Part 7

It was almost eight, by the time Pinky reached home. Geet had informed Manchanda, Meera, Thayiji and Arjun about her job. Manchanda, Meera and Thayiji were happy that her life is going smoothly now. Arjun was at first really angry as she looked for the job of a secretary when she could have taken any job of her interest in Handa’s business. He knew even papaji had no issues in that. When she told that he is working for KC and is the secretary of Maan he was little convinced but was not happy about her decision. She persuaded him and finally he agreed for the job. Pinky came rushing to Geet and hugged her. Pinky told, “Oh Geet, I am so happy. We are going to work together. We will be together 24/7. It is really great.” Geet told, “Pinky it’s all because of you that I got in here.” Pinky cut her and told, “No dear, you don’t know how difficult it is to get through DD’s interview. You are definitely the best. So DD chose you.” Geet thought of Maan and told, “Yeah Pinky, he never compromises his work.” Pinky looked startled, “Oye Geet, Tumhe DD ke bare mein kaise pata. Aur tu kya soch rahi he?” Geet came out of trance and told, “Pinky, Tumhara yeh DD Annie di ki brother he. Aur mein uske saath aayi thi HP se.” Pinky placed her hand in her chest and exclaimed, “Geet, Don’t tell me, tum poora din aur raat DD ke saath thi. Sirf DD aur tum. Oh my God.. How dreamy?? Geet batana kaisa tha tumhara safar. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki woh DD tha. Nahi tho mein sara details pooch chuki hothi.” Geet blushed but to hide it from Pinky, she told, “Oye Pinks, Woh mera bhai ki sabse acha dosht he aur Annie di ke bro bhi. Tum na kaise kaise baatein karthi ho. Chaddo.” She turned to serve dinner. Pinky told, “Geet tumhara kuch bhi nahi ho saktha.” and went to take bath. Manchanda joined them after sometime and they had dinner and all of them retired to bed. Geet slowly drifted off to sleep anticipating the day with him.

Maan reached home late as he was held up with meetings and conference regarding the London project. Dadi was waiting for him. It was her habit waiting for Maan, she had dinner only with him.  If he is too late, he will inform her to have dinner and sleep. Maan freshened up and came for dinner. They talked about the days’ events and London project. Maan always used to take feedback from Dadi regarding office matters. He had forgotten about the interview with Geet. But dadi who had got the news much earlier from Annie was waiting for him to break the news. But finally getting impatient she asked, “Maan bte, what about the interview for your secretary? Selected anyone or rejected all as usual?”. Maan stopped eating and blushed at the thought of Geet. He maintained the stern face and told, “Dadima, secretary is appointed.” Dadi told, “Oh good news, finally Maan Khurana selected a secretary. But for how long? Who will stand your temper Maan?” Maan told under breath, “She will stand my temper.” and told, “Dadima, ab bas bhi karo.. Geet is my new secretary. Mujhe pata he Annie ne aapko bataya hoga. Aur Arjun ne mujhe call kiya tha. Aur iske pehle ki aap kuch bole mein aapko batatha hoon. She was the only person who gave the interview nicely. All others were good for nothing. Isliye usko naukr mili.” Dadi smirked and told, “Maan bte, meine aapse kuch nahi poocha. Aap itni safayi kyun de raha hoon? Aapke man mein kuch chal tho nahi raha he?” Maan shook his head in frustration and told, “Dadima, Aap tho kuch bhi bol deti ho. Mein sone jaa raha hoon. Kal bahut saare meetings he. Mujhe late nahi hona he.” Dadi smiled and told sarcastically, “Ha Maan, mujhe pata he aapko kal bahut important meeting he. Chalo jaldi se so jao.” Maan rolled his eyes and went to sleep thinking of Geet.

Next day, Arjun came to drop Geet to KC as it was her first day. Geet took blessings from Manchanda and left with Pinky and Arjun. She insisted him to drop them little away from KC and told Arjun to keep their relation and the connection between Khuranas within themselves and not to anyone else. Arjun promised her and gave her a side hug before leaving. Geet and Pinky headed to KC. Geet was in a white anarkali suit looking like an angel. She completed the joining formalities and Pinky showed her cabin. It was next to Maan’s cabin separated by a glass window. Geet thought, “Babaji, how I’m going to work with him around. Abhi dekho yaha se tho clear view bhi miltha he. Meri raksha karna babaji.” She got familiarized with her work with the help of Adi and Pinky. She liked Adi and noticed the interest Pinky and Adi have for each other. After they left she went through the boss’s schedule for the day which she has to prepare from tomorrow. She took a printout of the schedule and placed in his cabin. She prepared his black coffee adding one sugar cube and placed in his table. After that Geet went to her cabin and settled down. Just then Sasha came in and asked, “So Ms Geet Handa, you got through the interview. I don’t understand how out of all those girls MK selected you, a mere village girl.” She replied calmly, “Sasha maam, I don’t think dressing counts one’s capability. Chote chote kapde pehne se koi capable nahi hota he. It depends on how they handle the tasks. Aur waise bhi I am Maan sir’s secretary and not yours. So I don’t think it is necessary to prove anything to you.” Sasha fumed at her reply and told, “Tum mujhe challenge kar rahi ho? Mein bhi dekhthi hoon tum kitne din yaha kaam karegi.” and stormed out of her cabin. Pinky came in watching this and told, “Geet, tum usse panga mat lena. Woh bahut khatarnak he. Tume pata nahi pichle secretaries ko kya kya sahana pada inki waje se.” Geet smiled and told, “Pinks, tu khabra mat.. Kuch nahi hoga.” Pinky left after giving her some more advice. Meanwhile Sasha started her plan to throw Geet out. She entered Maan’s cabin and replaced the schedule with a next days’ and left.

