Part 5

Geet sat there shocked at his words but her face didn’t betray her emotions except for her eyes. But alas Maan could never read her eyes. Whenever he look into her eyes, he will tell that she has unreadable crazy eyes which makes anyone fall for her charm. It was ironical that the person she loved with her life could never read the sadness and pain hidden behind those eyes. Maan looked at her after telling that but failed to realize the pain it caused her. He thought she is fine with it and gave a quick kiss on her lips and left to the guest room to freshen up. Geet sat there still until the enormity of what has transpired between them hit her. How easily he told that it was just a weak moment? Why could he not realize that she responded to him out of love and not lust? Did he still prefer only a casual relation after all these? No, he is not like that, her heart argued. May be he regretted losing control. He may require time to adjust with all these. She convinced herself as she could never hold him responsible for anything.

She took bath and came out to find him sitting in her bed. She went and sat near him, “Geet, jo bhi hua anjaane mein hua. Mein kabhi apna limits cross nahi karna chahtha tha. Par tumhare saath pata nahi kyun mein apne aap ko kaboo mein nahi kar pata. I am sorry if I hurt you.” Geet placed her hand on his mouth and told, “Please Maan, jo bhi hua woh meri marzi ke khilaf nahi hua tha. Jitna galat tum he utna mein bhi hoon. Isliye apne aap ko dosh mat do.” Maan was relieved that she doesn’t hold him responsible. He told after little hesitation, “Geet, I didn’t use any protection. So..” She could read the tension in his eyes and she mistook it to be his concern. She told, “Maan, aap please chinta mat karo. I will take an after pill.” Maan looked at her eyes and for the first time he could see through it. He saw love, but couldn’t make himself believe that she loves him. He told, “Geet, aaj tak meine kisi bhi ladki ko mera zyaada karib aane nahi diya. Par pata nahi kyun jab mein tumhare saath hothe hain tho mein khudko rok nahi pata, jaise tumpar sirf mera haqk he.” He was telling all those in a trance not knowing how deeply she was affected by those words. Her heart started to believe that he loves her. He cupped her face in his hands and pressed his lips on hers. “Mujh par sirf tumhara haqk he Maan. Yeh zindagi tumhara he aur humesha rahenge“, she told in her mind while the kiss turned more passionate.

Even though there was a slight awkwardness in their relation after that, Maan couldn’t hold back longer from getting close to her. They couldn’t help repeating it. She was like a drug for him; he could never get enough of her. Geet’s world started to revolve around him, she could never think of even a day without him. Their physical intimacy crossed all the bounds. But none in the college knew much about their relation except that they have been together since long which was uncommon to both. Maan never paid attention to any gals after they were together. His eyes always searched for her if she got out of his sight. His old girlfriends envied her for the attention she received from Maan. But Geet was too obvious to all these, her mind and heart filled only with him. Even though, she could never open up to him emotionally as he hated emotional talks and she never wanted to spoil his mood. Prem could sense the difference in her behavior towards Maan. He noticed the love in her eyes for him. But he was not very sure about Maan as whenever he asked he will just shrug it off telling that it is nothing serious. And Geet never told much about their relation, always avoiding it. He really cared for Geet and never wanted her to suffer a heart break. He was afraid that Maan will leave her some day and she won’t be able to bear it.

Almost by the time their studies were coming to an end, Maan received a call from his father to urgently come home. Geet was little tensed but kept cool. It was difficult for Geet to pass days as college was closed for study holidays and Maan was not home. She was roaming around the house, today he will come and she was eager to see him. She could feel Maan everywhere; she realized how much she loved him. She decided to tell him what she feels; even though their relation went beyond limits they never confessed their love. She spun around and suddenly felt giddy. She sat down and thought for few minutes. She has been feeling giddy many times and a tendency to throw up in the mornings. She missed her last periods and then only did it strike her that she may be pregnant. She remembered last time they did it without protection as they both couldn’t control till they buy one. She immediately went to a near by pharmacy and got a pregnancy test kit. The result came positive. She was really happy even though she didn’t know how Maan is going to take it. She knew he won’t deny his child. She smiled and got ready as Maan will be arriving anytime.

She opened the door and noticed that Maan was really happy. She smiled and welcomed him. He came inside and hugged her tight. Geet’s heart swelled with happiness at the thought that he missed her. But what came next was the worst shock she received in her life. He told, “Geet, I’m so happy. I got the love of my life. Piya’” Geet stiffened and tried hard to maintain her composure even after the heart break she just suffered. Maan continued, “Woh hamesha mere aas paas thi. Par mein samaj nahi paya ki she is the one. Papa called me to fix the engagement date after discussing with me. I will join KC after going back and will get engaged soon with Piya. I wanted to tell you first.” Geet kept her cool in all the ways possible as he pulled back to look at her. She knew that she must not show her emotions to someone who is not worth it. She gave a fake smile and told, “O great, so that means I should search for a new boyfriend. Anyways best of luck Maan. I was thinking I will go out with you to pub but I guess now you should go and give this happy news to your friends meanwhile I find a partner for myself for the next few months.

Maan looked at her in disbelief, “Geet, you have started thinking of your next boyfriend. Don’t you even care to share my happiness.” Geet smiled and told, “Maan, as we both know ours was just a casual relation and we were not even friends. So it is over when one of us is out of the relation.” Maan looked at her intently and told, “Geet, I thought you are different from the girls I dated with. But you all are the same.” Saying this he left without another word. Geet closed the door behind him and fell down on the floor releasing the tears she was holding back. She was shattered will be an under statement. She was numb with the hurt and pain. She did a grave mistake; she gave her soul and body to someone who never loved her. She let someone affect her again. But this time she was left with nothing, not even her dignity. She felt used. She cried until she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes and face were red with the constant crying. Her feelings were trampled under his feet. But she won’t let him overpower her anymore. What he thought when he told she was different? He can sleep with her and expect her to act like a good friend when he is getting married. She can’t do that. She wanted to show him that he never affected her and she will do that. She stood up with a determination.