Part 21

Sameera finished her side of the story and looked at Geet who was standing shocked after her revelation. She waited for her to say something. Geet spoke after some moments of silence, “Whatever be the reason behind all that happened, in the end it is he who suffered. Not for days or months, but for years. Can anything compensate for the pain and hurt he suffered all alone?” 

Sameera was looking down and guilt was visible in her face. She slowly mustered courage and told, “Geet, I know none of my actions are justified. Mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi karpaya. Isliye aaj bhi mein Maan se baat karne ka himmat nahi juda paya. Mein yeh sab tumse isliye nahi kaha kyunki mein apne gunaon keliye maafi chahthi hoon.” 

Geet looked at her questioningly. She continued, “Meine isliye kaha kyunki mein jaanti hoon ki tum Maan se kitna pyaar karthi ho. Mujhe pata he ki tum Maan se tabse pyaar karthi ho jabse hum pehli baar mile the.” Geet was surprised at this, while she continued, “Jabse tumse mili thi mujhe tum bahut pasand thi. I have seen you looking at Maan many times. I could see the same love and affection I had for Vivek in your eyes. I knew that you loved Maan since then.”

She noticed Geet’s shocked face and continued, “I hated other girls around Maan because they were after his money and looks. Whenever we were together I noticed the look in your eyes. It was not jealousy, it was a mixture of pain and hurt. I knew that you were the one for him but even after my constant mentioning about you, he was not interested in getting introduced to you. He has always been a one woman man. So I had dropped the idea there.”

Geet was really shocked by the series of revelations. She waited for her to continue. Sameera told, “After getting married to Vivek, I had lost contacts with most of my friends. But I came to know that Maan went to US and started handling KC’sLondonbranch. When Vivek told that he got married to some business man’s daughter, I thought it to be someone who will be after his money and power. But when I met you today, my happiness knew no bounds as I always wished this to happen. If I was not in his life, then Maan must have surely noticed you and he might have never suffered a heart break.”

Geet studied her face and she seemed genuinely concerned about Maan as she could see the guilt in her eyes. She continued, “When I saw Maan today I was again hit by the enormity of my deeds. But I have a ray of light now, that’s you. Don’t worry, I am not asking you to forgive me. But I am asking you to wipe out all the memories from his heart related to me and fill with your love alone. I know he still carries the hatred in his heart for me and it somehow made him hate women. But I don’t deserve even his hatred. He deserves to live a normal life. Why should he change his life for someone who never loved him? I don’t want to be in his life even as a memory. I don’t deserve it.”

She held Geet’s hands and told, “Only you can bring back the old Maan who even though was self-righteous and arrogant had a loving heart. I know he loves you but there is a wall he has created around his feelings. I want your love to break through all those and make him realize that I was never worth his love or his hatred. Only your love can do that. Please Geet, this is my request.” Geet didn’t know what to tell. He never opened up to her then how she will make him forget her. Will he ever listen to her or believe her? 

She took Sam’s hands in hers and told, “Yeh sab kehne mein aasaan he, par karna bahut muskil he. Shayad mein aur aap unka dard samaj nahi payegi kyunki hum dono ko apna pehla pyaar mila he. Lekin woh us rishte se sirf dokha hi khaya he. Jo rishte unkeliye itna manya rakhta tha, jiskeliye woh bakki sabse ladtha tha, usse bhoolna itna aasan nahi he jaise hum soch rahi he. Par mein humesha unka saath doongi. Agar woh nahi bhool paya tho bhi unke zindagi mein zyaada azar nahi padne doongi. Unki khushi mujhe sabse zyaada manya rakthi he. Aap unka chinta mat kijiye.

Sam smiled and told, “Mujhe pata he Geet, woh sab itna aasan nahi he. Par mujhe khushi he ki Maan ko tumhara saath mila he. Thanks Geet for listening to me. Mein ek aur baat..” Before she could continue, Geet’s phone started ringing. It was Meera who asked her to be back to the party as Maan is also not there. Geet panicked a little and told Sam that she has to go back. She bid bye and went down to the party hall.

Sameera too went back to Vivek with a calm mind. But unknown to both of them, someone has been listening to all these getting shock after shock. Maan had left the party hall when he got a call from one of his clients. He saw Geet following Sameera to the terrace garden. He was enraged and the first thought was again to mistrust Geet. But he wanted to know what they were upto.

He went after them and hid near the door listening to their talks. When Sameera started telling her side of the story, Maan was stunned. He always thought that she loved him but was little forward in her ways with people. But the realization that she never loved him and was in love with Vivek all the time was a hard blow to him, something that was way harder than what he suffered years back. He knew he was always authoritative and possessive over Sameera but it was just because he thought her to be his. When he heard about her dad’s deeds, he was enraged. How could he play with the emotions of others? Till now he kept quiet but now he is going to pay for his deeds. He played with Maan Singh Khurana, he will definitely see the worst now. And how dare Sameera play with his feelings for hers and her father’s wishes. She is right; she doesn’t deserve even his hatred. She had been in his memory so far as a distinct pain but now she won’t rule him.

But something that alleviated his pain was Geet’s reply to Sameera. She told everything like she knew his heart. He understood how wrong he was about her. He was amazed that even Sameera knew that Geet loved him. He felt like an idiot to have once given his heart to someone who never loved him and not recognizing someone who truly loved him. He knew his actions can be justified as he was afraid to trust anyone after his heart-break. But what about her, how she might have felt when she loved him knowing that her love will never be reciprocated. Even after marriage, their relation had nothing more than what is shared between two strangers, at least for him. She stood by him like a rock and he knew she will be with him always as his strength. That brought a strange contentment in his heart even after the shocking revelations.

He saw Geet moving towards the door and quickly hid behind the huge flower pot placed near by. He noticed Sameera leaving after her and made his way downstairs deciding to give a chance to their relation. But will he be able to forget the past and love her, that only time can decide.