Part 3

Maan was practicing martial arts in his Gym, a habit at midnight whenever he is at tension. Piya watched him from outside. In the past two years of marriage, the only time she has seen him this restless was when someone mention about Geet. She still doesn’t understand about the relation they shared. What had happened that they broke up? She knew he won’t return soon as it was not like just any other day, it was a personal encounter between them after two years. She trusted her husband and decided to give him time. Maan even though tried to distract himself, never failed to feel the presence of his wife, thanks to her anklets. He will never indulge on any hard form of martial arts in her presence as he knew it will pain her. He knew how much understanding she is and that she came just to make sure that he is fine. Once she left, he took the chain and started making his moves in the process hitting himself.

The thought of Neil’s hand in her waist, her leaning on to Neil, her smiling at Neil, her comment about the long night, why she still had this much effect in him when there was nothing emotional in the relationship they shared? It was a casual relationship even though it lasted for three years. He loved only Piya. Then why every single mention of her name makes him restless? Why her being with someone else makes a difference? Why on every moment of closeness with his wife gets uncomfortable for him? Why he can’t forget her? Why?? He doesn’t have answer, nor did he have from the past two years. After another hour trying to get rid of her, he finally retired to his bedroom. He saw Piya sleeping, hugging his pillow. He knew she won’t get sleep unless in his arms. He got fresh and joined her on the bed. He took the pillow and pulled her closer. She readily went into his arms and settled on his chest. He tried to get some sleep, but sleep was far away from his eyes. His thoughts drifted back to their collage days. Geet rolled on the bed to catch some sleep, but finally gave up. She loathed herself for letting him affect her still. She thought about the time when it all started. She had got a break from her family when she was sent to Harvard for doing MBA. She had decided to let go of her tensions and enjoy at least for a while.

Harvard Business School, London ‘ 5 years back

Geet was getting down from her car after parking it when her sight caught him making out with his girl friend. “Yuck’” That’s the first thing came to her head. She knew he was a flirt but always she felt a slight pain in her heart when she saw him with any gals. She shrugged off and went to meet Prem Malhotra, her current boyfriend. A smile crept her face thinking about him. He was genuine when he asked her whether she could be his girlfriend. She put forward her rules and he agreed instantly. Every time he looked at her she could see love in his eyes. But she never felt anything for him and she wished for him to get a girl who will love him as he does. Prem came forward and gave her a warm hug on seeing her. She smiled and they left for the class together.

Very soon he entered with his current girlfriend Sameera and went to sit near Prem. Geet excused herself and left to sit near Meera, the only girl whom she used to talk in the whole college. Sameera went to her group. Maan had noticed Geet avoiding him every time they had a chance to speak. He had noticed her from the first day and wanted her to be his girlfriend for a while, of course not intending a serious relationship. But knowing her, he knew she was cautious about her selection of boyfriends, most of them were almost saints on his view. Rahul had tried a lot to be her boyfriend but she didn’t even spare him a second look. He knew that Prem had feelings for her and she had told him an outright no for any commitment but promised to be with him until he meets his Ms. Perfect. If she is not going to be with Prem then he should try his luck as he was bored with his current girlfriend, Sameera. She is too much demanding almost wanting to go beyond usual lip locks, which he enjoyed to some extent. But going beyond that was never in his dictionary. He was now used to the way girls throw themselves over him except Geet, that made him yearn for the forbidden fruit. An idea crossed his mind and he was ready to go with his plan.

After one month

Geet was happy that finally Prem got what he deserved, the real love of his life. Pari, she was in the final year of her graduation in Cambridge. They were made for each other. She congratulated both and left to attend the class. When she was nearing the class she saw him, Maan Singh Khurana, standing on her way with his arms crossed over his broad chest. She thought, “Why he is staring at me like that? I need to go fast before I get myself lost in him.” Only he could evoke such feelings in her till now. She was about to walk past him when he held her wrist. Her heart did somersaults at his mere touch. She kept her cool and looked questioningly at him and his hand holding her wrist. He gave a smile and told, “Will you be my girlfriend?