Part 32

After coming out of the shower, she couldn’t bring herself to go to study. She didn’t know what to expect or how to control her feelings anymore. She slowly stepped into study and noticed him in bed with his laptop. He looked up and gestured her to sit near him. She went and sat near him in the bed keeping some distance between them. Maan noticed this and moved a little resting his head in the headrest. He held her hand and made her sit near him. He pulled her closer placing his hand on her waist. Once she was settled properly besides him he showed her some snaps of a house that looked like a farmhouse but was beautiful and close to nature.

He told, “I bought this house one year back.” She looked at him wanting him to continue. He let out a sigh and told, “Jab hum chote the dadima ne hume yaha leke gaye the. One of her friends owned this. Dev instantly liked this place. He used to talk about it after coming back. So I thought to give this as a gift to his marriage.” Geet was awed at how much he loved and cared for them. While he continued, “I want you to re-design the house. You are close to him than I am and you can take Meera’s help in knowing his tastes. I want everything to be according to his taste. No one else other than us should know about this. I will take you there this weekend.” Geet smiled and nodded. She knew he is a perfectionist and she has to work hard. Next few months is going to be definitely busy.

They talked for some more time of Priya’s hospitalization, designs for the farmhouse etc. Maan noticed that Geet was really tired and it was almost midnight. He closed the laptop and held her by shoulder while talking. After a while she placed her head on his shoulder and slept peacefully due to fatigue. Maan looked at her serene face. He placed a kiss on her forehead and adjusted her to sleep properly. He switched off the lights and slept on his side placing the comforter above them. Geet stirred in sleep and moved closer hugging him. Maan took her in his embrace and slept peacefully.

Next morning Geet woke up at her usual time and felt in someone’s strong embrace. She looked upto and saw Maan’s calm face. It brought her back a memory of the day she woke up wrapped in his arms. She shrugged it off and then only it hit her that she slept while talking to him yesterday and eventually ended up hugging him. She tried to remove his hands from her waist without disturbing his sleep but the hold was too strong and she couldn’t move a little. After trying for a while she placed her head back to his chest feeling his heartbeats. Maan woke up when she tried to remove her hands but lay still to know what she will do, tightening his hold around her. Maan smiled seeing her resting back on his chest. He felt home with her in his arms, like she belonged there.

He asked, “Geet, agar tum aur sona chahthi he tho mein apne work-out skip kar detha hoon. I don’t mind you sleep hugging me.” Geet was startled when Maan spoke all on a sudden. She was embarrassed and shy to have slept hugging him. She tried to get up but Maan was still holding her tight. She slowly looked up to saw him smirking. He told, “Not so easy Geet, as I have given you the comfort of sleeping in my arms, I expect something from you too.” Geet immediately looked up and asked, “Ji?” Maan told, “Or is it that you can’t grant a simple wish of mine?” Geet shook her head immediately and told, “Aisa nahi he.” Maan told pulling her closer, “Tho mera morning kiss dedo.” Geet was shocked and gulped looking everywhere but him. He told, “Geet, kya soch rahi ho? Mere paas zyaada time nahi he.” Geet didn’t know what to do. She could neither accept to kiss him nor deny anything to him. Like understanding her confusion he told, “Ok, for today you are excused, but not next time.”

She sighed in relief and was about to get up when Maan came over her in a swift motion. He told, “I told that you don’t have to, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t.” Geet shut her eyes tight when he moved closer to her. He placed a small peck on her lips and pulled back. He smiled seeing her eyes closed and told, “Geet, abb tum chal sakthi ho” and stood up. Geet felt the slight touch of his lips and was expecting him to go further. But when she felt him moving away she opened her eyes and found him staring at her standing near the bed. She was embarrassed and got up quickly. She was about to rush outside when Maan pulled her back and told in her ears, “If you expected something more, I’m ready to fulfill you wish.” Geet couldn’t face him due to shyness and rushed to their room taking her hands out of his hold. Maan smiled seeing his shy wife. Nowadays he really enjoyed teasing her. She made him do things that he never expected to do otherwise.

Geet got freshen up and went to help Nakul to prepare breakfast. She went to Annie and told her about going to meet Dr.Samar Singh, the psychiatrist and son of Mrs.Singh. Annie suggested to take Prem along with them. Even though Geet was reluctant at first, when Annie assured that he can help them to an extent she agreed. They went to Prem and discussed about that and he was more than willing to help them. He had taken a break from business for few months giving the responsibility to his brother so that he could spend some time with friends and family. So he offered his full time support. Geet was relieved and they decided to leave by 10. After sometime Maan came down for breakfast after getting ready and noticed that Geet was talking with Annie and Prem. When she saw him seated, she went near him to serve. She wanted to tell about their plan to go with Prem. He noticed that she wants to tell something and asked her to follow once he finished breakfast.

After reaching near the car, she told, “Woh, Annie ne Prem ko bhi saath lane ko kaha. Prem bhi aa raha he humare saath.” Even though it irked Maan to send her along with Prem he agreed knowing that he will definitely be a help to them. He told, “Geet, agar tumhe kisi bhi cheez ki zaroorat pade tho mujhe phone kardena.” Geet looked at him and told, “Par aap tho unknown numbers se calls attend hi nahi kartha he.” Then only it occurred to him that he doesn’t have her number. He took it from her and fed in his phone. He felt guilty that he didn’t even have her number till now. She understood what he will be thinking and immediately changed the topic to distract him. She didn’t want him to feel guilty. He left to office bidding bye to her.