Part 34

After sometime, Geet raised her head to look at him. Maan smiled and told, “I missed you Geet.” Her face light up hearing that and she told, “I missed you too.” Maan cupped her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. He made his way to her eyes, cheeks and stopped just before her lips. Geet was blushing with each kiss of his. She immediately closed her eyes feeling shy. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, open your eyes.” Like always she obeyed him and opened her eyes. Maan stared deep into her eyes which had love, only for him. He slowly moved closer to her until his lips touched hers. Geet shuddered at the touch and he slowly started kissing her lips.

He deepened the kiss taking her lips into his, nibbling and sucking. He sought entrance to her mouth with the tip of his tongue. She willingly opened her mouth for him. His tongue entered her mouth searching for the sweetness of her mouth. She slowly wound her hands round his neck and his hands found their way to her waist and neck holding her close. They broke apart after sometime to catch breathe. He pulled her more closely and slammed his lips into hers kissing her with more vigor and passion than the initial one. He urged her to kiss him back. She started kissing him back even though reluctant at first. They kissed like there is no tomorrow. Maan couldn’t get enough of her. She was so tender yet passionate. They stopped after what seemed ages, breathing furiously. Maan rested his forehead on hers trying to catch breathe. Geet blushed remembering their kiss. She knew how passionate he was as she was reminded of their first kiss on their night together.

No words were required to express what they felt. Maan slowly relaxed on the bed pulling her along with him. She rested on his chest while he held her close by her waist wrapping his arm around. They stayed in each others embrace feeling the closeness. He told after a while, “Geet, I know our relation was not like how it could have been.” Geet cut him in between while hugging him tight, “It was more than what I could ever expect.” Maan smiled knowing she will never let him feel bad for anything he did. Maan told, “Geet, let me speak and you won’t interrupt me.” Geet nodded burying her face in his chest.

Maan continued, “Geet, I had loved someone once and was deceived badly. After that incident I hated relationships except few. I had promised never to let anyone close to me. But you managed to break through the walls; I built around me in the past few years. I missed you like hell for the past few months. I don’t know whether it is need to be with you or something else. And it is too early to call it love but I have started to feel for you and can’t keep you away anymore.” When he stopped, he felt his chest getting wet. He immediately held her to see her face. But she had buried her face deep in his chest. He turned her to bed on her back and went over her. He saw her eyes closed with tears trailing down her cheeks. She slowly opened her eyes to look at his worried face. She immediately put her her hand on his cheek and told, “Yeh tho khushi ke aasoo he. Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha he ki yeh sab such he.” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, meine tumhe rone se mana kiya tha na. Tum nahi suni tho ab punishment keliye tayyar ho jao.

Geet looked at him wide eyed and understood when she saw his smirk. He held her by neck and bent down to kiss her. The passion seemed to increase more with each kiss. Her hands made their way to his neck as he deepened the kiss. His hands wandered on her back playing with her dori. He pulled open the dori in one go and his lips left hers to move down to her neck. He moved the kurti from her left shoulder and kissed her. He bit there marking his possession. He kissed her a little longer there and went up to kiss her lips. After a long passionate kiss they broke apart panting. He lay back to bed pulling her along with him. She rested her head on his chest and hugged him. They slept peacefully in each others embrace.

Next morning Geet woke up at her usual time and found it difficult to get up with his strong hands holding her close. She shied at the thought of their kiss. She couldn’t thank her babaji enough for giving him in her life. She slightly pulled back to look at his face. He was sleeping peacefully. She stared at his features, his long nose, the M-shaped lips, and the stubble. She raised her hand and touched his cheeks down to his stubble and stopped at his lips. She withdrew her hand realizing what she was doing and tried to disentangle from his hold. She felt his hold tightening and looked up to find him smiling. Maan woke up when she started stirring in his arms but waited for her to do something. It took all his self control to prevent himself from pulling her to a kiss when she so softly caressed his face.

She was embarrassed by her actions. Maan asked, “Geet, ruk kyun gayi?” She didn’t know what to do. She tried to get up only to be pinned to the bed with him hovering over her. She was too shy to look into his eyes. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, jab mein so raha tha tho tum sharma nahi rahi thi. Ab kya hua?” Geet couldn’t tell anything when he continued, “Waise meine socha ki tum mujhe morning kiss dene wali he. I had warned you last time that I won’t hear any excuses from next time. So I am waiting. Give fast; otherwise both of us will get late.” Geet was totally flushed. She couldn’t have done such a bold move, but it is Maan, he won’t let her leave without getting what he wants. She looked at him and moved forward to kiss his cheeks. But right when she was about to kiss he turned his face and she kissed on his lips. Geet opened her mouth in shock and Maan smirked seeing her. He took it as an open invitation and kissed her full on her lips. She was stunned to react at first but the passion in his kiss made her react soon. Both didn’t want to break it but pulled back after sometime.

Maan told after a while, “Geet, don’t wait for me in the night. I may be coming late as there is lot of work at office. You will get tired as you have to manage office, studies and now Dev’s marriage this month.” Geet smiled and told, “Tik he par aap tho last week do din bina dinner kiye so gaye the. Nakul ne hume bataya tha. Aap please dinner karke hi sojana.” Maan told, “Tik he, Geet. And you have a presentation in KC right? I will be there. I was quite busy to attend your last few presentations.” Geet told, “Ha, mujhe aaj jaldi office jaana he. Aaj Ayan aur Yash busy he. Shayad Pari aur Raj aayega mere saath.” Maan asked, “Pari, you mean that Singhania girl.

Geet told, “Ha, par aapne kyun poocha?” Maan told, “Woh kaam mein kam aur mujhe dekhne mein zyaada waqt lagatha he.” Geet started giggling at this. Maan asked sitting up pulling her along with him, “Kya baat he Geet?” Geet told, “Aapko pata he Pari aapko kya naam rakha he? Mr. Dreamy.” Maan asked, “What??” Geet smiled and told, “Ha aur usse jab yeh pata nahi tha ki mein aapki patni hoon, woh aapke baare mein itna kuch boltha tha aur tab Raj ka chehra tho dekhne layak tha.” Maan asked seeing her back to her bubbly self, “Raj kaun?” Geet continued telling him about Raj and Pari and how they managed to make them confess in Dev’s engagement day. Maan smiled seeing her talk. She suddenly looked at clock and told, “Oh babaji, aaj mein late hogayi” and was about to rush down when Maan pulled her to him and gave her a quick kiss while tying the dori. She blushed and went to their room. Maan checked the time and noticed that it was six and left for work out.

Geet was ready to leave by the time he reached for breakfast. She looked like an angel in the white salwar she was wearing. She looked at him while he was descending down the stairs. She blushed and looked down immediately at his intense stare. Annie and Dev were noticing this and giggled. Annie told, “Bhabhi, careful. Water will spill out and your dress will get spoiled.” Then only Geet noticed that the glass she was filling was on the verge of spilling out. She was embarrassed and Annie told adding to it, “Waise bhabhi, mujhe pata he ki bhai ka azar aap pe kitna he.” Geet couldn’t find a way to get back and hurried telling that she is getting late. Maan shot a glare at Annie and she was about to continue when dadima joined them. So she didn’t probe on the matter more. Geet bid bye to all and left soon. Maan too left after having breakfast.