Part 31

After the dance Geet left to meet Raj and Pari. She was nervous to face Maan after their close dance. She could no longer control her feelings for him when he is near. Maan also didn’t want to face her soon. The jealousy and possession added fuel to his senses and it could clearly be noticed in the dance. He knew it is too early to take their relationship to next level. So he decided to keep his feelings in check for some more time. After engagement party was over, they left to KM. They were alone to drive back as Prem and Annie left with Dev. Maan had sent the driver along with Dev as he was too tired after the function. He drove silently while stealing glances at Geet. Geet kept fidgeting the end of her dupatta looking everywhere else but him. Maan understood her restlessness and decided to talk to reduce it. He asked, “Geet, mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum Meera ke ghar mein rehthi thi.” Geet told sooner, “Ha, I was there from the end of my first year in IIT.” Maan smiled and asked to tease her, “So it was easier to stack me as Ayan was there with me.” Geet was embarrassed and fumbled with her words, “Woh.. Aisa kuch nahi. Meera mujhe aapke baare mein humesha batathi thi.

Maan smiled at her nervousness and told, “Chodo, mujhe tumhe tumhare friend ke baare mein baat karna tha jiske baare mein tumne mujhe bataya.” Geet looked up and asked, “Priya ke baare mein?” Maan told, “Ha, tum Sanjoga aunty se mili hogi.” Geet looked confused and he continued, “I mean Mrs. Singh jo dadima ki saheli he.” Geet recognized and nodded while he continued, “Unka beta ek psychiatrist he aur unhone aise depressed aur mentally unstable logon keliye ek ghar rakha he. His treatment is the best that everyday someone will leave from there fully recovered. We can take her there and start the treatment. I won’t be able to accompany you but you can take Annie/dadima along with you.” Geet was overwhelmed by the concern he expressed for her friend. She was really grateful for him as she has been changing her from one place to another hoping that Priya will recover someday.

When Geet was silent for a while Maan asked, “Geet, if you don’t like my opinion then leave it.” Geet immediately told, “Nahi, mein aapko yeh bata nahi sakthi ki mein aaj kitne khush ho. In the last 6 years, I have taken her to all the psychiatrists I know but everywhere result was the same. I had almost lost hope. Par aapne mujhe ek nayi umeed di he. Pata nahi mein aapse shukriyada kaise karu.” Maan told, “Geet, tumhe mujhe thanks kehne ki zaroorat nahi he. Tum meri wife ho aur tumhare har musibat mein humesha mein tumhara saath doonga. Aur ha meine Mr. Singh se baat karliya he. Kal Ayan se tumhe office se chutti manga he. Annie ko next week college mein chutti he tho tum usse lekar chal sakthi ho.” Geet’s eyes got teary as this is the first time someone is caring for her needs. She was always taught to follow and never to demand. But he was slowly breaking the shell of her insecurities. Geet was awed by how he handled everything with perfection.

They talked regarding other details throughout their ride back home. When they reached home, Annie, Dev, daadi and other relatives who were staying back had already retired to bed. Maan went to freshen up after reaching their room. He came out after a while wearing his vest and tracks. He noticed that she was still struggling with the knot of her choli. He went near her and helped to untie it trying to control his inner desires. He asked placing a hand on her waist and his chin on her shoulder, “Geet, what is it with you and the dori? You never seem to do it correctly.” Geet was already finding it difficult to control her heartbeat and couldn’t reply him. Maan told, “Geet, do you know how difficult it is for me to resist you? I didn’t want to admit it until we get to know better. But it is really difficult Geet, when you have such a beautiful wife.” Geet gasped hearing his words. She never thought he will admit something like this openly. He placed a small kiss on her shoulder and asked her to come to study after changing. When he left Geet held her chest to control her heartbeat as she was hyperventilating. She collected her change of clothes and left to bathroom to change.