Part 33

Geet left with Annie and Prem to meetSamar. They reached Dr.Samar’s “Serene Home” and was welcomed by Mrs.Singh. Maan had talked to her regarding Priya earlier. So she wanted to introduce them toSamar.Samarwas of Maan’s age and was a really nice person. He patiently listened about Priya’s condition and her story. After that he advised to bring her there so that he can start the treatment. Geet called Priya’s doctor and asked her to go forward with the formalities for discharge and they left to get her there.

They reached the mental rehabilitation centre where Priya was admitted. Geet could sense something wrong while nearing the place, but shrugged it off. They went and met the doctor first. The formalities were completed and they could take her soon. They went to Priya’s room and noticed that the door was opened. Normally the nurse who takes care of the patient opens it when required. But seeing the door opened, Geet and the doctor panicked. They rushed inside to find a masked man trying to choke Priya to death using the pillow. Prem immediately caught hold of him and started beating him meanwhile the doctor called securities and rushed to Priya. Geet and Annie went beside her and a nurse rushed in with oxygen mask. Then only they noticed the nurse unconscious in the floor. She was taken away by the staff and was confirmed that the man used chloroform on her. Soon police reached and they handed over the man to them. Priya was stable by then.

The whole incident had shaken Geet to a great extent. Annie and Prem gave her support. But yet many questions left unanswered. Geet asked, “Who would try to kill Priya? Till now no one except me was taking care of her. Even her family had disowned her after initial few months of treatment.” Prem consoled her, “Bhabhi, aap fikar mat kijiye. Police ne waise bhi uss aadmi ko pakad liya he. Hume sachayi jaldi pata chalega.” Annie told, “Ha bhabhi, par ab hum jitni jaldi ho sake Priya ko yaha se lejana chahiye.” They agreed and Prem called his guards for precaution. They left to Serene Home after ensuring sufficient security. Geet was tensed and disturbed throughout the journey. She couldn’t think of what might have happened if they were little late. She wanted to call Maan but thought he will be busy and decided to tell him once they were back home.

After reaching Serene Home, Priya was shifted to her room. Prem told regarding the attempt to murder on Priya toSamar. He ensured that none can break through the security of Serene Home and there is absolutely no need to worry. They were relieved. Geet went to meet Priya. She was staring at the lake near by with absolutely no emotions in her face, like it had been since Sohan’s death. She never reacted to anything since then, even today when the man tried to kill her there was no reaction except struggling for breathe. Geet couldn’t see her like that, lifeless. Tears flood in her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at Prem who was looking at Priya. She had told them her story and they were stunned hearing that something like that could happen. Prem was willing to provide any help that was required. They left for home after making sure everything was fine.

They reached home after an eventful day where dadima was waiting anxiously for them Mrs. Singh had informed her and she was tensed for them. Prem and Annie assured that everything is fine and not to worry about it. They couldn’t discuss much as others were present. Geet left to their room still unable to figure out who could have done that. Prem got a call from the inspector who took the man for interrogation. He informed that the man was set by Sanjay, Priya’s brother. He was stunned to hear that a brother can stoop so low. He was also informed that Sanjay was missing. Attempt to murder case was charged against Sanjay and they assured Prem that he will be arrested soon. Prem went to Annie and informed her. They decided to talk to Geet later.

Geet was upset and tensed with the turn of events. She was about to go and talk to Prem when she got a call. She became tensed seeing Brij’s number flashing in the screen. She by mistake put the phone on speaker. Brij shouted on the other end, “Geet, tu yeh sab kya kar rahi he? Tumhari himmat kaise hui Sanjay ke against case file karne ko. Aur woh Priya, uske peeche jaane ki kya zaroorat thi tumhe? Tum apne kaam se matlab rakho. Zyaada hoshiyar banne ki koshish mat karo. Ladkiyon ko jo karna he sirf wahi karo. Tumne shaadi ki iska matlab yeh nahi he ki tum woh sab bhool jao jo tumhe sikhayagayahe.”

Geet was shaking with fear and was about to drop the phone when Maan came from behind and caught it. He answered the call, “Mr. Brij Handa shayad tum yeh bhool rahe ho ki tum Maan Singh Khurana ki biwi se baat kar rahe ho. Aur rahi baat Sanjay ke, gunegar ko jail mein hi hona chahiye. Isme tumhara involvement kuch kam nahi he. Kya tum bhi uske saath dena chahtha he ya apne kaam se matlab rakhke chup rehna chahtha he?” Brij was stunned listening to Maan’s words. He knew it will be like playing with fire if he opposes Maan Singh Khurana. So he told a quick sorry and cut the call.

