Part 27

Geet helped Nakul in kitchen and they finished cooking sooner. Mostly it was Geet cooking and Nakul helping her. He wanted her to go and relax but Geet was adamant. The engagement was to be held at Meera’s house by 7pm and relatives were coming by afternoon. Geet checked the time and saw that she still had an hour to relax. She prepared Maan’s black coffee and went to their room.

She never used to enter study ever since their marriage. So she was little hesitant. She knocked the door and Maan asked to come inside. She went inside and noticed him working intently. She was always amazed by the amount of work he does. She went near him and placed the black coffee in the nearby table. She was about to leave when Maan held her hand. She turned to look at him and he gestured to sit near him in the couch. She sat beside him wondering why he asked to wait.

He showed her some designs in his laptop and asked her to pick the best one. He had to include it as part of an initial quotation for a deal. She checked through the designs and got confused between two designs. Finally after sometime she decided one as she found a small flaw in the other. Geet asked, “Aap mujse kyun yeh sab poocha? Aap jo bhi select karege wo humesha acha hi hoga.” Maan smiled at her confidence in him and told, “Geet, I was little confused between the two designs. I think you know which two. I had many things to finish so I left it before. Now I’m too tired to check through both. So I thought will get a word from an expert.” Geet looked at him with his mouth wide open, “Aap mera mazak uda raha he kya?” and looked away pouting.

Maan felt like pulling her cheeks seeing her cute face. He told, “Geet, mein mazak nahi kar raha tha. I know how capable you are.” Geet smiled and warned him, “Aap mujpe kaam ko leke itna bharosa mat karo. Mein bhi insaan ho jaltiyan tho zaroor hogi. Aapke jaisa perfect nahi hoon.” Maan liked the way she was opening up. He liked her down-to-earth attitude and told, “Geet, tum humesha mujhe Mr.Perfect kyun bulatha he?” He was completely relaxed by then and wanted her to start her non-stop blabbering like she does to dadima and Annie. She didn’t disappoint him. She started to tell each and every success of his, may be some even he forgot. He was amazed at how well she knows about him. She was so lost in her talks that she didn’t notice how he was looking at her. 

Finally when she was finished Maan asked, “Geet, it seems like you know my entire history than others. Were you stalking me for the past few years?” Geet’s jaw dropped and she was red in embarrassment thinking of what all she blabbered. Maan held her hands in his realizing her condition and told, “Geet, always be the way you are now. I like it this way.” Geet smiled and he continued, “Mujhe tumse kuch poochna he.” Geet looked at him and he continued, “Tumhe pata tha ki mein Sameera se pyaar kartha tha. Why haven’t you stopped loving me even after knowing that you love may never be reciprocated?” 

Geet knew this is the toughest question for her. She was not sure whether she could have moved on in her life even if that fateful event never happened. She took her hands from his hold and went towards the window. She told after a while, “Mein apni zindagi se zyaada kuch nahi chaha he. Aapse pyaar na karne ki bahut koshish ki thi mene kyunki mujhe pata tha aap par kisi aur ka haqk he. Par dil nahi mantha tha. Mujhe kabhi yeh umeed nahi thi ki aap mujse kabhi pyaar karenge. Jab apne dil ko kaboo mein nahi kar payi tho meine socha ki pyaar karne ka matlab yeh nahi ki hum us pyaar ko paye. Mein apne pyaar ko humesha apne dil mein sambhal kar rakhna chahthi thi. Kyunki mein usse acha koi ehsaas aaj tak mehsoos nahi ki thi.

Maan was awed by how much she loved him. How could someone be so selfless? He slowly went near her and turned her towards him holding her shoulders. He told, “Geet, today you gave a different definition for love. I never thought love can be selfless. It is really difficult not to expect something from the one you love. But you proved me wrong. I wish I could do justice to the feelings you have for me. But I’m not yet ready.” Geet told, “Mujhe pata he. Please don’t worry about that. Please don’t take any decision on compulsion. I’m happy by just being with you. Majboori mein kiya hua rishta kabhi kamyaab nahi hota he. Jaise mene pehle kaha tha, mein aapse pyaar karthi hoon iska matlab yeh nahi he ki aap bhi mujse pyaar kare. You are ready to give our relation a chance and it is more than enough for me.

Maan smiled and told, “Geet, go and rest for sometime. I know today is going to be tiring for you.” Geet immediately checked the clock and told, “Oh no. Itna time gaya aur pata bhi nahi chala. Rest karne ka time nahi he. 12.30 ko sab aane lagege. Mujhe Nakul ke paas jaana he” and was about to go when Maan held her, “Geet, tum thodi der aaram karo. Nakul sab sambhalega. Abhi bahut samay bakki he. I will call you after one hour. Then you can get ready and go to welcome them. Now don’t deny that.” Geet was little apprehensive and Maan told, “You sleep here. If you go there I don’t think you will sleep. I will call you.” 

Geet was surprised and asked, “Mein yaha kaise?” Maan understood her concern and told, “Geet, you are my wife. I already told you that I’m ready to give a chance to our marriage. So you don’t have to be formal with me. I am not asking you to share bed with me. I’m just asking you to sleep here for a while.” Geet was red with embarrassment and shyness and looked down immediately. Maan couldn’t help teasing her more. He told, “Geet, tum aise blush kar rahi ho jaise meine tumhe kuch kiya he.” Geet couldn’t take it more and was about to rush outside when Maan held her hand and pulled her towards him. She was still not able to face him. He slowly lifted her chin and made her look at him. He smiled at her shyness and told, “Geet, ab bas so jao.” She went to his bed and lied down. He placed the comforter above her and gave a small kiss on her forehead. Geet smiled and closed her eyes. She was too tired and fell asleep soon.