook hands with her. Maan was coming out of the conference room and saw this. He definitely didn’t like someone else touching his Geet.. (Hmm.. His Geet..). Maan shouted, “Adi, I don’t pay you people to chit-chat at office hours.” Adi immediately went to him. Pinky ushered Geet to the reception fearing his tauntrums. Geet thought, “Inhe achanak kya hogaya. Abhi abhi tho seede baat kar rahe the.” and asked Pinky, “Yeh kyun chilla rahe the?” Pinky told her, “Yeh tho kuch bhi nahi. Jab DD ko gussa aatha hena. Tab sabko apni ungaliyon mein nachatha he.” Geet thought, “So Maan Singh Khurana is a real terror. Got to see another face of him and may be there is lot more to see. Jo bhi ho dekhthe he.” Pinky gave her the offer letter and she completed the other formalities and left for home. Maan got busy with his meetings finally relieved from his thoughts as he is going to have her near him.