Part 14

Geet was shocked and surprised to see Maan there. Then she thought it as a fragment of her imagination and closed the door right on his face. She murmured to herself, “Geet tu na bahut saare armaan leke baiti he. Har jaga har pal sirf wohi nazar aa raha he. Par tumhe yeh bhi pata he ki hum ek doosre se bikul alag he. Kabhi ek nahi ho sakthi.” Her insecurities have been taking a toll over her feelings. She returned back to her thoughts when the bell rang again. Maan was standing outside Pinky’s home confused on how to persuade her now. He waited for someone to open the door. He was left stunned when Geet opened the door in her cute night dress. She really looked angelic. He was taken aback when Geet closed the door right on his face. “Oops!! She is so angry.. Now how will I persuade her? Lagtha he ghar mein koi aur nahi he.” With a light smirk on his face he rang the bell again.

Geet was now confused as to whether Maan was really there. She opened the door and found him standing there with a smirk in his face. She slowly raised her hand to touch his face to ensure that he is really there. Maan by now understood that she was confused. He caught her hand and pulled her towards him. She fell on his chest. For the moment both forget everything else. The closeness was creating a havoc on both of them. Maan slowly guided her inside holding her and closed the door behind them. She moved along in a daze. But the sound of the closing door hit her back to reality. She freed herself from his hold and turned her back towards him and asked, “Aap yaha kyun aaye ho? Mein office ka sara kaam khatam karke hi aayi ho. Agar kuch tha tho mujhe phone karke pucha hota. Ek maamuli si  employee ke ghar mein aane ki zaroorat nahi thi.” Realizing the bitterness in her words, Maan held her hand. She shrugged it off and tried to move away.

Maan pulled her closer and held her by her waist. She tried to protest. He held her tighter and told, “Chup.. bilkul chup.. Jaldi se tayar ho jao. Hume abhi nikalna he.” It angered her more. “Itna kuch kehne ke baad bhi he expect me to go with him for dinner. Jayegi meri jhuti“, she thought little louder. Maan chuckled at that and held her more closer while she tried to move away. He told, “Geet, please mein kaam mein busy tha. I forget about the dinner. Ab gussa chodo aur ready ho jao.” Her face beamed with happiness as she realized that he was not avoiding her. She smiled at her thought but pretended to be angry. She deserves an explanation to his rude behavior. She tried to break away from his hold.

He held her from her back and placed his face near her right ear and whispered, “Geet, don’t pretend that you don’t know what I feel for you.” and kissed her ear. Geet shivered with his soft words and kisses. Maan continued, “May be I’m not that good in expressing it. Par yeh hamesha yaad rakhna ki tum sirf Maan ki Geet ho..” His words sent goosebumps throughout her body. He claimed her as his.. only his. He admitted his love and she liked the possessiveness in his words. The words washed away the insecurities and she turned to face him. He could clearly read the love in her eyes. He wanted to make their confession special. But he couldn’t stand the uncertainty and hurt that he saw in her eyes. Looking into her eyes he realized no occasion could be better than this.

He slowly bend forward and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling the love and care in his touch. He lifted her chin and told, “Aankhen kholo Geet.. I want to drown in those eyes that speaks volumes.. the eyes that always reflect your love even when you try to deny it.. the eyes that never betrays your heart..” He kisses both her eyes and she opens her eyelids. Her eyes were moist listening to him. He kissed her tears away and told, “Geet mein in aankhon mein aasu nahi dekhna chahtha. Mein tumhe hamesha khush dekhna chahtha he. Agar tumhe meri wajhe se koi bhi pareshani hui tho mujhe maaf kardena.” Geet stopped him placing her hand on his mouth and nodded her negatively. Geet couldn’t control her emotions. She felt loved.. She could feel the love and care in his eyes, his touch.

