Part 35

Geet reached office and was preparing the presentation when Pari came in. She told, “Oh my God, Geet aaj hum Mr.Dreamy, mera matlab he MSK ke saamne presentation dene wale haina.” Geet laughed and told, “Pari, tum Mr.Dreamy hi bulao. Tumhare muh se sunne mein acha lagtha he. Lekin Raj ke saamne mat bolna.” Pari blushed at the mention of Raj and told, “Geet, tum bhi suru kiya. Pata he us din ke baad sab mujhe kitna tang karthe hain. Aur woh Raj sab kuch sunke sirf hastha he. Saath hi nahi detha. Hmph..” Geet smiled and Pari continued, “Waise tum mock presentation kab de rahi ho? Zara mein bhi tho dekhu.” She went near her to see the presentation. Geet explained her, the details while the dupatta from her left shoulder slipped down. Pari asked holding her shoulder, “Geet, yeh kaise hua? Yeh bluish redj scar.” Geet immediately looked at Pari’s point of interest and blushed remembering their previous night. Meera entered the cabin listening to Pari’s comments and told, “Oye, Pari dumbo it is not scar, it is a love bite.” Geet was red with embarrassment when Pari told, “Oh my God, how come I didn’t recognize. Geet, kya baat he tumhare gaal tho bilkul laal hogaye.” Meera and Pari continued teasing her and Geet finally lost her patience and pushed both out of her cabin.

Geet gave the mock presentation and left to KC with Raj and Pari by 11. Even though Pari and Raj were in a relation it doesn’t stop the cat-fight between them. In half an hour they fought for all the trivial things and Geet finally had to shout to stop them. They reached KC and Pinky welcomed them with a smile. Preeti came for taking them to the conference room. After knowing she was Mrs. MSK, the employees in KC had developed a respect and liking towards her, except Sasha and Tasha. She was down-to-earth and never let anyone feel that she was apart from them. She had become more friendly with Preeti and they used to meet on weekends with Meera and Annie. 

Maan was busy with his meetings and mostly couldn’t attend her presentations after the first one. They always kept their conduct in office professional. Geet was setting the laptop when Maan entered the conference room. Geet’s heart skipped a beat when she remembered about their kiss and a blush crept her cheeks. Maan noticed it and knew that she was remembering last night. He smiled inwardly but kept his face straight devoid of any emotions. Sasha and Adi joined them while they discussed about the project for sometime. Pari nudged Geet and let out a giggle only to be silenced by a glare from Maan. Geet shook her head seeing her trying hard to suppress the giggle. Maan noticed this and looked at Geet questioningly. She nodded negatively. Sasha was noticing this and was fuming inside. Preeti informed about their client, Mr. Patel’s arrival.

Mr. Patel was a man of late 50s and was accompanied by his son Kiran Patel. Maan welcomed them. Geet gave the presentation and they were really impressed. Maan noticed the admiration in their eyes but something he didn’t like was the way Kiran was eyeing Geet. Mr. Patel seemed to be aware of the admiration in his son’s eyes. He wanted to give a kick for eyeing on his Geet like that. Mr. Patel spoke as Geet was seated, “Ms. Geet, I am really impressed by your presentation. You must be Mohinder Handa’s daughter. I had met him once during a business meeting, but lost touch with him after we left forCanada. We are returning home after a long time. Convey my regards to him.” Geet smiled and thanked him. 

Maan didn’t like him getting personal in a business meeting but more than that it was his liking towards Geet that irked him. Unlike normal meetings he wanted the presentation to get over fast. Mr. Patel told to Maan, “Mr. Khurana, we are impressed. You can decide on the date to sign the deal. My son, Kiran will be taking care of the rest of the proceedings.” Maan told, “Thanks Mr. Patel.” Kiran told, “It is my pleasure to work with you Mr. Khurana. Have heard a lot about you and I am really impressed with the presentation by Ms. Geet. Looking forward to work with you.” He finished eyeing Geet. Maan didn’t like it but couldn’t tell anything as they were his clients. Geet as usual smiled and thanked him. Maan was furious and wanted the meeting to end soon.

