Part 22

Geet reached the party hall to find a tensed Meera and Ayan. Both were concerned for what Sameera is plotting now. But Geet’s calm face relieved them but again Maan was no where seen. If he saw Geet with Sameera, they knew he will be enraged. Meera asked, “Geet, thu itna time kya kar rahi thi? Tumhe pata he hum kitne tensed the? And what she needs now? Jitna ki thi kya woh uskeliye kafi nahi thi? Abhi kya batana chahthi thi?” 

Geet knew she can’t tell what Sameera told to anyone else as she had told her that only she needs to know that. One more reason was there behind her silence. She never wanted Maan to know that his love was not reciprocated. Who else will know the pain of that more than her? She told, “She repents what she did and just wanted to apologize. Nothing more.” Ayan told, “Oh so now she wants to apologize. Anyway why are we wasting our time on these. Choti, tumne Maan ko dekha? Maan bahut der se mil nahi raha he.”

Geet panicked hearing that and told, “Nahi Ayan, meine nahi dekha.” She was tensed now. Will he misunderstand her if he saw her with Sameera? She can’t live with his mistrust or hatred. Her eyes frantically searched through the party hall. She saw him entering the party hall and coming towards them. She was relieved when she saw the same warmth in his eyes that he had while dancing, but something else also was there which she couldn’t understand.

He came and stood near them. Ayan immediately asked, “Maan, tum itne der se kaha the. Mein tumhe kabse doond raha tha?” Maan replied calmly, “I got a call from Mr.Mehra. He need to make some additions in the design.” They were relieved and Ayan told, “So Geet, tumhare liye ek aur kaam” and smiled. Geet smiled back.

The party wrapped up soon and they left for home. Even though Maan appeared calm he was burning inside. The truth that Sameera never loved him was something he still couldn’t digest. When they reached home, it was almost midnight and everyone else had slept. Maan asked Geet to take rest and went to Gym after changing. Geet felt something wrong but she didn’t know how to ask him. She decided to wait until he was back.

In Gym, Maan was venting out his anger breaking ice-blocks and tiles. The whole Gym was a mess. Every word Sameera uttered was hitting him like sharp needles. With each memory of Sameera flashing in his mind, he broke the tiles hurting himself for loving her. Meanwhile Geet was getting tensed as he was not returning back but she was afraid as to how he will react if she went to check him. She knew that seeing Sameera after a long while will have awakened the long buried memories, the hurt and pain. But she didn’t knew that it was more than that. She waited for him. After what seemed like two hours he returned back to find Geet waiting for him.

He asked, “Geet, tum abhi tak soyi nahi?” Geet told, “Nahi, woh mein aapse baat karna chahthi thi. Isliye..” Maan told, “Geet, aaj nahi. Tum sojao, hum kal baat karenge” and turned to leave. Then only Geet noticed that his hands were bleeding and visible marks all over his body. She immediately called him, “Ji rukhiye..” She took his hands in hers and told, “Aapke haat se khoon beh raha he. Mein dawai laga dethi hoon.” Maan looked at her eyes. There was concern and pain. How could he never notice her concern and love ever?

Maan took his hand back and told, “Uski koyi zaroorat nahi he Geet. Mein tik hoon.” Geet couldn’t allow him to go without bandaging the wounds nor could she force him. So she told one more time, “Please, mein jaldi laga degi.” He couldn’t refuse her and nodded in consent. She immediately took the first aid kit and asked him to sit in the bed. She very carefully cleaned the wounds and bandaged it. 

Every time he flinched, he noticed her eyes getting moist as if she was in pain. She bandaged the wounds fully and looked up to notice him staring at her. She immediately looked down realizing how close they were and that he was still in his vest and track pants. A blush crept her cheeks and Maan noticed it. He was amazed by how much she was affected by him. Maan smiled inwardly and stood up to leave thanking her not wanting to make it more awkward.

Before leaving he turned and told, “Geet, I too wanted to talk to you. Tomorrow I have some work at office in the morning and some meetings afternoon. So if you want you can come with me and include the design changes in Mr. Mehra’s project. I will ask Ayan to give the necessary files there. No one else will be there, so you can work peacefully.” Geet was surprised but being alone with him is a test on her self-control and she couldn’t deny him either. She told, “Tik he. Goodnight.” He wished her Goodnight and left to study.

Maan returned to freshen up after sometime and noticed that she was getting the bed ready to sleep. She looked cute in her night dress, she looked like a kid. He shook his head and left to bathroom. When he returned only bed lamp was on and she was sleeping. She looked calm but there were lines of tension in her forehead. Now he knew how much she cared for him. She gave him support by being with him. He went to study careful not to make any noise. 

He couldn’t sleep the whole night. He kept tossing and turning in the bed. The betrayal of Sameera was the worst he suffered in his life. Having lost his parents in an early age of 10, he was brought up under the care of dadima. It may be the loss he suffered, or the will to be strong for his siblings and dadima, that made him tough. 

He liked Sameera at their first meeting itself as they shared almost same likes and dislikes. She was not a person who used to flaunt. Despite being Mr. Kapoor’s daughter he never saw the traits of any cunningness in her. She seemed interested in talking to him too. He decided then that she can be his life partner. Now it seemed a wrong and abrupt decision. If he could have thought little more then this could have never happened. He never asked Sameera whether she liked him or not. He just proposed her that too amidst of everyone and took her acceptance as a Yes. It was a grave mistake.

But somehow throughout their relationship she seemed detached from him. He never found the solace he sought for. But he never thought that she didn’t love him. The single wrong decision made his other wise perfect life upside down. It took him almost one year to come out of the grief. Now when he came to know that she never loved him, he felt he wasted almost seven years of his life for no reason. He decided that the chapter of Sameera has to be closed now and she doesn’t deserve even to be in his memories. And her dad will definitely have to face the consequences of playing with Maan Singh Khurana’s life.

His thoughts drifted off to Geet. Somehow he was grateful to dadima and Ayan for bringing her to his life. He knows that she deserves a life full of happiness for being the person she was. He decided that he will give a chance to their relation and trust her, even though love was something he can’t promise her yet. Her thoughts brought a small smile in his face and he drifted off to sleep almost by early morning. 

His sleep was disturbed in almost one hour by the constant buzzing of his alarm. He noticed that it is six in the morning. As he had already done a lot of work out last night, he changed the alarm time and slept till seven. When he got ready and came down, Geet was already there waiting for him in a deep-blue salwar suit. How can she look so beautiful in anything she wears and how come he didn’t even notice her once? Maan wondered how fast his mentality towards her changed. 

Dadi asked, “Maan bte, tum Geet ko bhi tumhare tarah bana rahe ho? Kam se kam weekends ko office mat jao. Aur yeh mat bhoolna ki kal tumhare bhai ka engagement he aur mujhe Geet ki madat chahiye.” Maan told, “Dadima, do hafte ka kaam bakki he ab. Aur bahut saari meetings bhi he. Aur Mr. Mehra ke project designs Monday ko dena he. If Geet finishes it today, then it will reduce excess work. And she will be working only till noon. So she will help you after that.” 

Dadima nodded not wanting to argue with him and Annie and Dev shook their heads thinking how workaholic their brother can become. Geet was in dilemma. She wanted to help dadima and Annie in the preparations, but she can’t forgo a chance to be with him. Both left to office after having breakfast.