Part 4

He gave a smile and told, “Will you be my girlfriend?” “What??“, Geet asked in disbelief. Did she hear it right? Maan Singh Khurana asking her to be his girlfriend. But she is Geet Handa, not so easy like the chicks who go gaga over him. She asked, “And may I know what makes you think that I will accept it?” Maan was expecting this knowing her behavior towards him and told, “At this point we both are devoid of a partner. So I thought why shouldn’t we be together?” Geet retorted, “Do you think I won’t survive without a boyfriend?” Maan left her hand and thought, “Oh man, she is not so easy. Have to try hard” and told, “Definitely not. But I need a partner, so I thought of asking you.” Geet looked at him for a moment and told, “Ok.. I will give it a thought. Now I need to attend the classes. Can you please move out of my way?” Maan moved and she strode towards the class. Maan looked at her retreating back and sighed, “This is not going to be easy. But Miss Geet Handa, Maan Singh Khurana will not give up and you will have to agree soon.” Geet went inside the class and went to sit near Meera. She only knew how much she controlled herself from showing her emotions to him. She never understood why she can never control herself before him.

After few more attempts finally she agreed to be his girlfriend. With in few months their relation grew stronger and they were always seen together. Geet’s initial attraction towards him had grown to love but for Maan it was nothing more than just a casual affair. He became a regular visitor to her apartment where she stayed in London. There relation was slowly crossing all the limits they both had set till now. One fine day, they were out in a disc and came back home all drenched as their car halted on the way. They got inside and both were shivering like anything. She asked him to change in the guest room and left to her room. She removed her shirt and skirt when she heard a sound at the door. She turned to see Maan looking at her with desire and raw passion in his eyes. Maan couldn’t find towel in the guest room and had come to ask her when he saw her in just inners. Geet immediately covered herself with a towel. Maan slowly started moving towards her. She took one step back with his each movement. Finally her back hit the wall and she couldn’t move further.

He came and trapped her within his arms pressing himself on her before she could move further. She started breathing heavily. He traced her face with his fingers and halted near her lips. She closed her eyes feeling his touch and parted her lips. It was an open invitation to Maan and he took her lips into his. He pulled away the towel and started caressing throughout her body. Geet couldn’t hold back and responded to his passion equally. She unbuttoned his shirt and traced her fingers in his abs. Her touch drew him insane and he threw his shirt pulling away from the kiss. He lifted her in one swift movement and brought her to the bed. He placed her on the bed and moved on top of her all the while caressing her body. He captured her lips in a searing kiss pulling her hair back. He left her lips to move down to her neck and collarbone. He kissed and bit there leaving his marks.

He moved down further and kissed wherever he found her bare skin. His hands unhooked the inner and threw away. He caught the curves in his hands molding them. His lips trailed down her neck and caught one curve in his mouth, licking and sucking. He bit the hardened tips and moved to the other giving it the same attention. She was moaning his name with every movement of his. Soon her upper body was reddened due to his kisses and bites. When he thought he couldn’t hold back, he removed the rest of the clothes and captured her lips again. He placed himself into her, slowly parting her thighs. She adjusted in a while with the pain and slowly it turned to pleasurable moans as he began to move faster within her while kissing her senseless. They both hit the peak together and Maan rested himself above her. She held onto him. He slowly moved aside pulling her to him. She rested her head in his chest panting. He wrapped his arms around her and both slept soon.

Geet woke up in the morning wrapped in his arms. It took her sometime to recognize where she was. The seriousness of what they have done hit her. She looked up and saw him sleeping contently. She knew that for him it will be just a casual relation but she had realized her feelings long back for him, she loves him. She gave herself to the man she loved. She hoped he will realize it soon. After this it was not easier to break their relation, she thought. They have crossed all the physical boundaries in their relation. He felt him stir and she tried to detangle from his hold. He opened his eyes feeling coldness and was shocked at what he had done. He never crossed his limits till now, but today it crossed it boundaries. He knew, he have no sure feelings for her, it was just physical attraction. He can’t give her any false hopes. It was a weak moment. She will forget it soon. Geet covered herself with the comforter sitting up. He sat beside her immediately. Both didn’t talk for a while. Maan told after sometime, “Geet, jo bhi hua anjaane mein hua. I never intended to do all these. I just couldn’t control yesterday.