Part 11

She slowly opened her eyes. Seeing him she smiled and told, “Aap hamesha mere sapno mein kyun aate ho? Aisa chalega tho Meera aur Pinky mujhe jaldi pagalkhane bhejdenge. Ab sone dena abhi ek ghanta bakki he.” He beamed with happiness hearing her. Nothing more was required to assure him that she loved him. Now he knew how to make her confess. He shook her gently. She woke up with a start and got up suddenly. Maan haven’t expected her sudden movement and stumbled backwards eventually falling down. Geet lost her balance and fell above him. He held her waist to avoid the impact of falling. Their eyes locked for a brief moment. Maan hugged her tightly from her waist. Geet shivered with his touch. Both were lost in the moment of togetherness.

Maan realized Arjun will be waiting down and he told, “Geet, tum itni patli nahi ho ki hum aise laite rahe. Arjun is waiting down. We have to go. Han agar tum aise rehna chahthe he tho zindagi bhar reh sakthe ho. Mujhe koi aitraaz nahi he” and winked at her. Geet was red in embarrassment and got off from him quickly. She adjusted her dupatta and turned to find Maan smiling at her. Geet looked down and told, “Sir, hame chalna chahiye.” Maan smiled again and decided to tease her little further. “Geet, mujhe yeh nahi pata tha ki tum roz mere sapne dekhkar jagthi ho. Agar tum chaho tho hum sapnon ko haqueeqat bana sakthe ho.” Her cheeks turned to a deep shade of red due to embarrassment and shyness. She couldn’t utter a word. She knew she told him something in sleep. She just wanted to run away. She knew she can’t hide her feelings when he is near to her. Maan understood her plight and decided not to tease further. “Geet, chalo Arjun humara wait kar raha he.” She nodded and followed him.

Arjun hugged Geet when they came down. Maan fired the security for being irresponsible. Arjun bid bye to Maan and left with Geet. Geet turned to look at Maan. He smiled and she smiled back. She decided to give her feelings a chance as she knew she can’t deny him for long when they have to work together. She went back home contented. Arjun dropped Geet and went back to Handa Mansion. When he reached Mohinder and Sameera were in the living room discussing about her latest model assignment. Mohinder asked, “Arjun bte, tum itni subha subha kaha se aa rahe ho?” Arjun wanted to avoid Geet’s discussion before Sameera. He knew how she will react if she knows that Geet is working as Maan’s secretary. He told, “Papa, Maan was locked in office yesterday. So I went to get him.” Sameera jumped on the mention of Maan. She exclaimed, “Maan got locked in office.. Oh my God.. Is he alright? He might not have taken his dinner. Hamesha bus kaam hi kaam. Ek baar hamari shaadi ho jaye phir dekhenge woh kaise office mein rahthe hain”

Mohinder smiled and Arjun rolled his eyes listening to her nautanki. Annie who was descending the stairs heard this and she felt like strangling her pulling her hair. She went back to her room. Annie knew very well that all these are mere show off and she is just after Maan’s looks and the Khurana name. Being the fianc of Maan Singh Khurana is definitely an extra topping for her modeling career. Unlike Arjun both his sisters were mean and selfish. Naintara was not less. Her only aim is to get money for herself at any cost. For that she trapped Dev in her fake love. Both sisters never bothered Annie as they know how much her brothers loved her. Sameera has even tried to make her please with her acts. But knowing her Annie never cared. Annie so much wished Geet to be there at home as she knew how sweet and innocent she is. A smile crept her face thinking about her. She knew both Maan and Geet are locked in office yesterday from Arjun. She called dadima in the morning and informed her. Both were really happy that destiny has planned to get them together without much effort from them.

Annie was lost in her thoughts when Arjun came and hugged her from behind. Arjun kissed her cheeks and asked, “Mere biwi kiski khayalon mein khoye hue the? Zara mein bhi tho suno.” Annie turned and hugged him back with a smile. She was thankful to God for giving Arjun as her husband. Their love never knew any bounds. Her life was always been perfect with the love and care of her parents, brothers and of course her husband. She whispered in his ear, “I Love You Arjun.” Arjun smiled and told, “Aaj bahut pyaar aa raha he mujpe. Tho yahi sahi..” and picked her in his arms taking her to the bed. Annie struggled, “Arjun chodo, hame breakfast keliye jaana he. Papaji and Sam are waiting for us.” Arjun smirked and told, “Woh tho tumhe tabhi sochna tha jab tumne mujhe provoke kiya. Ab bus..” his voice trailed off as he placed her in the bed and bend over her taking her lips in a searing kiss. She gave in knowing there is no return.

Geet reached home. Pinky and Meera were eagerly waiting to know about what happened, Meera’s eagerness was more of concern for her best friend. Pinky asked curiously, “Geet, tum aur DD ek saath office mein. Batana kya hua.” Meera smacked her head and told, “Oye Pinky, chup kar. Geet, tum tik hena. Woh misbehave toh nahi kiya hena.” Geet slightly blushed thinking about the moments with Maan and told them everything except their moments together. Meera took a sigh relief. Geet excused herself and went to take bath. She smiled thinking of Maan. She was eager to get back to work. She got ready and left for KC. Maan reached KM only to find dadi waiting for him with a wide grin on her face. He was sure that Annie has informed her about him being locked in office with Geet and there is no escape from dadi. Dadi asked, “Maan bte, aaj tak aap kabhi aise office mein locked nahi hua he. Par lagtha he kisi ke aane se kuch kuch badal raha he.”

Maan wanted to avoid any confrontation and told, “dadi, aap phir se suru hogayi. Mujhe bahut kaam tha aur woh irresponsible security ne dekhe bina lock karke chalagaya. Mujhe aaj Mr. Chopra ko designs dena he. Ab mein chaltha hoon. Baad mein baat karenge.” And before dadi could say anything he hurried to his room. Dadi smiled and thought, “Maan bte, I know you don’t want to get caught. Hmm.. dekhte he kitne din mujse chupenge. Kal zaroor kuch hua he. I know it from the glow in your face.Kisiki nazar na lage mere bachon ke zindagi par.” But everything is not that easy as it seems to be. Sameera who was waiting for a chance to meet Maan decided to go to KC and meet him. She wore a red colored tight fitting dress barely covering her body parts; to be precise she looked like a bombshell. She was sure Maan will be bowled over seeing her. But little did she know none of her antics can impress Maan. She headed towards KC bidding bye to Mohinder.

Sameera parked her car and noticed that Maan has not yet arrived. Now it is a chance for her to show her authority on the office staff. She entered with an evil smirk only to be bumped into a girl clad in a typical Punjabi Patiala suit. The girl seemed to be in a hurry as she told a quick sorry without turning back and left. Sameera was fuming. How dare she ignore Sameera Handa??? Uski itni himmat.. She was about to call her and give her a peace of mind when someone called her from back, “Sameera, tum yaha office mein kya kar rahi ho?