Part 24

After finishing his work, Maan looked at Geet who was giving final touches to the design. He observed that she was more like him when it comes to work. She is completely dedicated and hardworking. He thought of how could he never notice her even once during his college days? Even many of his batch mates currently into business, who were present in the party, seemed to know her very well. He continued looking at her till she wrapped up her work and came near him.

Geet finished her work and went near Maan to show the final design to him. Maan gave his approval and she kept the design safely aside. Maan told, “Geet, do you need coffee or tea? You can get it from the vending machine at the end of the corridor.” Geet smiled and told, “Aapko vending machine ka coffee pasand nahi hena?” Maan thought of how well she knows his likes and dislikes and told, “Par tum tho peethi ho.” Geet told, “Mein abhi aati hoon.” and left the conference room. Maan felt bad that she didn’t persuade him further. But as always she had to prove him wrong.

She came after sometime with two cups. She placed his black coffee near him and seated placing her cup in the table. Before Maan could ask something she told, “Vending machine ka nahi he. Meine banaya he. Security ne mujhe rastha dikhaya tha. Aur mujhe pata he aapko is time pe black coffee peene ki aadat he.” Maan was really amazed on how well she knows him. Maan sipped his black coffee and could feel the same taste of Nakul’s coffee, exactly how he prefers it to be. He understood that she makes it for him everyday. He liked the way she cares for his every need.

Geet asked, “Aapne bataya tha ki aapko mujse baat karna he.” Maan told after few moments of silence, “Geet, I am not going to talk riddles. Coming straight to the point, I want to give a chance to our marriage.” He paused for a while and saw the surprised look in her face. He continued, “Don’t expect much from me. But we can get to know each other. Even though I prefer no interference in my personal space, I am willing to take this relation forward.” Geet really couldn’t believe her ears. She could have almost spilled out the tea. He giving a chance to their marriage was something that she never expected. She was really happy that he decided to move on, something that she wanted him to do. Now that he made the decision she can keep the promise she made before Sameera. She told, “Aap jo bhi decision lenge mein aapke saath hoon.

Maan smiled a little and told, “Ok, then lets go. I will drop you home and leave for the meeting.” Geet nodded with a smile and thought, “O babaji, aap tho aaj mujhe ek ke baad ek shock deke mar hi dalenge. Ek tho he is ready to give a chance to marriage and dosara he smiled at me.” Maan understood seeing her that she has started her talk with babaji. He got up from his chair and went near her. Geet didn’t notice it as she was lost in complaining to her babaji. He slowly bent down near her and told, “Geet, babaji se baad mein bhi baat kar sakthe ho. Ab chalo der horaha he.” Geet was stunned. His proximity with his breath fanning her neck was creating havoc in her senses. It seemed like her babaji was interested in giving her more shocks. Maan straightened himself and collected his laptop to leave while Geet took the files and followed him silently.

When they reached the corridor, security guard came and informed that lift is not operational due to some problems and it will take some time to clear it. Maan asked him to keep the files in his car and call to his office once the work is done. After he left, Maan took her to his office. His office was perfect, whether it is the design or the colors used. She was impressed. Maan could sense the admiration in her eyes. Maan asked her to wait in the couch and started sending some important mails for the next meeting.

Geet took some business magazines and started reading to pass time. All of a sudden power went off. Maan immediately called the security and they informed that it was required for the maintenance work and it will come in a matter of 10-15 minutes. He checked for the emergency lights placed near the drawer but Preeti had kept it in the cupboard and locked it as it was weekend. He turned towards Geet and noticed that she had her eyes tightly closed and had held both her arms tightly in the couch. He felt she was shivering a little.

Maan got concerned and went near her. He slowly touched her shoulder. She immediately caught his hand tight and told, “Mujhe andhere se darr lagtha he. Please aap door mat jaiye.” Maan smiled at her innocence. He sat next to her in the couch and put his arm around her shoulder holding her close. She immediately got closer to him and held on to his vest coat. The closeness didn’t affect Geet much as she was too afraid to feel anything. But Maan was getting affected by her proximity. It was getting difficult for him to control the feelings awakened by being so close to her but his conscience prevented him from taking any such steps towards her soon. He wanted to reduce the awkwardness and asked, “Geet, tum raat ko ghar mein akele kaise sothi ho?” Geet told, “Woh room mein humesha bed lamp on karke so jathi he. Aur agar power gaya tho emergency lamp humesha rehtha he. Isliye zyaada dar nahi lagthi.” Maan smiled at this and told, “Zyaada dar nahi lagthi. Iska matlab he ki tumhe phir bhi dar lagtha he.” Geet nodded slowly. Maan could feel that she was nodding her head. He smiled again thinking how childish she can get at times.