Maan wiped her tears and nodded negatively. She smiled through her tears and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. They heard a thunder storm striking outside. They stayed like that for long until they were disturbed by the ring of Maan’s mobile. He freed her from his embrace unwillingly and asked her to change as they had to leave. After sometime Geet came out wearing the pink suit with just a kohl and light lip gloss adoring her eyes and lips. Maan could take his eyes off her. He kept on staring at her.. She looked not less than an angel. Geet’s cheeks turned crimson as Maan continued to stare at her. She cleared her throat, “Maan, chale?” He started moving towards her. She moved backwards until her back touched the wall. He cornered her and slowly bend down to her level. His breath was falling on her eyes. She was nervous in the anticipation of what will happen. Maan understood her nervousness and smiled. He gave a small peck on her cheek and told. “Chalo. Hame jaldi pahunchna he.” Geet smiled at him and they both left for the dinner.

Mr. Chopra was waiting for them when they reached. He welcomed them and they discussed about the various aspects to be considered in the project. After the technical discussion Maan invited him for the party on Friday. Chopra praised Geet for the efforts she took in the project. Meanwhile the waiter came with the menu. Chopra passed it to Geet and asked her to order for herself. Geet gulped looking at the menu. Menu was Italian and she hardly knew any of the dishes. Maan wished to help her but he waited for her to ask him. And Geet was not a person who could be under estimated. She carefully read the menu and found an item of pasta. She had tasted pasta when she went to KM for lunch. So she ordered it and passed it back to Chopra. Maan was quite surprised. He knew she was a strong girl who will never give up in any circumstances and tackle it alone. He was falling more for this girl or the only girl who managed to win his heart.. They left after thanking Mr. Chopra.

Maan was continuously stealing glances at her while driving. She was mostly silent after they left for the dinner. He thought something is bothering her. He cleared his throat to get her attention. But Geet was lost in her thoughts and haven’t responded. Maan stopped the car and slightly shook her. Geet even though was physically present in the dinner, her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking about Maan’s confession. She knew he loved her.. Something that she wished and at the same time feared. The mere thought of her family sent shivers down her spine. She was sure that Darji and Brij will never let her anywhere near Maan. But she can’t tell the truth to Maan. She never wants any grudge between the families and any defame to her dear ones. She knew the relation Arjun and Maan shared and if Arjun never told him she must not tell him the truth.

She always chose her family over her wishes even though they cared little for her. She knew she can never go against her family or stop loving them. How can she be truthful to Maan? Their families are never going to agree for this. Can she go against her family? She was only getting negative vibes. But the love and care he saw in Maan’s eyes was pulling her towards him. She knew his confession was genuine and he was sure about her feelings. But does their relation have a future? Will the families ever accept their relation? She was in a dilemma. For her it seemed like happiness can never be part of her life. She came out of her thoughts when Maan shook her slightly. She saw concern written over his face and understood he has been watching her for long. She mentally chided herself for getting lost like that. Now he won’t back off without a reasonable explanation.

Maan asked, “Geet, kya baat he? Tum pareshan kyun lag rahi ho? I’m noticing you from long. You are not being your usual self. Kya baat he?” Geet replied looking down, “Kuch nahi bas yuhi.. Bahut der hogayahe. Hame ab chalna chahiye. Meera aur Pinky mera wait kar rahe honge.” Maan knew she is changing the topic. He moved forward and lifted her chin with his index finger and told, “Geet, meri aankhon mein dekhke baat karlo.. Tumhari aankhen mujse kuch chupa nahi saktha.” Geet looked up to meet his eyes. Maan continued, “Kya tum mujhe is kabil nahi samajtha hoon ki tum apni dil ki baat mujhe bata sake.” Geet immediately replied, “Nahi Maan. Aisi koi baat nahi.