Maan entered KC and felt the strange sensation coursing through his veins. He thought about Geet and a small smile crept on his face. The employees who were waiting for his arrival were surprised to see the smile in his face. He immediately maintained the stern look and strode to his cabin. He paused near Geet’s cabin and found his angel staring in the computer screen intently. He smiled again and went to his cabin. He found that the day’d schedule and his coffee was there in the table. He was impressed that she has started doing her tasks. He wanted to call her but Maan Singh Khurana won’t call anyone unnecessarily. He took his coffee and noticed that she prepared it little too early. He called her and asked to come to his cabin. Geet haven’t noticed him coming as she was keen in going through the tasks she need to accomplish daily. When he called she was shocked that he had arrived. She reached his cabin in no time. He was mesmerized seeing her in the while suit. She was looking angelic. He kept staring her until she cleared her throat and asked him why he called. He looked away and told, “Ha Geet, so you have started your tasks. The coffee is little cold, make another one and ha bring coffee only when I ask. Don’t bring before I come.” Geet replied, “Ok sir.” and went out thinking, “Ee lo. Mein unhe coffee dedi aur woh abse mistakes doondne lage. Pinky tik keh rahi thi. Sach mein DD he.. par Dhak Dhak nahi Dusht Danav.” and went to make coffee. Maan self thought, “Mein kuch zyada rude nahi tha na. Nahi. Mein apni secretary se aise hi baat kartha hoon. Geet mera secretary he. So keep everything professional.” and got back to read the schedule. He was supposed to have a meeting with Mr. Chopra at 10. But in the schedule no meetings were there till 2. He thought maybe he postponed it and started working on the details of Noida project.

Sasha was standing with an evil smirk near his cabin. Now this girl will get fired for sure. Geet gave him coffee and got back to work. He was engrossed in work when he got a call from Mr. Chopra. “Hello Mr. Khurana. Hope you are on the way. We have been waiting for past 30 minutes.” Maan was surprised but as the project was important he told that he got stuck in traffic and will reach in 15 minutes. He immediately checked the appointment in his calendar and noticed that the meeting was scheduled at 10 and it is already 10.30. He stormed out of his cabin and left for meeting him. Geet saw him leaving furiously. She was confused. She checked his schedule and found that he had a meeting at 10. Then why he hasn’t left yet. I had placed the schedule on his table. Pinky rushed to her cabin and told, “Geet, DD was angry. Tumne kuch galat tho nahi kiya na.” Geet replied, “Nahi Pinky, meine unka schedule table pe rakha tha aur usko coffee bhi diya. Unka 10 o’clock meeting tha aur woh abhi jar aha he” Pinky asked, “Tumne DD ko meeting ke bare mein remind nahi kiya?” She replied, “Nahi Pinky, Meine schedule rakha tha tho Maan sir ne dekha hoga.” Pinky was tensed, “Oye Geet, Tumhe unhe yaad dilana tha. Woh tumhara kaam he. Ab pata nahi DD kya kahenge.” and left immediately. Geet was getting tensed.

Maan reached the venue and apologized to Mr. Chopra for being late. Chopra didn’t mind as he knows otherwise he is always on time. After discussion they signed the deal and left. Maan left for KC. He was fuming and decided to give a peace of mind to whoever placed his schedule. Everything he did was perfect and this is the first time he had to apologize to someone. He strode inside the premises and all were shaking in fear. He asked Pinky who placed the schedule. Pinky told, “Sir Geet placed your schedule. But…” Maan raised his hand asking her to stop. He stormed to her cabin. Pinky and Adi were really worried about Geet. Sasha had an evil smirk in her face.

