Part 9

As Pinky was on half day leave, Geet went alone to office. She reached around 8.30; the lobby was empty except for few security persons. She waited after pressing the elevator button. When it opened she was left with her jaw open. She didn’t expect him so early. Maan was also surprised to see her early. He waited patiently for her to enter but she seemed so confused. He pulled her in and the elevator door was closed. Geet was shocked by the sudden pull and when the elevator door closed she murmered, “Babaji, mein jitna inse door rehne ki koshish karthi hoon uthna hi aap unhe mere samne lathe ho. Yeh mujhe kaha phasa diya.

Maan saw her murmering something and noticed that she is not being her usual self. Then he remembered that he didn’t talk to her yet after that incident and pressed the stop button of the elevator. The elevator stopped with a jerk which caused Geet to stumble and Maan caught her before she lost her balance. He looked into her beautiful hazel eyes. There were deep emotions in her eyes that he couldn’t comprehend. Geet found herself drowning in his chocolate brown eyes. But she couldn’t believe what she saw in those eyes. Did she really saw love and care? No it can’t be true. She looked elsewhere not wanting to read anything further. Maan straightened her still holding her by her waist. She tried to free herself from his hold but he tightened his grip around her.

He told, “Geet tum hamesha mujse door jaane ki koshish kyun karthi ho? Mujhe pata he mujhe us din utna rude nahi hona chahiye tha par mein tumhe hurt karna nahi chahtha tha. I am sorry if I hurt you.”  Geet looked back into his eyes and told coldly, “Sir, Aapko is choti si baat par itna tension lene ki zaroorat nahi he. It is normal for a boss to scold his employees for their mistakes. I don’t have any problem with that. Sab ke aane ka time hogaya he. Hame chalna chahiye.” Maan was hurt by the coldness in her voice. He told, “Geet, kya hamare beech sirf ek boss secretary ka relation hi he? Mujhe laga tha ki hum se hi dosth he.” Geet replied with a little sarcasm, “Sir, yeh office he aur hame professionally rehna chahiye. And as far as I know you, you never mix your personal and professional lives.” He knew she is giving back his statement and it irritated him to the core. He immediately withdrew his hand and straightened himself. He pressed the fourth floor button and the lift started moving. He turned and told, “Ok Miss Handa, come to my cabin in 10 minutes. I have some tasks for you.” Soon the elevator stopped in their floor and he walked out without looking back. Geet felt so bad to have talked to him like that. She knew he care for her, but she herself doesn’t want to drag him to her life which is already a mess. When he saw him walking away she felt like she has lost something precious in her life. A lone tear escaped from her eyes as she walked towards her cabin.

She noticed that he has closed the blinds. She thought it is better otherwise it will become difficult for her to avoid looking at him. Maan was really seething in anger by her attitude towards him. For the first time in his life, he failed to convince someone and that too the girl whom he loved. Yes he loved her. There was not a single day passed without her thoughts after he met her. He knew that she felt for him but he couldn’t understand why is holding back her emotions. Whatever it is he is not letting her go. If she wants to be professional let it be. He will see how long she will hide her feelings. Maan Singh Khurana always got what he wanted. So Geet get ready for the challenge. He closed the blinds and started working.

Geet knocked the door and came in with the schedule. He asked her to place it on the table and make a coffee for him without looking her. She came back with coffee and waited for him with the notepad. He was engrossed in his work. She cleared her throat to get his attention. He asked without looking, “You haven’t left yet? I don’t pay you to stare at me the whole day.” She got irritated and replied back, “Sir, I was waiting for you to assign my tasks.” He replied, “Can’t you see that I am busy. I will call you when I’m free.” She twisted her lips and turned back to leave. She murmured, “Samajthe kya he apne aap ko.” and mimicked him, “I will call you when I’m free. Pehle kyun nahi bola. Khadoos.. Sadoo.. Dusht danav.” He heard her mimicking him and smiled. He told before she left, “tumhare apne apse baat karna band hua tho listen. I don’t want any calls or visitors till the meeting at 11.” She turned and told, “Ok Sir” and left murmering. She went to her cabin slammed the notepad on her table. “Babaji yeh tho bahut ajeeb insane he. Ek taraf tho kitna care dikhatha he aur dosri taraf orders dethe rehthe he jaise koi army official ho. Mein kaise 6 months inke saath kaam karenge. Dusht danav..” and started working. Maan was watching her through an open blind and was glad to see her back to her bubbly self.

