Part 6

Geet took her car and left for pub. In the middle of her heartbreaks, she forgot about the life inside her. She entered the pub and straight away went to bar. She ordered vodka and drank it. She was not used to taking drinks but today she wanted to lose herself. She was about to take the third shot when she saw someone holding the glass. She looked up to see Neil. They both were in the same class and she knew him well due to his playboy reputation but not even once had he approached her. Neil was constantly watching Geet after she entered the pub. He had always admired her from a distance and respected her as he knew how her relationships used to be. Even though he was a play boy he used to get into a relationship with only those who were willing for that. He knew Geet was not that type and he never approached her. After seeing her with Maan, he knew she loved him but he was not very sure about Maan. Now noticing her he knew what went wrong as while coming he knew from one of his friends that Maan is going to get engaged.

He was sure she was not used to drinking. He wanted to stop her. He held the glass. Geet was trying to pry his hands off but soon fainted in his arms. He held her and took her to his car. He placed her on the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt. His instincts were telling him to take her to a hospital and he did so. There was a lady doctor in duty and he was relieved seeing her. He told her that she was drunk and fainted. They took Geet inside and after sometime the doctor came out and asked, “You are her?” Neil told, “Friend, what happened doctor. Is she alright?” She told, “Does she know she is pregnant? And if so why she got drunk? Does she know how dangerous it is for the baby?” Neil was stunned. He expected something was wrong but to this extent. He instantly felt immense hatred towards Maan. How could he marry someone after doing this to Geet? The doctor continued, “Anyway, we spilled out the liquor she consumed and in sometime she will gain consciousness. You can sit inside.” Neil went to sit beside her. He looked at her face. He knew the type of girl Geet was and thought of how difficult it could have been for her to cope with that.

She gained consciousness after sometime and found Neil sitting next to her. She immediately sat up. Neil came near and told, “Geet, please take rest. You are not well. You should at least think of your baby.” Geet was shocked, “He knew about my pregnancy. But how? How I reached here?” Like reading her questions he told, “You fainted in the pub and I brought you here. Doctor told it is not good for the baby if you consume drinks.” Geet remembered everything that happened and she was angry at herself. How could she forget the life inside her? What have she done in her pain? Now Neil, he knows everything. She didn’t want anyone to know about it, especially Maan. It is her life. Everything in her life happened with her consent but she doesn’t regret about her child, someone who is only hers. She kept her hand in her belly and looked at Neil. Neil told, “Don’t worry. I will not tell anyone.” Geet told, “I want to go home.” Neil told, “I will take you home.” Geet was reluctant but when he insisted she agreed. It was almost seven in the morning when they reached her apartment. Neil went to the other side and supported her to go inside as she appeared really tired. They stopped when they saw two people waiting for them one with disgust written all over his face and other laced with concern.

When Maan told Prem about his engagement, Prem was shocked as he thought Maan and Geet were in love. But he wanted to confront Geet and asked Maan about Geet’s reaction. Even though he found it weird, he insisted to go to Geet’s home in the morning. When they reached it was locked. They knew Geet was not a type of person who goes out so early. They were about to go and search for her when a ferrari stopped near the gate. They saw Neil getting outside and going to the passenger side. They looked each other in disbelief when they saw Geet getting out holding him. Prem was shocked; he couldn’t believe that Geet could do something like that. Even though Geet was startled she maintained her composure and asked, “Hey guys, why so early? I had a hangover last night, so asked Neil to drop me. Oh, I forget to introduce Neil Oberoi, my new boyfriend.” She pressed Neil’s hand to play along. He understood and just smiled even though wanting to mutter profanities at Maan.

Prem was too shocked to react. This is not the same Geet whom he loved once, she can’t do it. But something was not right. Before he could ask something, Maan told, “Oh, I think we should leave you for your privacy. Prem wanted to talk to you. But I guess not the right time. Will meet later.” He dragged Prem along with him not caring for his protests. Geet held Neil’s hand and walked towards the door. She heard the slamming of the car door behind her. She never once turned back as she didn’t want to be weak before him. Neil helped her to open the door and helped her to the couch. Once she was comfortable, Neil asked, “Geet, what was that? Why you have to hide it from him?” Geet didn’t feel the need to lie to Neil. She told, “He doesn’t deserve to know the truth. And even then I don’t think he will accept. I can bring up my child alone.” Neil sat near her held her arm and told, “Geet, we don’t know much about each other. But I wanted to tell you that I respect you for the person you are and you can always look at me as a friend or a brother.” Geet looked at him and saw the care and concern in his eyes. She told, “Thanks Neil.” Neil asked her, “Geet, why you are holding your pain? Why don’t you cry Geet? Taking stress is not good for your baby..” Geet couldn’t control any longer. She needed a support and she somehow trusted Neil. She burst into tears pouring out the pain she was going through. Neil sat besides her letting lending a shoulder to pour out her pain.

After that day Geet distanced herself from everyone except Neil. She never smiled but before Neil she could never keep her faade. For the rest of the world, he was her boyfriend but for her he was the only person she trusted, her best friend. Even though Geet was hesitant to talk to Neil first, Neil managed to get her open-up. She shared even the deepest pain in her heart which she never did to others. Maan never tried to speak to her after the incident and Geet refused to talk to Prem even though he tried many times. They left in a few days as the studies were over. Geet found a job for herself and decided to stay back inLondonas she didn’t want anyone else to know about her kid. Neil also stayed back joining his father’s business inLondon. He was the only support Geet had all the while. Neil’s mother came toLondonon his request. She was an extremely nice lady and understood Geet well. She helped her with all that a mother could do during her pregnancy and delivery. She treated Geet as her own daughter. Working was difficult to her during the last few weeks of her pregnancy and she was adamant to live on her own. So Neil asked her to join his firm. After much persuasion she joined him. It didn’t take much time for them to take the company to a billion-dollar top-level firm, all thanks to Geet’s hard work. Even though Mr.Oberoi inititally had a dislike towards Geet, soon he got fond of her after getting to know her better.