Part 8

Maan couldn’t bear this attitude of hers. He wanted his old bubbly Geet back. He turned and locked her door. Geet thought he was leaving and was shocked seeing him locking the door. He went near and held her by her shoulders and told, “Geet please try to understand. I was really angry as it is the first time I got late for a meeting. Sorry for getting so hyper.” Geet shrugged off his hands and told, “Sir, I think I should leave now. It is getting late.” and turned to open the door. Maan understood it won’t be easy to pacify her now. So he decided to talk to her later. He followed her. Both haven’t uttered a single word even though Maan was stealing glances every now and then until he dropped her home. When they reached, Geet thanked him, opened the door and went inside without looking back. Maan expected her to turn back once but was disappointed and drove away with a heavy heart.

Once she heard him drove away, Geet turned and told, “Maan, I know you got angry for a reason and Sasha has changed the meeting schedule. I haven’t clarified as I want to keep this distance. I know you are attracted to me. But I don’t want to give you false hopes. We can’t share a relation more than a boss and secretary. My life has an aim. I can’t fall prey for any soft feelings and deviate from it. It will hurt those who love and trust me the most. I am really sorry.” and went inside. Pinky and Manchanda were waiting for her. They had a small talk, had dinner and went to sleep. Geet went to her room and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. Her thoughts drifted off to Maan. Why he is affecting me? Why can’t I simply suppress the feelings I have for him? It is just a mere attraction. Or is it something else? Do I love him?? No… I am thinking too much. I should keep away from him. It is good for both of us. She slowly fell asleep thinking of him.

Dadi was waiting for Maan to return. She was eager to know about Geet’s first day in office. When Maan entered she could tell from his expressions that he is really worried about something. He gave dadi a side hug and went to freshen up. While having dinner Maan was unusually quiet. Dadi asked him about the meetings and the new deal. He mentioned he got the deal and the project is going to start next week. Dadi congratulated him and asked, “Maan bte, you should be happy then. But you seem worried. What happened?” Maan replied, “Nothing dadi, bahut kaam tha. Thak gaya hoon.” Dadi told, “Aap hamse chupa rahe ho Maan?” Maan knew he can’t lie to dadi but decided to hide it. He told, “Nahi dadi aisa kuch bhi nahi he.” Dadi gave up and bid Goodnight to him and left. Maan left for his room. He couldn’t bear Geet distancing with him. He wanted to see her right then and clear out everything. But he knew he has to wait till morning. He decided he will get her back to her bubbly self and went to sleep.

Next day by the time Maan reached, Geet had prepared his schedule. She decided not to take any chances and thought of giving it to him after he comes. She went to his cabin as he came and gave the schedule. He asked her to wait and checked the schedule. There were few new clients and he had 5-6 meetings lined up. Maan looked at Geet who was looking elsewhere. He smiled and asked her to bring him coffee. She went out and sighed. She was really finding it difficult to stand before his gaze. She made coffee, placed in his table and immediately left. He knew she was trying to avoid him. He can’t talk to her now. He decided to talk to her by evening as he had lot of work piled up and meetings too. The day went quite busy, with meetings and discussions. Even though she had to take notes in meetings their encounters were very less. Maan was so engrossed in work that he didn’t notice the time and that Geet had left with Pinky. When he finished his work he checked through the blinds and found that she has gone. He thought, “Oh no, I haven’t talked to her. She might be thinking that I don’t care. I will talk to her tomorrow for sure.” and left for home. Geet was glad that Maan haven’t asked her anything and she found it easy to keep distance. But deep within she was hurt that he didn’t care to talk to her even once. She thought, “Maybe he is never attracted to me. I was a dumbo to think so. When he has thousands of beautiful girls waiting for one look from him why should he get attracted to me? This was what I needed. Then why am I moaning on it? I should leave it.” She tried to convince herself.

The next few days Maan was very busy on discussions with some new clients and the London project. He haven’t got time to talk to Geet and clarify the matter. Geet was obviously feeling bad, but didn’t let her resolve to melt. Weekend also went busy for Maan as he overworked for gathering the details associated with the London project. Geet had a great weekend as Meera arrived on Saturday and the trio had a blast together. Arjun and Annie came to meet Geet and they took her to shopping. Even though she refused they shopped about a dozen of suits and a beautiful white saree for her. The weekend went fast for both of them and didn’t give enough time to think about the other.