Maan turned to see Geet looking at him in shock. Maan held her by her shoulders and told, “Geet, tumhe chup rehne ki koi zaroorat nahi he. Tum jo chahthi he wohi kar sakthi ho. Tumhe koi nahi rokega.” Geet looked at him confused and asked, “Par aapko sab kaise pata chala. Aur Brij veerji, Sanjay veerji ke baare mein kya bol rahe the?” Maan told, “Geet, tum yeh kaise soch liya ki tumhe mein bina kisi ke security ke waha bhejenge jaha tumhe khatara ho? My guards were following you and have reported me everything. If you haven’t reached there on time also nothing could have happened to Priya.

Geet looked confused again. He continued, “Once you told me about Priya, I managed to get all information associated with her. Do you know the reason why Priya was not recovered wherever you took her? It is because of Sanjay. He made sure that she never recovers. He knew she will be a threat to him and he won’t allow it at any cost. So I advised you to take to Dr. Samar. I knew this information will leak and Sanjay will take some steps. I had arranged security in the hospital where she was admitted. But we needed evidence against Sanjay. So they let him near Priya. Nothing could have happened to her and now we have a strong evidence against him. And Prem might have thought of telling you later about the message from the inspector.

Geet was stunned hearing that Sanjay tried to kill his own sister. She couldn’t believe her ears. She knew Sanjay and Brij shared same wavelength in their thoughts and deeds. She knew if she did something like that then Brij could have done the same. But now she has Maan with her. He got every single information and executed it perfectly. She couldn’t thank him enough for that. She told, “Thank you” holding his hand on her shoulder. He pulled her into a hug and told, “Geet, tumhe mujhe Thanks kehne ki zaroorat nahi he. You are my wife. Aur yeh mera farz he.” Geet was quite shaken by the incident. She held him like her life is depended on him. Slowly tears made their way out of her eyes. He noticed her trembling form in his arms and understood how she might have felt. He pulled her slowly out of the embrace and cupped her face. He kissed away the tears in her eyes and cheeks.

She closed her eyes feeling contented to have him near. The tears didn’t stop as the pain and fear in her heart was far beyond comprehension. She was really helpless if it was not for him. She could have lost her friend if she didn’t have his support.She couldn’t have been alive if they knew that she was a witness to the crime. Maan could see through her pain and tears. He, kind of, knew the circumstances in which she was brought up and Brij’s call confirmed his suspicions. He could comprehend how it could be for a girl like her to do anything against her family’s will. Even then she never failed to support her friend. She had taken support from Priya’s late lover, Sohan’s family. Sohan was their only son and when Geet told them about Priya condition after his death they were willing to help. He couldn’t stop admiring her, for the strength she has, for overcoming all the pain and hurt. He held her tight giving her the support she needed then. He promised himself to protect her from all the pain and grief.

As days passed by Priya started reacting to the treatment. Geet visited her once in a week and as Prem had extended his stay in KM he used tagged along most of the time. Sanjay was still missing and police couldn’t trace him. Strict security was given to Geet and Priya. Meanwhile Maan and Geet couldn’t get much time for themselves as Maan got busy with his office work and had to go out-of-station often and Geet had a lot of new projects in queue and had started her MBA evening classes too. Weekends were spent mostly with Priya. Geet will be tired mostly at nights and as Maan used to come late she will sleep before he reached not before making sure that he had dinner or have someone to serve him. Maan won’t disturb her sleep and will go to sleep in study. Mornings also both will be busy to leave for office. The time they spent for each other reduced than before. Both wanted to have some time with the other but couldn’t get it.

In few months time Priya became almost normal by the treatment, with Geet and Prem paying regular visits. Sohan’s parents also used to visit her once in a while. They got fond of Prem as his character was more like Sohan, even Priya also got fond of him. Prem joined back to work but still never failed to visit her. Geet could sense the affection Prem had for Priya but decided that it was not the right time to move forward. Geet was really happy about the change in Priya and wanted to share her happiness with Maan. She decided to wait for him that day no matter however tired she was. Maan too wanted to talk to her as it was long since they had time together. He wrapped up his work and reached KM by 9. Dadima, Dev and Annie had gone to attend some marriage function and only Geet was there at home. There was a glow in her face seeing him early than usual. He freshened up and came while she served dinner for him. They ate while talking about the happenings in their respective lives. Geet keep on talking non-stop about Priya and Maan really enjoyed her enthusiastic talks. He was missing it for the past few months.

After dinner he went to study asking her to join him there. She helped Nakul and left for their room. When she entered study after changing to her short kurti and pyjamas, she noticed that he was relaxing in the bed. He gestured her to come and she went to sit beside him. He pulled her into his embrace once she was seated. She willingly went in as she was longing for this the past few months. Both didn’t talk anything as they were savoring the feeling in each others arms.