After the presentation was over, Sasha and Adi left along with Raj and Pari to discuss about the design while Geet and Maan were left with the clients. Mr.Patel asked Maan, “Mr. Khurana, meine suna he aapke shaadi ho chuke hain.” Geet thought Maan will get angry as he never entertained personal talks in office. Maan took it as an opportunity and went near Geet. She was disconnecting the projector from her laptop. He told, “Yes Mr.Patel and meet Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana“, putting a hand around her shoulder. Geet was surprised by his gesture as he always keeps his personal and professional life separate. But she liked it when he introduced her as Geet Maan Singh Khurana. The color in both the clients face faded a little and Kiran looked like someone stole his favorite toy. Mr. Patel congratulated them and told, “I’m impressed Mr. Khurana with your choice. You always settle with the best.” Maan took the compliment and thanked them. Kiran quickly wished them and left with Mr. Patel.

Geet was thinking of his changed attitude and finally got to know it is jealousy. She smiled thinking how possessive he is about her. Maan asked seeing her smile, “Geet, why are you smiling?” Geet asked, “Ek baat poocho aapse? You have always kept professional and personal life separate. Then why today?” Maan didn’t expect this but told calmly, “I was just introducing my wife as he asked. What is wrong with it?” Geet immediately told, “Nahi, mein aise hi pooch rahi thi.” Maan went to sit in his chair. She was about to leave taking her laptop when he called her. She kept her things and went near him. He pulled her and she landed straight on his lap. Geet was surprised and was about to ask him when he asked, “Pari has kyun rahi thi?” Geet blushed and looked down not able to answer him. Maan held her close by her waist and asked, “Bolo Geet.” Geet fumbled with her words, “Woh usne woh..” Maan asked, “Kya hua Geet, tum mujse kyun chupa rahi ho?” She looked up and saw him getting irritated at her denial. She slowly slid her dupatta little down from her shoulder so that the mark was visible and told looking down, “Pari ne yeh dekhi thi. And she was teasing me.

Maan smiled at his wife and pulled her closer. He kissed the reddish blue mark in her shoulder. She shivered and held his shoulders tight. He put the dupatta back and told, “Geet, presentation was good. And I don’t like anyone staring at my wife other than me.” Geet smiled at his acceptance and told, “Mein sirf aapki hoon. Koi dekhe ya kahe usse kya farak padtha he.” Maan wanted to kiss her right there and he pulled her closer. But a knock in the door brought them out of the reverie. Geet immediately stood up and looked up to see an embarrassed Adi and a fuming Sasha standing near the door. Maan immediately composed himself and asked, “Adi, what’s the matter?” Adi stammered, “Sirrr.. you.. have.. a lllunch meettting..” Maan told, “Yes, I know. Mr. Tandon called me and informed that he will be late. You both can leave.” Adi left followed by Sasha. Geet was about to go out when Maan pulled her back and kissed her senseless. Geet looked up shocked when he pulled back. He smirked and told, “Mujhe koi kaam adhoora chodne ki aadat nahi he Geet.” Geet had her mouth wide open at his reply. Seeing this Maan told, “Geet, you are again giving me open invitation.” Geet immediately closed her mouth and left quickly. Maan smiled and left to his cabin.

Geet was really stunned and was going out to meet Pari and Raj when Sasha blocked her way. She told while walking round her, “Geet, tum bahut hi chalak ho. The mask of your innocence is enough for people to fall for you, right? First I didn’t know but I got to know better now. I know MK never noticed you in the college. So you made your way to him by befriending with Meera and there by getting close to Dev and Savitri Devi. Nice plan. Now you gained your place in MK’s heart with your fake innocence, I must say you really planned well.” She left saying this without waiting Geet’s reply. 

The happiness Geet felt moments ago vanished in thin air. She was used to taunts but somehow everything Sasha told hit her really hard. Tears rolled down her eyes and she stood there until Pari and Raj came searching her. She immediately rubbed her tears and appeared fine. They didn’t notice it as both were engrossed in praising her for the presentation. But her conversation with Sasha didn’t go unnoticed by Kiran who was coming to the conference room to take his phone which he left there. He felt bad seeing her tears but didn’t know whether she will like to be consoled by a stranger. So he stood where he was until Raj and Pari came to her. He decided to talk to her once they got along with the project.