Maan told, “Geet, tik he agar tum share nahi karna chahthi he tho mein kuch nahi poochenge.” Geet felt bad for lying to him. She told, “Maan, woh mein aapne jo aaj kaha uske baare mein soch rahi thi.” Maan decided to tease her and asked, “Meine jo kaha.. Meine kya kaha tha? Mujhe yaad nahi aa raha he.” Geet blushed and told, “Woh jo dinner ke jaane se pehle aapne kaha tha.” Maan pretended to be ignorant and told, “Geet kya baat he? Tum abhi bhi office ke incident ko lekar baiti ho? Mein tho bus tumhe mana raha tha.” Geet looked at him in disbelief and thought, “Shayad woh mujhe manane ki koshish kar rahe the. Lekin unki aankhen, unki baatein usme tho sirf pyar nazar aa raha tha. Par ab woh hi keh raha he tho.. Geet tu jhalli he. Kya kya sochne laga..” She felt bad but smiled weekly at him. Maan thought, “Geet, I know your insecurities are drifting you apart. I will clear out everything. Bas Sunday hone do. Mein tumhari saari tensions door kardenge. I want to make it special.” Rest of the journey was silent. Maan knew Geet was upset about what he told.

They reached Pinky’s home and Geet got down silently. She was sad that he didn’t stop her. When she was about to go inside she felt a tug on her dupatta. Maan watched her silently getting down and understood the turmoil in her mind. He went outside and caught her dupatta when she tried to go inside. Geet turned to find him holding her dupatta with a smile. He moved towards her and caught her by her waist. He moved his lips near her ears and whispered, “Geet, tum kuch bhool rahe ho.” His husky voice and the closeness send shivers down her spine. She managed to ask, “ky..kya?” He pulled her closer and told, “Tumne mujhe Goodnight wish nahi kiya?” She replied in a low voice, “Goodnight Maan

Maan hushed her and told, “sshh Geet, tumhe abhi bhi Goodnight wish karna nahi aata?” He pulled back to view her face and slowly caressed her cheeks. He moved forward and gave a peck on her forehead and told, “Geet zyada mat socho. Jo tumhara dil kehtha he us baat par vishwas karlo.” Geet was so lost in his touch when his words brought her back to reality. She looked at him puzzled with a hundreds of questions in her eyes.”Yeh tho mujhe zyaada confuse kar raha he. Did he really mean the words? Or is he trying to making fun of me? Babaji please meri madat karna. Yeh dusht danav tho kuch bhi saaf saaf nahi boltha he.” Maan smiled watching her confused face and kissed her on her right cheek and told, “Goodnight Geet. Aur sochna chodo.” He left leaving a puzzled Geet behind. Geet thought, “Mein jitna sochegi utna hi confuse ho jayegi. Uski baat manle.. sochna chod de. Chaddo.” She blushed thinking of their closeness and went inside.

Pinky and Meera were waiting eagerly to know about the dinner. She shrugged off telling just a formal dinner and excused herself in the pretense of tiredness. When she retired to bed the events of the day started to flash in her mind. She hugged the pillow and closed her eyes smiling. Maan reached KM lost in moments he spent with Geet. A smile was playing in his lips and dadi and Annie who were waiting for him noticed it and smiled. Dadi called him, “Maan bete, aapka dinner kaise tha?” Maan told in a trance, “It was amazing dadi..” Dadi and Annie giggled. Dadi: “Maan bete zara hum bhi tho suno business dinner itna amazing kaise ho gaya. Kahi Geet ki aane se tho nahi.” Annie: “Ha bhai, bolo na.”

Their teasing reminded him about what he told, “Woh dadi, aisa kuch nahi. Main thak gaya hoon. Kal tho party bhi he.” He was about to leave before they tease him further but stopped and told, “Annie, kal ki party mein Arjun bhi aa raha he as they have been partners in some of Mr. Chopra’s projects and they have a joint venture coming soon. Tum bhi uske saath chalo. Aur dadima dad kal ki party attend nahi karenge aur aap kahi saalon se business parties attend nahi kar rahi he. Is baar aap bhi chalo na. Annie ko company bhi milega.” Annie thought it is a better idea to get Geet and Maan together as their presence can prove as a catalyst for them. She convinced dadi who was about to deny the invitation. She winked at dadi and she understood there is a master plan in her head. They retired to bed after some casual talks.