Part 26

Geet got up early as some of dadima’s friends were coming in early morning flight. She got ready and went to help Nakul in making arrangements. When Maan came out for Gym, he noticed that Geet was running here and there to make sure that everything is arranged for the guests, Annie lazily sitting in the sofa getting scolded by dadima and Dev on phone making sure that the guests are picked up from the airport. 

He understood how well she mixed with his family. She took every responsibility as a Khurana bahu and did everything perfectly. No one seems to have any complaint about her except Annie that she is too sweet that she will become diabetic. Maan knew that dadima never bothered him with any arrangements for friends or relatives as she knew he hated it. But Geet seems to have compensated it.

When he got fresh and came back from bathroom he saw that she has changed into a beautiful pink saree which enhanced her complexion. She was trying to tie the knot of her blouse facing her back towards him. He slowly went near her and took the ends of the thread. He felt her stiffen and withdrew her hands. He tied it while brushing his fingers gently on her skin. He could feel her heartbeats rising and smiled at his effect on her.

Geet was getting ready fast as she had very less time before Maan came out from the shower. But the strings of the blouse seemed to come in her way. Between her usual complaints to Babaji she failed to notice that Maan came out from the bathroom. She stiffened when she felt his fingers touching the thread and left her hands to either side. It seemed Babaji was testing her self-control. She fisted her hands and closed her eyes tight not to let him know the effect. But her heartbeats gave it away. 

Maan came in front of her and told, “Geet, hogaya.. Ab tum ankhen khol sakthi ho.” Geet immediately opened her eyes and became all red in embarrassment. Maan gave her a small smile and left to study. It took sometime for Geet to compose herself and she left soon not wanting much tests on her self-control. Maan too got ready and came down only to be greeted by dadima’s friends whom he thought were absolutely ridiculous at times.

Dadima often avoided getting him into their talks but sometimes she also couldn’t help when they demanded to speak to MSK. He was little relaxed when he saw Mrs. Singh with them as he had a great respect for her. She was one of the trustees of the charitable organization dadima was running and was a great woman. He smiled at her, she greeted him and they exchanged pleasantries. 

Geet was watching him from kitchen and noticed the look in his eyes when he saw dadima’s friends. She smiled knowing that he hated attention. She saw him smiling and talking with Mrs. Singh. She thought of how rarely he exchanges smiles or talks with people. She too liked Mrs. Singh as most others seemed to think too high of them and was talking as if she was totally out of place. But Mrs. Singh talked very nicely and she felt good talking to her. Dadima told that she belonged to a Royal family but Geet felt she was very much down to earth. Geet got the table ready for breakfast along with Nakul. Maan was as usual seated and she served his breakfast and left to kitchen for getting other dishes while Nakul served others. Besides Maan, only dadima was there as Annie had gone to parlor and Dev was in his room with his friends. 

One of dadima’s friends Mrs. Naik spoke, “Savitri, I really don’t understand what you have seen in this girl to select her as MSK’s wife. I am really not impressed with your choice.” Maan stopped eating and fisted his left hand. He knew if he tells something then it won’t end fine. But Mrs. Singh was ready with an answer before Maan and dadima. She told, “Mrs. Naik, why everyone should be like you who judges the book by its cover page and not by its contents. I don’t see any fault in her. She is well-educated, beautiful and sweet girl. I liked her. If I have seen her before Savitri found her as Khurana bahu I should have definitely got her as my bahu.” When she finished dadima and Maan felt good and others tried to divert the topic. Dadima was constantly staring at the kitchen door to see whether Geet heard anything. She felt bad to have even invited them for the engagement.

Geet, who was about to come out of the kitchen, heard everything. Her eyes got moist but she gained her composure soon. She can’t show any weakness before others. Maan and dadima won’t like it. She was awed by how Mrs. Singh controlled the whole situation. She knew from one look at Maan that he was seething inside and was about to tell something when Mrs. Singh intervened. She was happy about that. She never wanted any tamasha because of her. She came little later not wanting to make it obvious that she heard it all. Nakul knew that she heard it and was really concerned about that. But she blinked her eyes telling him that she is alright. 

When she went there with dishes dadima and Maan were looking at her concerned. She served everyone like nothing happened. They thought she didn’t hear anything. After breakfast Maan asked her to come with him. He gestured dadima to keep her away from the pep talks. Dadima ushered them towards the guest rooms so that they can take rest. Geet wondered why he called her all on a sudden and informed Nakul that she will come back in sometime.

When she reached the room, Maan seemed little disturbed. She went near him and asked, “Aap pareshan kyun lag rahe ho?” Maan looked at her and saw that her concern was for him no matter what happened. He knew that she listened to everything as he noticed the smudge of the kajal in her eyes. He went closer to her and held her hands in his and told, “Geet, I know you heard everything they said. I don’t want you to feel bad. I know I never considered or given any importance to you till now. It was because I failed to realize the person you are. You deserve to be my wife more than anyone else. May be I don’t deserve you.” At this point Geet put her hand on his mouth and nodded negatively. Maan felt guilty seeing how much she respected him that she can’t hold him responsible for anything.

She told removing the hand, “You never promised me anything. So you don’t need to feel bad about anything. And I haven’t felt bad about what they told. Everyone has their point of view, we should respect it. Nothing matters to me more than what you and dadima think about me. Aap mera fikar mat kijiye.” Maan felt bad for even having doubted her till now. He pulled her to him and hugged her. She was surprised by the sudden hug but held him close feeling contented. They broke the hug after sometime and Maan placed a soft kiss on her forehead and told, “Geet, you made me realize what I have been missing for the past few years. I can’t give you any promises yet as I need some more time to compose myself. But you will have me by your side always for anything you need. Don’t hesitate to come to me whenever you need moral or physical support and don’t ever lie to me.

Geet smiled and nodded. He told, “Mujhe kuch kaam he. Mein woh khatam kartha hoon. Mein nahi chahtha he ki tum un logon ke beech mein jao aur unki baton mein pado. Tum yahi ruk jao.” Geet told, “Aap pareshan mat ho. Mein tik hoon. Mujhe Nakul ko thoda sa madat karna he. Bakki char log outhouse saaf karne mein lage hue ho. Aur guests aane wale hain aur Nakul se saara kaam akele karana tik nahi he. Main chalthi hoon.” Maan smiled and told, “Ok, bring me..” Geet completed before him, “Black coffee in an hour.” Maan told, “I know now I don’t have to tell you anything. But come to me if you have any tensions. Ok?” Geet nodded and went down feeling really happy and contented. Maan smiled and went to study.