Maan called Adi and Sasha for discussions regarding the meeting by 10.30. The design team was ready with the initial designs to be presented to the client. Maan called Geet and asked to take copies of the design file and keep in the meeting room. Geet went to take copies and was curious to study the design details. She checked the file and found some flaws that need to be addressed but was not sure whether to suggest it or not. She knew the project was very important to Maan and decided to tell him. She went to his cabin with the copies. He was discussing something with Adi and Sasha.

She placed the copies in the table and waited for them to finish the discussion. Maan noticed her and asked, “Geet, tumhe kuch chahiye.” Geet stammered, “Sir, woh mein.. woh..” Maan replied sternly, “Geet, I don’t have the whole day for you. If you want to tell something then say it soon.” Geet decided it is now or never. She told, “Sir, I noticed some flaws in the design.” Sasha gave her an annoyed look and taunted her, “You noticed a flaw. How far you know about the architecture to suggest something?” Geet understood the sarcasm but waited for Maan. Maan told, “Geet, This is an important project and I’m sure that the team has given the best design. If you want to gain some knowledge or try something you can try with some small projects.” Geet was little upset with his reply but told, “Sir, Can you please allow me to explain my points once? Then you can reject if you don’t agree with it.” Adi supported her. He told, “Sir, I think you should listen to her once.”

Sasha was about to defend when Maan asked her to explain. She explained the flaws she noticed and suggested alternatives. Maan was really impressed. None of the reviewers noticed these flaws that might have proven bad and her suggestions were excellent, the cost associated also can be reduced to a greater extent with those changes. Sasha was annoyed at her knowledge and confidence and tried to distract Maan. She told, “MK, we have only 15 minutes left for the meeting. I don’t think it is a good idea to change the design.” Maan gave her a stern look and told, “Sasha, These are not mere suggestions but flaws which definitely might have proven bad before the client. And that too with the design you claimed to have reviewed twice. What explanation you can give for that? I want the changes to be incorporated in 10 minutes. So make it fast.” Sasha left giving an annoyed look to Geet. Maan turned to Geet and told, “Geet, you seem to have a good insight on architecture. From now on you can give your inputs for the design team. Your ideas were good. And take the copies of the new design before the meeting.” Geet told, “Ok Sir” and left.

She went to her cabin and started cribbing. “Your ideas are good.. Ek Thanks nahi bol sakthe the? Nahi yeh tho Maan Singh Khurana he. Thanks kaise bolenge.” Just then Adi came to her cabin. He was really happy and told, “Wow Geet, tumne tho kamal kardiya. Tumhe tho design team me hona chahiye tha. Pehli baar kisine Sasha ko muhthod jawab diya. Congrats Geet.” Geet smiled, “Aisa kuch nahi Adi sir. Jab meine woh flaws dekha tho mujhe laga ki mujhe batana chahiye. Mein koyi credit nahi lena chahthi thi.” Adi replied, “Are Geet isme bura mannewali kya baat he. Chalo ab tho meeting shuru honewala he.” and left. Maan was watching her through the blinds. A smile crept his face and he turned back to his work. The new design was ready and the meeting was really successful. The client, Mr. Chopra liked the design and he wanted few more additions to the existing design. Geet was definitely happy about her contribution in the design. Pinky was really happy when Adi told her about Geet. She hugged Geet and congratulated her. They went out with Adi for lunch.

Maan got few more new deals. The day went good for both. By almost 7, Maan got a call from Mr.Chopra that he was leaving to London tomorrow by 9 and he needs the design ready before that. Maan checked for Sasha and the design team. They had already left. He saw Geet leaving. He called her immediately and asked to stay back. He asked her to bring the blue prints and the design file to the conference room in top floor. Geet was pissed off as she was tired by the work load and really needed a goodnight sleep. She murmured cursing him and calling him all those names while getting the blue prints and the drawing accessories. She failed to notice that Maan was there near the door listening to her self-talk. He smiled and slowly went near her. When he was almost near she felt someone’s presence and turned back suddenly. She lost the balance and was about to fall when Maan caught her by her waist. They remained like that for a while looking into each other’s eyes.