Geet was stepping into KC when he felt a tug on her hand. She turned and got the biggest shock in her life. Brij was standing there with red eyes like he is going to eat her alive. He roared, “Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho??” Geet stammered, “Woh veerji mein.. mein yaha kaam kar rahi hoon..” Brij held her by her hair and dragged her out to a secluded corner. He slapped her tight on her face and commanded, “Ainda is building ke samne tak aane ki koshish bhi mat karna.Varnamujse bura koi nahi hoga. Agar mujhe tumhare irade malum that ho tumhe kabhi yaha nahi bhejtha. Tum abhi vapas chal rahe he. Mere saath.” Geet struggled in his grip, “Veerji mein vapas nahi chal rahi hoon. Mein yaha kaam kar rahi hoon. Mera aur koi irada nahi he.” Brij seethed in anger and told, “tumhari itni himmat”and raised his hand to slap her again but was caught by a strong hand. Brij turned to find Maan holding his hand. Brij was shocked to see him but told in a stern voice, “Yeh hamare ghar ke maamla he. Aap yaha se jaaiye.” Maan replied, “Geet meri secretary he. Aur office timings mein isko waha hona chahiye. Agar ghar ka mamla he to ghar mein aane ke baad baat karlena.” Brij calmed a little to avoid a scene before him. He shot an angry glare at Geet and left. Maan held Geet’s hand and went inside. As it was early most employees were not there. Maan asked Geet to come to his cabin. She was afraid of any confrontation. She knew she can’t do anything. As she entered his cabin, Maan went near her and locked the door. He closed the blinds and turned to Geet who was looking down.

He saw her cheeks turned red with visible finger prints. He was seething in anger towards Brij for treating her like that. He held her close. He slowly traced his fingers through her cheeks as if to take away the pain. She melted with his touch. Maan told, “Geet, Mein yeh kabhi bardash nahi kar saktha ki koi tumpar haath utaye. Chahe woh tumhare bhai kyun na ho.” Geet looked at his eyes and saw concern in his eyes. She asked, “Kyun??” He looked at her lovingly and came near her ears and told, “Because I love you Geet.” Her heart skipped a beat. He moved his head to look into her eyes. They were so close that they could feel their breaths. Maan looked at her intently. He couldn’t control himself from taking those pink petal like lips into his. It took some time for her to register what is happening. But she offered no resistance. She allowed his tongue to enter her mouth but haven’t responded back. His tongue searched every corner of her mouth and she closed her eyes to take in the feeling. She was in daze, she felt safe in his arms. “Geet..” She heard someone calling. She thought, “Maan locked the door. Now who is calling? Did he lock the door properly? Agar koi dekh lega tho? Aur Brij veerji.. Geet tum kya kar rahi he. Yeh nahi ho saktha. Maan sir aur mein.. Nahi..” She felt her face and dress getting wet. She shrugged and opened her eyes. She saw Meera smirking with a bucket in hand and Pinky laughing. She was startled and looked around. She was in her room. “Oh so it was a dream.. Babaji aap mere saath kya kar rahe hain..” and then she came back to senses. She looked at her dress and shouted, “Meera ki bachi.. Tujhe tho mein chodenge nahi..” Meera ran and she started chasing. This was normal whenever she is with Meera. After their morning session of masti-masak Geet went to take bath. She then thought about her dream, “Babaji yeh kay horaha he mere saath. Maan sir aur mein aise.. Chi chi babaji.. Mein aise soch bhi kaise sakthi hoon. Aur Brij veerji.. Agar unhe pata chala ki mein KC mein kaam kar rahi hoon tho kya hoga. Abhi tho sirf Arjun bhai aur Thayiji ko pata he ki mein kaha kaam kar rahi ho. Babji please bachalena.. Mujhe is job ki zaroorat he. Please kuch galat mat hone dena..” She shrugged off her thoughts and got ready for office.