Part 23

Unlike everyday, Maan drove the car himself, with Geet giving occasional glances at him when he was not looking or she thought so. For the first time in past few months, Maan was enjoying the ride to office with his wife by his side. When they reached KC, she noticed that no one was there except the security guards. Maan told while entering the elevator, “We will work from the conference room. It will be better for you to complete the design.” Geet nodded in response.

They reached the conference room and Maan excused himself to get files from his office. Geet noticed that it was the same conference room where she gave the presentation. That day she was too nervous to notice the room. It was pretty big and had clippings of various achievements of KC, framed on the wall. She realized while going through those that how far he has achieved in such a short period of time. He had received the business man of the year award already.

She didn’t see him entering while she was lost looking them. When Maan entered the room he saw her staring at the wall and noticed her object of interest. He smiled a little seeing her interest in his achievements. He called out, “Geet,” She was startled and turned to see him sitting in the chair with his laptop open to start work. He continued, “Ayan came and gave the files just now. He was in a hurry with the preparations of engagement going on.” Geet smiled and went near him to get the files.

Maan pointed towards the table placed near a side and told, “You can complete the designs from there. If you need any help you can ask.” He gave a file with the new changes required and Geet moved towards the table to start working. They worked for about an hour while Maan occasionally sparing glances at her. Every time he looked at her, his heart missed a beat. Her holding the pencil, biting the nails when something is wrong, fixing her dupatta when it slides down accidentally, everything she did was a treat to his eyes.

Geet’s heart was beating fast just by being with him in the same room. She was nervous but once she started working she got immersed in it. She even left the thought that she had someone else also in the same room. Maan noticed that she has been thinking for a while from quite sometime. He slowly stood up and went near her to see the design. He went and stood behind her. The design was almost finished but he noticed her point of confusion. He told, “Geet, you should keep the measurement less than five hundred.” Geet’s face light up and told, “Exactly..” and did something he least expected.

She turned and hugged him placing a kiss on his cheeks. Only after doing so she realized what she has done. She immediately pulled away and looked down fearing his reaction and started mumbling, “Mein woh, meine socha mein apne office mein hoon aur Ayan mujhe aise suggestion dethe hain. Meine socha woh he. Sorry, I didn’t mean to do anything like that to you. I am really sorry.” But her talks where silenced when he placed his palm on her mouth and told, “Chup, bilkul chup.

Maan was stunned when he felt her soft lips on his cheeks and her soft body against his. But when she pulled back quickly and started to mumble he didn’t like it first. He wanted her to be there in his arms, it felt so right. When she told that it was unintentional and she thought him to be Ayan, a familiar surge of jealousy and anger coursed through his veins. He didn’t like the idea of her kissing any man even if it is her own brother. When she continued her sorry rants, he placed his palm to shut her up.

He told after removing his palm and gazing deep into her eyes, “Tho Geet, jab bhi koi tumhare help karte ho tho tum aise hi thanks bolthi hoon.. ha?” Geet struggled with her words, “Woh mein.. aisa nahi he.” She thought, “Babaji, yeh kya hogaya. Meine aise kisi ko aaj tak kiss nahi kiya. Par aaj mein achanak unko hug aur kiss kyun ki? Woh soch rahe honge ki mein sab ke saath aisa hi behave karthi hoon. O Babaji, please madat karna.” But she didn’t know that she thought it loud.

Maan was controlling his urge to pull her in his arms and hug her after listening to her innocent prayer. It gave him a strange relief when she confirmed that she has not kissed anyone else. A smile crept his face and he told, “Geet, babaji se baad mein baat karlena. Ab kaam khatam karo. Mujhe tumse baat karna he.” Geet looked up to see him calm and composed as always. When he turned to leave she told, “Thanks..” He told while walking back, “It’s alright.” She composed herself and finished her work in sometime. Maan too finished his work soon and waited for her to come.