After a while, he felt the hold on his vest loosened. He wanted her to hold him close like before. Just then Geet asked, “kitne der aur hume yaha andhere mein rehna padega?” Maan told, “Geet, power thodi der mein aa jayenge. Tum ghabrao mat.” Geet again held him tight. Maan smiled. He initially thought that she got embarrassed and left the hold. But now he understood she won’t do anything he expects her to do. After few minutes power came and Maan looked down at her. He noticed her eyes still closed. He slowly pressed her shoulder and told, “Geet, power came. Ab ankhen kholo.” Geet slowly opened her eyes and a relief came over her face. But it was short lived as she noticed how she was holding Maan. She immediately left him and looked down. She started her sorry rants soon, “Sorry. Woh mein khabra gayi thi. Sorry.” Maan removed his hand from her shoulder and told before leaving, “Geet, lagtha he aaj tumhe mujpe zyaada pyaar aaraha he. Isliye baar baar mujhe hug aur kiss kar rahi he. Waise I don’t mind” and left to his table smirking.

Geet turned to a shade of red listening to his comments. She was embarrassed by the way she behaved. She started complaining to her babaji, “Meine bola tha na, inke saath thoda sa time bhi akele bitaya tho mein zaroor kuch na kuch gadbad karegi. Ab tho mein unse kaise nazre milao. He will think I’m so desperate. O babaji, yeh kya kardiya aapne.” Maan was noticing her actions and couldn’t help from smiling. She was unique in her ways, sometimes very matured, sometimes quite childish. Their thoughts were disturbed when the phone rang. The security informed that the lift was working. They left towards the lobby soon. Geet was not looking at him throughout the journey back home and he smirked seeing her condition. He enjoyed teasing her and was very much relaxed, may be after a long time. She could bring the long lost smile in his face.

Dadima was waiting for them in the living room when they entered KM. The sight that greeted her was really something she longed for. Maan walked along with Geet with a smile in his face, occasionally sparing glances at her. She noticed that every time he turned to look at her, Geet blushed furiously. She was glad that finally her grandson was happy in his life and was thankful to Geet for that. She is just perfect for him. She decided to break the silence and asked, “Are, aap dono aa gaye. Hum tho kabse aap dono ke raah dekh rahi thi.” Maan immediately straightened himself and told, “Woh dadima, hume kaam khatam karna tha. Isliye late hogaya.” Dadima smiled and told, “Ha woh tho hume dikh raha he. Aapke chehre pe hassi bahut acha lagtha he beta. Mere samne pretend karne ki zaroorat nahi he.” Maan told, “dadima, aap kya bol rahi he. Mujhe lunch ke baad meeting keliye jaana he. Khana laga do. Mein fresh hoke aate he” and left before dadi ask further questions.

Geet was little tensed when daadi started teasing Maan as she didn’t know how he will take it. Daadi turned to Geet and told, “Geet bte, aap bhi fresh hoke aajao. Lunch ke baad bahut saare kaam baaki he.” Geet smiled and told, “Ji dadima. Mein abhi aati hoon.” When she was about to go dadi told, “Waise Geet bte, aapke chehre itne lal kyun he? Kahi Maan ne kuch kaha tho nahi” Geet turned crimson while dadi continued, “Mera matlab he gusse mein.” Geet was embarrassed and fumbled with words, “Woh dadima, mein.. aisa kuch nahi he.” Dadi smiled and told, “Bete, mein tumhe Thanks kehna chahthi hoon kyunki aaj tumhari wajhe se Maan khush he. Meine teen saal mein pehli baar unhe haste hue dekha he. Sab kuch tumhari wajhe se huyi he. Thanks beta.” Geet immediately held her hand and told, “Dadima, aapko mujhe Thanks kehne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. Yeh mera farz he.” Dadi patted her cheek and left. Geet went to their room thinking about how to face him.