Maan pushed open Geet’s cabin door and shouted at her, “What the hell do you think of yourself. If you don’t know something ask someone and do. Don’t pretend like you know everything.” Geet stood up startled but haven’t understood anything he told and thought he may be angry for not reminding the meeting. She told, “Sorry sir, I…” Maan cut her in between, “Galati karke sorry bolne se koi fayda nahi. If I haven’t attended the meeting KC would have lost a 2 crore worth project and that too just because of your one mistake. If you don’t know my schedule then you should have asked Sasha. But no… You are too proud to ask someone and want to do everything by yourself. I couldn’t have given you the job.” and left her cabin leaving her bewildered. She slowly registered his words. She thought, “Schedule? But I placed the right schedule. I have a copy. I will clear it now itself.” Geet went to his cabin, knocked and got inside. Maan was in no mood to listen to her. She told, “Sir, I placed the right schedule in the table.” Maan threw the paper on her face and asked, “This is my schedule for today? You make mistakes and is trying to cover it now? Mein tumse ache se baat kartha hoon iska matlab yeh nahi kit um apni manmani karthi raho. Tum meri secretary ho. Better remember that and get out.” Geet took the paper and noticed it is not the one she placed. She tried to tell something. But he shouted, “Geet I said get out.” Geet left the cabin. She had tears waiting to fall. But controlled it and left for her cabin. The whole office was watching her with eyes full of pity. She entered the cabin and saw he has closed the blinds. She sat there not knowing how to convince him. Just then Sasha entered and told, “Kya hua Ms.Geet. Yeh tho sirf shuruvat he. Bakki baad mein milega.” and left smirking.

Geet sat on her chair and thought, “How come I forget my life till now? How I got carried away with the events from past few days? I’m just a mere village girl whose own family disowned her. I shouldn’t have offended Sasha maam. I really need this job. I can’t depend on Pinky or Meera always. I have to be on my own. I can’t spend the money got from my land as it is required for my studies. I should focus on my job and my dream course inCambridge. And Maan sir is my boss and I’m just his secretary. I won’t cross my limits from now on. In personal fronts also, I will keep the relation just as Annie di’s brother. Now I won’t get carried away. Mein apni rasthe se bhatak gayi thi. Par babaji ne mujhe sahi rah dikhaya.” She had a determined look on her face. The experiences till now had made her strong. Somehow after meeting Maan she started to feel different. But she was strong to overcome all those feelings. She got back to her work determined not to make a slightest mistake.

Maan had closed the blinds out of anger and indulged himself on work after that. When the anger came down he started feeling guilty for shouting at her like that and that too on her first day. He wanted to open the blinds and see what she is doing but his ego didn’t permit to do so. He called her and asked to bring Noida projects’ accounts file from Adi. She knocked and came in with the file. He looked at her. Her face was blank with no expression. She placed the file in his table and asked whether he needs anything else. He told nothing. When she turned to leave he called her and told, “Geet, woh schedule..” Geet turned and told, “I’m sorry sir. I’m sorry for placing the wrong schedule and not informing you regarding the meeting. I will try my best not to make any further mistakes.” and left his cabin. He felt really bad. He wanted to hold her close and tell her sorry for being so rude. He knew in anger he went little overboard.He thought he will make it up later.

The day went really fast for him as he had discussions and meetings lined up. Geet familiarized with her work and got engrossed in it. Pinky asked her whether she is ok. She assured her that she hasn’t felt bad. It was 7 and all were leaving. Pinky came to her cabin and told her it is time to leave. Geet checked and found Maan working in his laptop. So she told, “Pinky Boss abhi tak nahi gaye. Main unse pehle kaise jaa sakthi hoon. Tum jao.” Pinky was worried about how she will reach. Geet assured that she will come alone and not to worry. Pinky left and Geet got back to her tasks. Geet checked the time and found it is 9 and saw Maan still working. She thought, “Kaisa aadmi he? Ghar nahi jaana he? Unhe bhook pyaas kuch nahi he kya? Mujhe tho zor se bhook lag rahi he.” She fished into her bag and got some biscuits and started eating.

Maan finished his work and was about to leave when he saw lights in Geet’s cabin. He went near and saw Geet engrossed in checking something in her desktop and eating biscuits. He stood there and watched her gestures. His sight fell on her lips and he gulped saliva to resist the urge to kiss her. He came out of trance and went inside. Geet suddenly got up and was about to fall when Maan caught her by waist. Both stood staring for sometime and when reality hit her, Geet shrugged and straightened herself. Maan withdrew his hand seeing her reaction and asked, “Geet, why you are working late? Office timings are only upto 7.” Geet replied, “Sir, I saw you working and thought if you need anything I have to stay back. I think you have finished your work. So I will leave now.” She switched off her desktop, took her bag and walked past him. He understood that she took his words seriously. He pulled her to him before she opened the door. He held his hands on both her shoulders and told, “Geet, meri taraf dekho. I know I was little rude today. I lost my temper as the deal is really important and KC could have suffered a great loss if I missed it. I’m sorry.” Geet looked away and told, “its ok sir, I am your employee. So you can get angry if I made some mistake. I don’t mind. I’m getting late. I have to leave.” Maan understood it is really difficult to persuade her and told, “Ok Geet, I will drop you.” Geet replied looking at him, “I will take a taxi. You don’t need to take pains for dropping me. I am just your employee and I know to take care of myself.“and tried to shrug his hands off. Maan tightened his grip and told, “Geet, Arjun asked me to drop you. Zyaada sid mat karo.” Geet nodded and looked away.

Maan could bear this attitude of hers. He wanted his old bubbly Geet back. He turned and locked her door. Geet thought he was leaving and was shocked seeing him locking the door.