Part 28

Maan started working after Geet slept but was getting distracted everytime he looked at her serene face. He was sure that he was attracted towards her but the contentment he felt when she is in his arms was something definitely more than that. It is too early to call it as love, if only Sameera was not there in his past. Who won’t like someone, so innocent, so pure, yet beautiful and gracious, as her? He continued to work sparing glances at her occasionally. He got up and went near her when it was almost an hour. He didn’t feel like waking her up seeing her serene face. A curl was falling on her face, obstructing his view. He slowly removed it with his finger. She snuggled more into the comforter with his touch. He smiled and gently shook her and told, “Geet, uto..” She caught his hand and kept under her face and told, “Sone dena. Aaj Sunday he.” Maan smiled. He knew how to wake her up and told, “Geet, sab log aagaye. Tum abhi tak so rahi ho.

When the words registered, she jumped up to a sitting position and told, “Meine kaha tha na aapse ki mujhe nahi sona he. Par aap tho manthe nahi. Hey babaji, ab sab log kya sochenge.” When she was about to rush outside, Maan held her back and embraced in his strong arms. She looked up and saw the smirk in his face. He pointed towards the clock. When she saw the time, she understood that he was lying. She asked him, “Aap mera mazak uda rahe the?” Maan pulled her closer and asked, “He tho?” Geet couldn’t take the proximity and blushed looking down. This side of Maan, she knew never existed. She was seeing him in a different light, so calm and naughty. Maan asked breaking her thoughts, “Kya soch rahi ho?” Geet told not wanting to lost in his eyes, “Kuch nahi. Mujhe jaana he. Sab log aate hi honge.” Maan smiled and left her. She asked before leaving, “Aap niche aayenge na?” Maan looked at her pleading eyes and told, “Abhi mujhe do teen calls bakki he. Uske baad aayenge.” Geet smiled and left to get ready.

Relatives began to arrive by the time Geet and Nakul finished the preparations. Most of them liked Geet because of her simplicity and innocence but still few were there who were jealous. Some had wanted to get Maan married to their daughter and did obviously not like the praises Geet was receiving. Geet stood calmly facing everyone with a smile even if they praise or taunt her. The realization that she is his was enough for her to bear anything. Almost by the time of lunch, few of Maan’s distant cousins also joined. Most of them were almost of her age or above and seemed quite modern. The guys talked to her nicely and the gals mostly gave a mere nod as if she doesn’t exist for them. She knew she has to get used to it. This is the first time a function is held in the house after their marriage. That time she hasn’t noticed their attitude as she was nervous in the new surroundings. She also noticed that Annie just told hi to them and no talks beyond that. Annie was with her most of the time and nobody dared to tell anything before her.

Once Annie left for her room as Meera called, Geet went towards kitchen to see if lunch is ready. Dadima’s friends also had joined and the house was almost full with people. While coming back from kitchen she saw one of his cousins Riya and two others whose name she don’t remember, were near the stairs. She smiled at them but got an annoyed look back. She thought of checking with dadima about lunch and was about to go when Riya called her, “Hey you, come here.” She went near them not wanting them to feel bad. Riya asked, “Tum aakir MSK ko phasa hi diya. I think it shouldn’t have taken much time to get into dadima’s good books with Meera and Ayan by your side. Right? I even doubt that Maan left Sameera because of her.” Geet was not expecting this but she stayed calm and told, “Agar aap ko aur kuch batana nahi he tho kya mein chal sakthi hoon?” and went leaving them flabbergasted. They were planning to get her annoyed but she shocked them with her reply. Maan who was coming down heard everything and was about to shout when her calm reply amazed him. He wondered how she takes everything so lightly.

The lunch was quite an affair and Maan hated the attention and questions intended to him. But something that gave him satisfaction was that Geet didn’t miss to cook his favorites. Geet was serving him dessert when he caught her hand under the table. She was surprised and looked at him questioningly. He gestured to come to their room and she nodded. This small gesture didn’t go unnoticed from the eyes of his cousins. They were shocked and surprised seeing this as Maan never showed any kind of affection openly to anyone else, not even dadi. Riya was fuming seeing this. But none made any comments knowing how much Maan hated someone talking about him. Geet followed Maan once he finished lunch after telling dadi.

Geet went inside their room and noticed that Maan is inside study. She went inside and saw him relaxing in the couch. He gestured to sit near him. Unknown to her, Riya and others had followed her and was just outside the window opening to balcony. Riya still couldn’t believe that Maan has changed so much. After seeing him for the past three years, they never thought he will change. Even their marriage had given her a hope that Maan doesn’t care for Geet. But after seeing Maan today she almost lost her hopes. Maan noticed a reflection in the mirror and saw that Riya was outside. She used to roam around his room whenever she was at KM and he hated it. He knew her intentions and decided to give her a shock.

As soon as Geet got seated, Maan pulled her towards him. Geet was surprised by the sudden pull and landed straight on his chest. She placed her hand in his chest and looked at him. He bent closer and gestured her towards the mirror. She saw the reflection and understood. Maan pulled her even closer and placed a kiss on her forehead. He started it just to avoid any suspicion but her closeness was breaking his resolves. His right hand made its way to her bare waist and the other hand went around her neck. Geet’s breathe started coming irregular with his touch and closeness. She looked into his eyes that held so much passion and she could see something else too, is it love? She couldn’t think more and closed her eyes as his lips touched them. He kissed her eyes and made his way down to her nose, her cheek and finally stopped before her lips. She could feel his breathe falling on her lips. He was about to kiss her when the sound of the window brought them out of reverie. Both were embarrassed by their actions and Maan slowly left her making sure that they have left.

Riya and others were stunned seeing this side of Maan. They couldn’t absorb the fact that MSK can be so romantic and that too to Geet, whom they never thought will be ideal for him. When he was about to kiss her on her lips, Riya shut the window in frustration and left with others. Meanwhile Maan told to reduce the awkwardness, “That Riya has a habit of roaming around my room since long. So we need to be extra careful. I think some of the relatives along with her will be here for a week.” Geet told still looking down, “I know, it won’t be a problem. We will be at work mostly.” Maan smiled seeing his shy wife. When his eyes fell on her trembling lips he had a sudden urge to kiss them but controlled soon and told, “Geet, hume panch baje nikalna he. Tum Annie ko thoda jaldi ready karne ko bolo. Humesha woh late hojathi he.” Geet nodded and was about to get up when Maan told, “Geet, you don’t need to bear any lowly talks. You are Maan Singh Khurana’s wife. Nothing is going to change that.” Geet looked at him and noticed the sternness in his words and face. She knew he meant it, even though she never needed an assurance from him, it calmed her, a sense of pride rose in her heart at the thought that she is his wife. She smiled and told, “Aapkeliye dadima ne dress bheja he. I will keep it on bed before going. Mujhe upar aane mein shayad der ho sakthi he.” Maan asked, “Tik he, but try to come soon.” She smiled and left.